Wednesday, August 27, 2008

9-year-Old Boy Told He's Too Good To Pitch in Little League

About a billion people have already chimed in on this situation with the 9-Year Old Little Leaguer but I had to throw in my two cents before the story got too old since this really pissed me off.  This whole situation is really disturbing and  makes me very nervous about having kids.  Seriously.  I don't know if I will be able to handle bitchy little parents complaining about every little thing if I am going to be a coach in the future.

This kid is too good?  How is this even an issue?  He thinks it's his fault that his team can't play which is absurd.  I really feel bad for him and his parents.  At this rate, the kid is going to end up quitting baseball altogether because he is going to have some serious mental issues after this is all said and done.  WTF!!!  He could be the next great pitching phenom and instead people are keeping him from just playing at all. 

I do not want my son or daughter growing up to think it's OK to quit on things that they committed to or that no one loses in life.  This situation is exactly what I fear.  I really hope my kids are good at sports but if they are not, that is a situation I will have to deal with myself.  I will not take it out on the other kids that are better than mine by taking my kid off the field.  I still want them playing because it will keep them from sitting on their asses and getting fat and will teach them some things.  I don't even think it's the kids that are complaining really.  It's their bitch ass parents.  Many little kid sports leagues have stopped keeping score and there are no wins or losses.  The kids keep score anyway, so what the F is the point?  What are you sheltering them from?  It's not the end of the world to say "You didn't play well enough.  You lost".
Just because as an adult you are a big pussy and sucked at sports doesn't mean that your own kid should grow up the same way.  I don't even care if kids do suck at sports, they should still try a few growing up because it is one big life lesson and they might actually have some FUN.  You win and you lose at sports just as you do in life.  If someone strikes you out, you don't cry and complain that the kid was throwing too hard.  You go home and practice every day to get better so that you aren't afraid next time.

There were plenty of kids that threw gas when I was in little league and might have had me a little nervous but I sacked up and swung the bat like a big boy.  If I got hit in the back or arm, so be it.  That's part of the game.  For christ's sake, I remember drilling a kid in the helmet (by accident) and breaking his ear flap off.  The kid was petrified and I don't think he ever played baseball again.  I threw heat but I also had zero control so in actuality, there should have been more of an issue with me pitching than this kid.  I could have actually hurt someone where as this kid sounds like he has nice control and is just a great pitcher.  He's only throwing 40 MPH.  It's good but not excessive for that age range.    

As most normal people understand, not everything will always go your way and someone will always be bettter than you at EVERYTHING in life whether it be school, work or whatever.  Are you really going to shelter your kids from this life lesson and make them think that they can just do whatever they want and everything will be fine?  Do we really want these children (who will be in the workforce in just under 12 years or so) to think that you can just quit and not face the hard task at hand because they are afraid of the outcome or that their feellings might get hurt?  Tough shit. Suck it up bitches! 

We are raising a country of sissies that don't know how to lose with some dignity or just lose in general.  I am already starting to see these little douches sprout up in the workforce and it's really pathetic.  I want to just punch them in the face when I hear their punk asses complaining about something lame.  You tell them that they need to step it up or improve their performance or they risk losing their job and they act like they are going to cry or call their parents because they don't know how to handle failure.  I am very scared about what this country could be in just a few short years.  Let's get some balls people before this becomes a bigger issue.

Barack Obama One On One with Stuart Scott (ESPN)

I have to say, Obama is one smooth ass dude.  I just find everything he has to say interesting for some reason.  He is sitting here with Stuart Scott, just shooting the shit, yet it feels important, if that even makes any sense.  Whatever he says just sounds so intriguing with that booming voice and slick personality.  When was the last time we had a president that was "cool"?  How about NEVER.  He seems like he would be a cool guy to have a beer with and talk about sports or just whatever. 

I've seen him play hoops a bit in the past when he met up with UNC's basketball team a few months back but this was another nice look at his game.  He is a gangly 6 footer but he is definitely a decent athlete.  He's got some nice moves and a decent touch.  He also said he would love to put in a basketball court at the White House.  How freakin' cool would that be?  He could actually play Horse or 21 with the next NBA Champions.  He even said that he used to rock an afro and high socks to be like Dr. J.  How can you not love that?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Million DJ March in Washington, DC - Promotional or Informational?

I just heard about the Million DJ March for the first time last night which seems strange considering they are shooting for "A Milli" DJ's down in Washington, DC this weekend.  Maybe I am behind the curve in this instance but I am usually up on top of anything DJ related so it seems promotion for this event may have fallen flat.  Plus, the event is on Labor Day weekend which seems like strange timing for a profession that makes the most money at the clubs and bars during that time.

