Friday, August 1, 2008

Nike Air Max 90 Infra Red (Premium) - These are FIRE!!!


The Nike Air Max 90's have been available for what seems like forever but Nike always finds away to update the colorway or materials to make them fresh with each new release year after year.  I am a big fan of the Air Max 90’s because of their classic yet futuristic look.  The all whites are the perfect summer joints and can be worn with almost anything.  They are a straight up classic and based on how long they have been in stores, I assume they are one of Nike's most consistent top sellers, right up there with the Air Force One.  
This specific Infra Red colorway is one of the originals and also most coveted by sneakerheads.  Although this colorway has been released in the past, they were always in limited supply because of the huge demand.  This recent version looks crisp as hell and they even added a slight twist with the jet black mud guard being made of ostrich leather (little bumps and all)!  This slight remix adds a nice touch and should increase resale value tremendously.  I am sure these will be even tougher to grab than they were in the past so be prepared.  These are straight fire!!!


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