Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye Interrupts Taylor Swift at VMA's For No Real Reason (WHAT AN ASS)

This might be the most awkward thing I've ever seen.  I've got serious Douche Chills right now. We all knew Yeezy was a little unstable but this is ridiculous. Why the hell did Kanye interrupt Taylor Swift at the VMA's last night?  Dude had to be blazed or drunk out of his mind or he has just completely gone crazy.

Even Beyonce was bugging out and you could tell she did not want to be associated with Kanye in any way.  It's not like she's some up and coming artist that needed help getting props.  At least Beyonce did the right thing after winning the Video of the Year award and let Taylor Swift come out to get the shine she deserved.

Kanye apologized on his blog but is anyone really listening?  His career might have jumped the shark on this incident alone.

He can "Blame It On the Henny" if he wants but I feel like he would have done this shit sober.  What a clown!

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