What's the real turnout going to be?  Labor Day weekend is a big working weekend for DJ's and I don't see many giving up their high paying gigs on a Saturday night to go to this thing.  Big name DJ's and huge mixtape DJ's (DJ Drama, DJ Kay Slay, Funkmaster Flex, etc.) probably don't have to worry about those issues so they can spend the money on a flight and head down for the party.  The local and regional DJ's that can't give up even one night spinnin' won't be able to make it because that is how they make a living.  Those gigs are hard enough to come by as it is so you need to hold on tight to what you have.  If you take a night off and let some new college kid come in that brings a decent crowd and is willing to take less money, you could be out of a job very quickly.  

There are plenty of performances and big name artists and DJ's showing up so maybe it will be a good scene after all.  Vitamin Water is also one of the big sponsors so someone was obviously able to prove that this will be a big deal.  The main purpose for this event can be a little unclear at first but it seems that the main reason is to get DJ's to unite and fight for proper wages, fair treatment by club owners and event promoters and to start discussions about health insurance among other things.  There will also be discussions about best business practices when dealing with labels, creating legal mixtapes and how technology is starting to force the everyday DJ out of a job or could soon.

I definitely thing it is a good idea to get DJ's to form a coalition of sorts since their isn't much of a national organization to help with what is a profession for many.  There are plenty of DJ's out there scrapping for work and every dollar they can get because this is their every day job.  There is no way to get health insurance unless you pay for it yourself which is super expensive.  Hopefully something beneficial for all DJ's comes out of this event and it will help DJ'n get recognized as a real career and not just a hobby.  

Check out the events website:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Taekwondo Judge Kicked In The Face (with video)

This dude needs to be checked for roids or potential mental issues because this type of behavior is just straight insanity!  I think he's caught too many kicks to the head himself to think that this was a good idea.  It's the freakin' Olympics man!  EVERYONE is watching.

Actually, maybe he is really smart and is trying to get kicked out of Cuba for disgracing his country.  That way he would be free and not have to worry about being sent back to Communist Cuba. 

Both Matos (the actual contestant) and his coach Leudis Gonzalez have been swiftly handed a lifetime ban from all World Taekwondo Federation championships, subject to confirmation by the International Olympic Committee.

Watch the whole thing as it starts out with just pictures and then ends up with actual video footage of the kick to the grill of the judge by the Cuban.

T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne - Swagger Like Us (DOWNLOAD)

This track is FIRE!!!  The fact that T.I. was able to get these 3 other rap giants on the same track is pretty incredible.  This used to happen all the time back in the day but now it's very rare because none of the major dudes want to share a track with someone that might have a better flow than they do.  All 4 of these All-Stars together at the same time is a crazy combination.  The beat is tough and the hook is original with the sample of a foreign chick singing "Swagger Like Us" with a slight accent.  HOT!!! 

The chances are probably pretty slim to get T.I., Kanye, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z all in the same place at the same time but an official video for this track would be dope.  T.I.'s new album, Paper Trail, is starting to sound like a monster.  I can't wait until that drops in September.  It keeps getting pushed back but the latest word is that it will be released September 30, 2008.

CLICK HERE for the download while it lasts.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Air Jordan 18/5 Countdown Pack Reminder (Available TOMORROW!)


The Jordan 18/5 Countdown pack drops tomorrow morning (August 23rd) at Jordan Brand accounts.  This pack features the original MJ PE "Fire Red" Air Jordan Retro V and the "Black/Red" Air Jordan Retro XVIII.  I don't remember ever seeing this colorway on the XVIII.  MJ was on the Wizards when these came out and they were released in mostly blue colors in white and black.  I was never a huge fan of these but they look hot as hell in red.  This pack retails for $310 as all others have previously.

My local Olympia Sports has been getting all of these Countdown Packs and almost every time, they have a some left over a few days or even a week later.  It's usually only one or two sizes but that blows my mind.  I guess the recession is in full effect when re-releases of Jordan's aren't selling in a matter of minutes yet alone days.  The $310 price tag does not help the cause either.

I'd love to get these but it may be tough for me to get up early and get in line tomorrow. I may just try my luck online tonight but I am sure I will get bricked early.  I have almost the exact version of the AJ V's in this pack except they do not have the 23 stitched on the side and they are only a size 12 1/2.  I take a 13 but I still bought these a few years back when they first retroed because I had to had them.  Luckily they stretched out a little so I could rock them once in awhile!  These are one of my all time favorites.  MONEY!!!

Dj RyB's Hit Pop Volume 1 (Get The Party Started Mix)

WARNING! This is a very uptempo, radio friendly R&B/Pop heavy mix that's ready for the dancefloor. This is definitely something for the ladies that want to shake their booties ASAP. If you pop this in at a party, you are GUARANTEED some bumpin' and grindin' for the next 80 minutes!

I made this for a party in August and it had the place jumpin'.  Although I wasn't sure what kind of monster I had created when I first made the mix, it's definitely grown on me. This is not my usual style but I do like all of these songs when I am in the mood for some uptempo stuff. If you can handle the pop feel and over played radio jams, then you can get down with this. If not, no worries. Just scroll down in the Podomatic podcast player in the sidebar for some of my mixes and styles.  You can also visit directly for all of the Dj RyB podcast mixes currently available.

1) Tambourine - Eve
2) Billie Jean 2008 Remix - Michael Jackson ft. Kanye West
3) Gimme More - Britney Spears
4) Killer - Cherish ft. Yung Joc
5) Shawty Get Loose - Lil Mama ft. T-Pain and Chris Brown
6) Feedback - Janet
7) Just Fine (Treat Em Right Remix) - Mary J. Blige ft. Lil Wayne
8) Please Don't Stop the Music - Rhianna
9) Wanna Be Starting Something 2008 Remix - Michael Jackson ft. Akon
10) I Got It From My Mama -
11) Forever - Chris Brown
12) Closer - Ne-Yo
13) What You Got - Colby O'Donis
14) American Boy - Estelle ft. Kanye West
15) When I Grow Up - The Pussycat Dolls
16) Damaged - Danity Kane
17) In the Ayer - Flo Rida ft.
18) The Anthem - Pitbull ft. Lil Jon
19) Calabria 2007 - Enur
20) Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom) - N.E.R.D.
21) I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
22) Shake It - Metro Station

Thursday, August 21, 2008

House of Innovation - Nike 100 (Beijing)

Photobucket has more great pictures from the Nike 100 gallery in Beijing which showcases 100 Nike innovations from the past 50 years. I believe this was used to help promote the new Nike Sportswear range and also take advantage of all the people visiting Beijing for the Olympics.

This looks like my dream home. I wish I could buy this building as is but move it back to the US. I would get all of those joints in size 13 and just walk around every day randomly grabbing a pair of dope kicks to wear. Nike always knows how to do it up and this is no exception.

World's First In-Unit iPod Dock for the Car Stereo

"Drivin down the block like what else should a brother do,
It's Saturday, it's Saturday, the heat might smother you,
Rollin down my windows yeah I have a air-conditioner,
But I got the sound I want the whole world to listen ta,
Waitin at a red light, Kentucky Fried Chicken in,
Low End Theory tape in, bass crazy kickin in"
- "Born To Roll" by Masta Ace

Remember back in the day when you had to fumble with tapes in your ride, always fast forwarding or flipping to the B Side? And if you were using cassette singles, you'd have to keep changing it out for a new one or just listen to the same song over and over again. Maybe that repetition is why I know the lyrics to almost every rap song from '88-'96!!! Actually, you probably don't remember if you are under age 28 or so. Damn, I am getting old.

No, that's not a tape deck above. It's the FUSION CA-1P500. It's the first car stereo deck with a iPod Dock in the dash unit. Now I know there are other iPod docking options available already but none are so easily accessible as this one. I have one of the newer Alpine decks in which the iPod docking cable is located in the glove compartment. It's cool because it's stored away out of sight but sometimes it's easier to access it directly because it takes to long to scroll through songs on the dash unit. It's definitely a bit slower than just spinning the jog wheel and I have around 10,000 songs on my iPod, so that would take me all day. This unit seems like a nice alternative and gives back my glove compartment storage space (not that I really need it).

If you would have told me back in 1995 when I first got my license that one day I would be driving a nice car with a 10,000 song library in the dash, I would have thought you were out of your mind. Man, technology has really changed rapidly over the past 20 or so years, hasn't it? I can't wait to see where we are headed in the next 5-10! Can I get some hoverboards and flying cars already? Come on now!

Masta Ace - Born to Roll Video

Masta Ace - Sittin' On Chrome Video

Obama Girl vs. McCain Girl: Olympics Part 3 (Hot Water Splashing Action!)

I'm sure you've probably heard of Obama Girl but in case you haven't, I recommend looking her up on YouTube because she is smoking hot! This video is semi-amusing but honestly, it's all about seeing these chicks bouncing around in bikinis. McCain Girl is decent but she needs a freakin' tan. Obama Girl has bombs that could take out all of Iraq! She is dope!

New Baseball Drinking Game - "The Catch and Chug"

Wow. That's pretty f'n impressive right there. If you're going to catch a ball at a baseball game, that's the way to do it. I'm not sure it was worth wasting half of his $7 flat draft beer with that catch but this dude made up for it when he pounded it with the dirty, sweaty baseball still sitting in the cup. His soon to be YouTube fame was well worth the final cost. That's a Real American Hero if I've ever seen one...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DJ Chuck T Is Talking Ish About Obama? WTF?!?!


Hey, DJ Chuck T.  Why don't you stick to what you know because politics obviously isn't your thing.  You are definitely not speaking for the Hip Hop Community when you say you should not vote for Obama because he "turned his back" on Ludacris and Hip Hop as a whole.

In case you didn't notice, Obama already has to walk a very thin line to appeal to the MASSES in order to get elected president, regardless of whether he is black or white.  Unfortunately, being black makes the job that much harder because there are still bigots in this country who didn't like him before they ever heard him say a word.  They don't need any more reasons to not vote for him.   He doesn't need rappers to speak for him in any way because more often than not, they will do more harm than good.

Are you trying to tell us that there is finally a chance to have a black president and you are saying you won't vote for him because he wants to distance himself from people that might hurt his cause?  Any smart presidential candidate would do that, regardless of race.  I am sure he wants to be cool with everyone in Hip Hop since he actually likes the music but believe me, if someone is going to keep him from getting votes, that person will be kicked to the side regardless of how big and famous they may be.

And are you trying to tell me that you would rather have the old ass Crypt Keeper McCain in office as Bush Part 2 and deal with the same old shit for the next 4 years?   Because I don't know about you but things really aren't that great right now.  Wouldn't you rather give Obama the benefit of the doubt and a chance to prove himself?  Don't you want some change, dude?  WTF?  Get a grip homey.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hip Hop Icon Branded Headphones Trend Continues (Jay-Z vs. Dr. Dre)


I think rappers are running out of products to promote and make money off of these days. What ever happened to promoting premium liquors, high end cigars, expensive cologne and flashy cars that no normal music fan could afford?  Did someone fianally realize that it actually makes sense to have rappers promote a product that relate to their art form and fan base?

Well it seems like Jay-Z and Dr. Dre are thinking clearly since they both have their own signature line of headphones dropping in the near future.  With the ridiculous popularity of the iPod/iPhone, people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for high quality accessories to go along with it.

I can't think of any other line of headphones with a celebrity endorsement so it was just a matter of time before someone thought that this would be a good idea.  Actually, it's a PERFECT idea.  If you see Dre or Jigga wearing his headphones in the studio, you know they're good so you are going to want a pair too.  Even though both will probably be fairly expensive headphones compared to most, it's still a somewhat affordable product for a good majority of fans.  I might have to get a pair of Dre's for the lab and a pair of Jay's for the street.  Holla! 


The Archive - (The World's Largest Record Collection)

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Damn!  I thought I had a lot of records but this puts my ass to shame.  Paul Mawhinney is the owner of what has become the world's largest vinyl record collection.  The collection became so big that his wife made him move everything out of the basement to outside storage.  He ended up finding an empty warehouse of some sort to handle his collection.  He now has over 1 million albums and another 1+ million singles.  Here are some of the highlights:

- He owns what he says is the first flat record from 1881.  That is insane!  That alone is probably worth about $100K
- He has a Rolling Stones album that was never released commercially and is said to be worth about $6K-$10K
- The collection is said to be valued at around $50 MILLION.  Holy shit!!!!
- He is only asking for $3 Million for the entire collection

Paul has a health condition and needs to sell his collection to help with medical bills.  That kind of sucks because it sounds like this collection is one of those things that he is really proud of and keeps him motivated each day.  Although there probably won't be a lot of people looking to purchase the collection because of it's size, cost and actual music selection (sounds like mostly older rock) I am still surprised that some rich bastard hasn't taken it off his hands just because they can.

I'm also surprised that some of the big Hip Hop producers haven't asked to go diggin' in his collection to find some rare gems to sample and use on some new tracks.  It's possible that some have asked to do this and just purchase chunks of his collection but they didn't mention it in the video so who knows.  I have a feeling that he might want to sell it as one entity, which will be tough.

I think this video will definitely help get his story out there and I am sure someone that can afford it will make him an offer sometime soon.  Although it seems crazy to most people, anyone that appreciates music and/or vinyl will want this guy to finally get rewarded in some way for being one of the best music collectors of all time.

Monday, August 18, 2008 Downloads of the Week (FREE MP3's)

I added a bunch of new MP3 Download Links over at last week and I thought I would give you the heads up so you can get your download on.  I can't guarantee how long the links will last since their not mine but most should still be working.  There are some hot joints in here so get after it:

Akon - "Right Now"
Ne-Yo - "Not Perfect" 
Colby O'Donis ft. T-Pain - "Natural High"
T.I. - "Whatever You Like"

Sean Paul - "I'm A Hoodstar"
Nas - "What It Is"
Plies ft. Jamie Foxx and Dream - "Please Excuse My Hands"
Game Ft. Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Youngbuck  - "Game's Pain RMX"
Streetz Ft. TI - " See Me In Ya City"
Jay-Z (Produced by Kanye West) - "Jockin' Jay-Z"


Hungarian Olympic Deadlifter Accident (THIS IS UGLY!)

OW OW OW OW!!!  I can barely watch this...  Damn that must have hurt REALLY BAD!!!  Oh man...  Yikes...  This dude's arm will never be the same again.  I need to go walk this off now.  That may mess me up for the rest of the day.  That is something that can never be "unseen".

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kanye West - "Champion" Official Video (Funny Shit!)

Oh man, this is crazy!  I am lovin' this new video for Kanye's "Champion".  This is one of my favorite tracks from the album "Graduation" and I'm glad this is being dropped as an official single.  I believe the video officially dropped this week and he definitely doesn't disappoint with this one.  Instead of being all serious and arrogant (actually, this still is pretty self serving but fairly toned down for Kanye), he decided to take it another direction by adding some humor to the mix.  I love the Crank Yankers puppet version of Kanye with the clothes, jewelry and glasses; plus the Olympic theme is right on time.  Look closely for the mini Nike Air Shox running shoes on the Kanye puppet.  Classic!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Madden x Reebok Recline PH 20th Anniversary & Updated Madden 09 Cover

I didn't even know these Reeboks existed until I was reading ESPN's MaddenPalooza Running Diary a few moments ago and they showed a picture of someone rockin' these.   I have to say that these are UUUUUGGGGGLLLLLLYYYY but I actually like them at the same time.  I guess it's cool to me because of the concept and less with the looks.  I love how they have all of the covers from every Madden game over the past 20 years.  That's pretty damn cool.  It even has actual plays from the playbook on the black upper material!  These are UBER limited edition and probably won't be available to the public for sale unless one of the lucky 100 made puts them up on eBay. 

I'm starting to reminisce about the good old days of playing on Sega Genesis or the OG Playstation and having all night marathons against my buddies when I see one of those covers.  Remember when there were no players and only Madden was on the cover?  Damn, that was WAY back in the day!

As you know by now, the original Madden 09 cover is already outdated since it has Favre on the cover in a Packers uniform. (they still exist?!) put up their own updated version to print out but it sounds like there may be an official version from EA Sports available soon as well.  Here it is in case you want to download and print it out to be all official and shit:

"Jockin' Jay-Z" (New Track From BluePrint 3 Produced by Kanye West) DOWNLOAD

BLUEPRINT 3 from kwest on Vimeo.
I put this video up the other day of Jay-Z performing his new track "Jockin' Jay-Z" at Kanye's Glow In the Dark Tour stop at Madison Square Garden.  I just got an email for the download link so I figured I would throw it up quickly before it gets taken down.  You've got multiple choices here, so get after it before they're gone.

This is a DOPE track but I think I liked the live version even better which is usually not the case in Hip Hop.  There was just this crazy energy going out during that song between the crowd, Jigga and Kanye.  This version will do though!  FIRE!!!



Monday, August 11, 2008

Parenting Tips From Seth Rogen! Drop Out, Smoke Weed, Write Movie

Watch Video
Seth Rogen freakin' rocks!  Who ever thought a fat, ugly, weed smokin' nerd with a bad perm would end up becoming one of the best comic actors of the past 5-10 years.  This recent appearance on The Daily Show makes me want to see Pineapple Express even more than I did originally.  Although, I feel like this movie would be better served in a basement with lots of greenery, some Old English 40's and 3 Extra Large Domino's pizzas.  And some Funyons.  And lot's of water. 

Official Site:
More Trailers:

R.I.P. Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes


We lost two big figures in comedy and music this past weekend.  Funny man Bernie Mac died on Saturday and musician and actor Isaac Hayes died on Sunday.  I didn't believe it when I first read about Bernie Mac.  He's definitely one of my favorite comedians of all time and I really had to read the article a few times before it sank in.  That dude was straight up hysterical and one of the more creative comedians of his time.  He was only 50 years old and always seemed very healthy but it turns out he had been living with a disease called sarcoidosis, which is an inflammatory lung disease which made his recent spell with pneumonia much worse.

Isaac Hayes was someone I enjoyed as well from his music to his voice work for the character Chef on South Park.  He has been given a lot of credit in influencing many forms of music such as disco, R&B and Funk but he also had a huge influence on Hip Hop.  On many of his records, he would begin by talking and rhyming, almost as if he was rapping before it even existed.  His soulful tracks have also been sampled many times over the years by some of top artists in Hip Hop.  The theme song to Shaft was his best known track and is still a dope track to this day. 

Both men will star together in a new movie called Soul Men that is scheduled to be released in November.  Samuel Jackson will co-star in the movie about two backup soul singers who travel cross country performing a tribute to their former band leader.  The movie was basically completed before the untimely deaths of Hayes and Mac and is currently in post production.

R.I.P. to the Mac Man and Soul Man.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Jockin' Jay-Z (Live at Madison Square Garden) Blueprint 3!

BLUEPRINT 3 from kwest on Vimeo.

Oh shit!  Is this for real?  Did I hear Ye and Jay say Blueprint 3?!?!?  WTF!!!  Let's just hope that their on some other shit and decide that Kanye will produce the whole album.  That would be straight disgusting!  Kanye is just hitting his prime and Jay is like MJ on his first return from retirement.  This combo has so much potential it's ridiculous.    

This is a dope track and if this is any preview of what's to come, this album will be hot as hell.  Damn.  I am all fired up now.  I need to go do some more research on Blueprint 3 because this is the first I've heard of it.  Are there any other songs available already?  Who's producing?  When is it droppin'?  So many questions.  Let me know if you have any answers.  Holla!

Nike USA Basketball Commercial - Marvin Gaye National Anthem

I got the chills when I saw this commercial for the first time.  It got me fired up for the Olympics and I could really care less about what happens so that is saying something.  I guess I take that back though because I am looking forward to USA Basketball whooping everyone's ass like back in the day.  The problem is, that probably won't happen because International basketball has grown up and a lot of teams can beat the Americans at any point.  The fact that NBA players are heading overseas to play in Europe should tell you something.  The money is great but the competition isn't something to ignore either.  Those dudes can ball over there.  Watch your ass Team USA.

By the way, this has to be the best remix of the National Anthem of all time (not that there are a lot of those).  It was such a creative take on such an old song and not many people have balls to try something new like that because it is such a difficult song to sing.  Marvin Gaye was the mutha f'n man.  It's too bad he died so young because he would still be turning out classic tracks to this day.  His music is timeless.

Unnecessary Censorship "Come and Play Edition" (Jimmy Kimmel Show)

I think the Jimmy Kimmel Show does this fairly often but this one cracked me up more than usual.  I wish Sesame Street was like this back in the day when I watched!  This is classic.

"$&%^ you baby!"
"You ever done finger #%#?"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

FINA-F'n-LY!!! - Brett Favre Traded to the NY Jets

I hope EA Sports has time to change all of those Madden 09 covers because this cover is officially irrelevant already. That's what you get for putting a "retired" player on the cover, considering he "retires" every damn season.

Thank God this shit is finally over. I couldn't take another day of SportsCenter slurping Brett Favre, following his every move and wondering when he would take his next dump. Enough already. No one outside of Green Bay cares!

The real problem is the fact that he will be in the same division as the Patriots so we will still be hearing about this clown almost every Sunday. Whenever the Pats aren't on TV, it seems like the other game is the freakin' Jets or Giants. Ugh. The Jets already have Brett Favre jerseys available. Please kill me now. The first person I see wearing one of these catches a boot to the back of the head.
I hope he gets injured in Week 2 and then all of this drama will be for nothing. Actually, there is a fairly high probability of that happening since he could feel the wrath of the Madden Cover Jinx.  Yes please!

I heard Brett Favre left Chad Pennington a voicemail to apologize for putting him on the unemployment line since his services were no longer needed by the Jets. It went something like this: "Hey Chad, Tell Me How My Ass Taste!!!!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jim DeChamp Eats Dirt After Attempted Front Flip on Dirt Bike

The X-Games are always good for some high flying, death defying stunts. This is crazy!!!

Jason Bay's Almost HR Double Wall Ball Roll Play Thing...


Why can't I embed some f'n baseball video!!! WTF MLB. You are the worst with this shit. You can't find anything online that's relevant.

Anyway, here is a LINK to the sick play that Mitch Maier and Ross Gload of the Royals made last night to grab Jason Bay's potential HR from going over the fence and keep it at a double. I don't know how the hell the ball didn't go over the fence but it just rolled across the top before Gload jumped up and grabbed it. Bay is still on a rampage by the way. 4 for 5 last night. The kid is a monster!!!

Those are two AWFUL names for baseball players by the way. That doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Mitch and Ross? That sounds like some awful morning radio show from the midwest where they discuss crop inventory and gun laws. I feel bad for Ross as I am sure he was given a ton of shit growing up. "I just dropped a Gload". "Damn I'm fat. I look like a fat Gload". I mean, the puns are endless. Yikes.

There are obvious references and similarities to the Wall Ball play against the Yankees in NY where Unfrozen Caveman Johnny Damon made a play at a potential HR, slammed into the wall and fell on his face while the ball sat on top of the wall for a good 3 or 4 seconds. That was a crazy play.  Unfortunately, Damon's dumb ass was not hurt on the play but he definitely looked like a clown, so that was cool.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nike Air Pippen One Retro


Now this is more my speed. The Air Pippen's are some basic but classic basketball kicks for your non-urban hipster. I think these dropped in some locations a few weeks ago and they should be available at most Nike retailers for $160 in the next few weeks across the country.

I definitely used to like these quite a bit back in the day. There was something about those chunky Air Max basketball shoes that used to catch my eye. They were always super comfortable with all of that cushioning, although they were a little wide and on the heavy side when ballin'. They still got the job done.

They remind me a lot of my Air Max Uptempos. These have always been one of my favorites and super underrated in my opinion. I used to count all the swooshes across the shoe and I remember it being something ridiculous like 15 or so. I still rock these to this day and I will always get someone asking me where I got them or making a comment about how they used to love them back in the day. These are OG's, son!!!


?uestlove x Nike 1World Air Force 1, Gold Toe and Air Max 90 Custom


I'm not usually a big fan of the crazy bright colors and obnoxious combinations but for some reason I am feelin' these Air Force One's that ?uestlove of the Roots customized.

?uestlove was not only cool enough to attend the event but also buy the first 5 pairs of shoes for people that waited 4(!!!) days for these to drop. That's crazy! The golden toe version that you see above was actually a "Golden Ticket" like deal where if you received those in the box you ended up getting both colorways as well as a backstage pass to one of his concerts. That's a pretty sick deal and payoff considering how long you had to wait in line and how much these will be worth in resale value. Definitely a cool move by ?uest and Nike.

The shoe features a bunch of crazy colors and materials with burgundy leather, red canvas and neon green elephant print. It has red shoelaces, a lasered silhouette of ?uestlove, and a golden Nike swoosh. It sounds messed up on paper but as you can see, it just works somehow. Dope.

The ?uestlove x Nike 1World Air Force 1 was sold exclusively at Alife Rivington Club on August 1st and retail price was $250 (DAMN!).

Sneaker customizer MACHE decided to take this design one step further and place it on the Air Max 90's and the results were almost dead on. I like both the Air Force 1 and Air Max 90 in this crazy colorway. If you bought one you might as well have the other but good luck getting either!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Guido Beach (The Best Video of the Summer!)

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

This is just unreal.  Words do not do this justice.  This is an absolutely priceless video that confirms the human race will probably end by 2012 due to stupidity and excessive steroid use.  Dino is by far the best interview but all of the special guest stars bring something fantastic to the table.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Here is a related bonus vid.  WOOOAAAAHHHH!!!

Pierce Pulled Over at 3 AM in Las Vegas for "Erratic Driving"

Yikes.  This isn't exactly what we wanted to hear about Paul Pierce.   First it was him boasting about being the best player on the planet (which I was fine with since he just won Finals MVP) and now it's being pulled over for suspected DUI.

I know he's probably celebrating the Championship in Vegas with some friends but dude, why don't you have someone else driving?!?!?  WTF!  You could pay for a limo or just give one of your buddies a grand to stay sober and drive your ass home!

Here is the story and fuzzy video from
"As we first reported, Paul was pulled over around 3 AM for an illegal lane change. After cops smelled booze coming from his car, they made Pierce take two field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer. Although Pierce registered on the breathalyzer, he did not blow above .08 -- the legal limit.

The fuzz let Pierce go without giving him a citation. He left his car and took a cab home."

Ay Bay Bay, Ay Bay Bay - Manny Who?

Well, this is already working out much better than I expected.  I was very disappointed when the Red Sox traded Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers and only received Jason Bay in return but he showed this past weekend why this might not be as lopsided of a trade as it first seemed.  His debut game was a combination of great defense and timely offense, with a HUGE triple in the bottom of the 12th that helped the Sox pull out the win.  He followed that up with a HR on Saturday and the Sox got another win with a final score of 12-2.

As many probably expected, Manny is on a tear in LA since the trade.  He is currently 8-13 at the plate with a double, 2 HR's and 5 RBI's.  He also had 4 hits yesterday to help the Dodgers win 9-3.  Expect to see more of this for the rest of the season as he will probably be motivated to play as well as possible for that new contract next year.  What a freakin' punk.  Good riddance.  Click Here for video highlights of Manny in LA.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ludacris and DJ Drama - "The Preview" Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD)


I've been patiently waiting for this mixtape to drop and I'm fired up that it's finally here.  Luda was due to give his fans something new and he doesn't disappoint with this new mixtape.  I think he's been away from the Hip Hop game long enough to cook up some dopeness for his new album Theater of the Mind, scheduled to drop in October. 


01. And Starring…
02. Still Spittin’
03. DTP Magic (Feat. Willy Northpole)
04. Get Up Get Out (Feat. Block Xchange)
05. So Thoro
06. The Vocalizer
07. Bigg Ass House
08. 2 Kings (Feat. I-20)
09. Politics As Usual
10. Look What I Got (Feat. Playaz Circle)
11. Pinky Shinin’ (Feat. Small World)
12. Sho’Nuff Revisited (Feat. Lil Fate)
13. Ordinary Negroes
14. Busta Rhymes - Throw It Up (Feat. Lil Wayne & Ludacris)
15. LA The DarkMan - Coogi Down (Feat. Willie The Kid)
16. I’m A Dog (Feat. Playaz Circle)
17. Smokin Big Kill (Feat. Shawnna)
18. Stay Together
19. We Ain’t Worried Bout You
20. Roll The Credits
21. Been Puttin On / Secret Song

On a somewhat related note, Ludacris has been in the press a lot lately because of his recent comments about Hillary Clinton being an "irrelevant bitch" or as he said exactly in the song "that bitch is irrelevant".  You will notice in the video below that it's already been blocked out on the mixtape after pissing off a variety of people and groups.

The track was supposed to be pro-Obama but it got twisted and seemed to lose it's initial purpose because of that short line that he said.  Obama wasn't too happy with the controversy that it caused but it shouldn't have too much of a negative effect on his campaign, if at all.  The group WomenCount was not too happy with him though and he will probably have to feel the wrath of many more people before this is all said and done.  This is not the best idea you've ever had, Luda.

Step Brothers - Boats n Hoes Music Video

I haven't seen Step Brothers yet but this little music video makes me want to hit the movies ASAP.  This was funny as hell.  This might end up being my new ringtone...

Big Boi featuring Mary J. Blige - Sumthin' Gotta Give (Video)

I like this new Big Boi video a lot.  The actual video images go perfectly with the message of the song.  It's not just a bunch of stupid images for entertainment value but an actual story.  It's definitely a pro-Obama song but it's not overbearing and you can relate to the message regardless.

I don't know what happened over the last few months but all of a sudden, Hip Hop is starting to have a message again.  Maybe it's the recession and the fact that everyone's wallets are strapped that is making people reconsider what is really important in life.  It seems like flashiness and money flaunting has died a quick death at least in some parts of Hip Hop.  I am sure it will always have it's place but I'm glad that's not all we hear anymore.

It seems the older more mature Hip Hop heads such as Nas, Common, Mos Def, Big Boi, etc are really starting to make people think with their lyrics and not just say the same old shit over and over again.  They realize that they have a lot of power in their music and fame and they can actually help create some change.

It's about damn time rappers started waking up.  This is what it used to be like back in the day and was one of the main reasons why Hip Hop was even created.  People were fed up with the shit going on around them and they wanted to be heard but there were no other outlets at that time so they started rapping about it.  It was the everyday struggles and negativity that caused groups like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and Public Enemy to have a message (positive or political) for their listeners and to lead them towards creating change for themselves.  I like what I've been hearing and I hope it continues.

Another Big Air Skateboarding Crash at the X Games

Clips of dudes dropping about 40 feet in the air and almost dying are definitely like watching a car crash.  You know something bad is about to happen but you can't help but watch it.  Of course, it's always better when the people involved don't get hurt and luckily, Danny Way seems to be OK after doing a somersault headstand while flipping down the ramp at about 50 MPH.

This obviously reminds me of Jake Brown from the 2007 X Games in which he got so high above the ramp that he was basically flying in the air for a good 4 seconds.  You had time to say "Oh shit, that is not good" as he was falling to the ground.  He hit so hard that his shoes came flying off and it looked as though he could have been severely injured or even paraylzed.  Luckily, he was OK as well.  This is just insane and is just as shocking every time you see it:

You Just Got Knocked the F#$K OUT!!!

Damn!  Brodie Farber just dropped on that kick like he got shot in the neck from a sawed off shotgun.  He looked like he might have been winning that round too.  Rory Markham was the dude who gave Farber that sick head kick.  Insane.


Nike Air Max 90 Infra Red (Premium) - These are FIRE!!!


The Nike Air Max 90's have been available for what seems like forever but Nike always finds away to update the colorway or materials to make them fresh with each new release year after year.  I am a big fan of the Air Max 90’s because of their classic yet futuristic look.  The all whites are the perfect summer joints and can be worn with almost anything.  They are a straight up classic and based on how long they have been in stores, I assume they are one of Nike's most consistent top sellers, right up there with the Air Force One.  
This specific Infra Red colorway is one of the originals and also most coveted by sneakerheads.  Although this colorway has been released in the past, they were always in limited supply because of the huge demand.  This recent version looks crisp as hell and they even added a slight twist with the jet black mud guard being made of ostrich leather (little bumps and all)!  This slight remix adds a nice touch and should increase resale value tremendously.  I am sure these will be even tougher to grab than they were in the past so be prepared.  These are straight fire!!!


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