Monday, February 28, 2011

Louisville's 5'10" Peyton Siva Throws Down A Fastbreak 360 Dunk (SICK)

We've seen Peyton Siva do this before but last week's 360 dunk on the fastbreak was even nastier because he had a defender creeping up on him.  Of course, it didn't even phase him and he threw it down with authority.  This kid has balls but he's got the hops to back it up.  I really hope Siva makes it to the NBA one day because I would love to see how man highlights he can create during an 82 game season and maybe see him in the dunk contest.  I love it when small guys can dunk like this...

Blake Griffin's Ridiculous One Handed Alley Oop vs. Celtics (COCK THE HAMMER)

I've been a little out of commission for the past week since the arrival of Baby RyB but I have a little free time today so I thought I would hit you off with my weekly Blake Griffin highlights.  I saw this one live on Saturday night since the game was against the Celtics.  Luckily, the little guy kept me up late enough to catch the 10:30 start.  The Celtics pulled off the win but not without getting dunked on a few times by the "Beast" Blake Griffin.  This one handed alley oop above was one of his better dunks of the season.

I'm sure you've seen them a billion times by now but here are some highlights from All Star Weekend as well since I never had a chance to post anything on it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Celtic's Deadline Deals (SHOCKER)

Where do I start? I'm writing a paper for school with my TV on mute when a buddy of mine tells me to check out ESPN2. I expected to change the station and see a mediocre trade that stengthened the C's with a back-up to Pierce but what do I get? We traded PERK away? What is that Danny?

The Celtic's gave the OKC Thunder Perk and Nate for a talented Jeff Green (who we originally drafted but gave away in the Ray trade) and Nenad Krstic.
Most people say when you are recieving the most talented player in the trade (J.Green) you are always the winner. In this case, it doesn't work that way. Perk was our starting center who knew our system and did exactly what we asked him to do, stop Dwight Howard and any other big man that was too much of a physical presence for KG to guard. With Shaq and Jermaine still injured we now have Nenad Krstic manning the paint with his god awful rebounding and shot-blocking numbers. He is averaging 4 rebounds a game, pretty damn low for a 7 footer.
Ontop of shipping of Perk and Nate, Ainge sent the rest of our healthy big men to Cleveland for a 2nd Rd. pick and the Clippers 2012 1st Rd. pick which most likely will turn into a top 10 pick.
Also Marquis was sent to Sacramento for cash and a 2017 draft pick. 2017? How is that legal to trade picks so far in advance? When I saw that I thought it would be smart if GM's could only trade picks that are within the years on that GM's current contract because if a GM's contract is up and they aren't re-hired, the new GM faces the fact that draft picks down the road are gone and they had no control.
Last night the Celtics played the new look Nuggets, basically the Knicks, with an extremely undermanned roster. They went into the game with only 8 players on the roster and only two of which were over 6'7 (KG and Baby). They signed D-Leaguer Chris Johnson, 6'11, who played at LSU. "CJ" as Doc already dubbed his nickname, played pretty well for a guy who was supposed to play in a D-League game last night. I didn't expect much from the C's last night and the lack of depth showed down the stretch when the Nuggets took what was a close game and turned it into a 14-point win.
Looking at all the trades as a whole, I'm trying to have a positive outlook. Jeff Green is an athletic 6'9 guy who is very long. He can spread the court for Rondo and shoot the three. He also can defend some 4's in the league so Doc can play him with the big 4 at the end of the games like he did in our title year with Posey. I'm not a fan of getting Nenad Krstic one bit, I would have rather gotten Serge Ibaka grabbing dolls off the rim but in some ways he could help. He spreads the floor like Green does and gives us something Perk didnt, a true offensive game. Krstic is kind of like a big Z who can step back and hit shots. We just need to brain-wash him into our system and get him to play defense. I like getting rid of Nate and his contract. Luke never really showed much so it's not hard to see him go. We wish the best to Marquis in getting healthy and playing again in Sacremento but the loss of Semih at this point kind of stings when we have no healthy bigs (Krstic will play saturday).
C's have been rumored to be looking to buy-out Troy Murphy, Jason Kapono, Morris Peterson and a few other players to anchor their bench.
Yes, we lost Perk. A guy who has played all his years in Boston and is loved by the city but we got a really good basketball player in return. It is time to move on and wish Perk the best.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brooklyn Decker in "Just Go With It" (SEXY)

WOW! It's hard to think about what to say while you're looking at pictures of Brooklyn Decker. She has a BANGIN' body and she definitely knows how to flaunt it.

Decker tried out acting in the new Sandler and Aniston movie that came out last week and I'm hearing it was actually pretty funny. Most of the things I've heard are that Nick Swardson saved Sandler because as we all know he just isn't that funny anymore. If you're not familiar with Swardson, you gotta check out some of his stand-up.

"Just Go With It" and Decker especially were previewed in this Super Bowl Commercial:

Jennifer Aniston nailed it with her response to Decker coming out of the water. OMG! Those things are amazing. This commercial was awesome because you know every guy watching was thinking about rewinding it with DVR and then BAM they did it for you.

Trade Deadline Deals (VERY INTERESTING)

UPDATE: The Twitter world is buzzing over the deadline which is in 20 mins. The latest about the Green is: Anthony Parker is their top target but they have several fall-backs if that doesn't happen. Latest word is that a deal may be happening.

The NBA trade deadline is now 2 hours away so there is still time for the Celtic's to make a move to make up for the loss of Marquis Daniels. The newest word around Daniels injury is that he may need season-ending but career-saving surgery. It does suck that he most likely wont make it back this season because he was playing really well but it's good to hear that it most likely will not end his career.

As we wait to see if the C's make a deal in the final hours, here are some of the deals thats already went down:
The Melo' saga ended Tuesday when the Knicks and Nuggets finally agreed upon terms to send Melo' to his hometown. NY gave up Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton and Timofey Mozgov. Denver sent Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Balkman, Shelden Williams and Anthony Carter. NY also got Corey Brewer from Minnesota as part of the trade.

Raymond Felton is having a great season and it must have been hard to let him go but what has been completely over-shadowed in this trade is NY getting Billups. He is a proven veteran with playoff experience who could really help the Knicks.

With that said, the Knicks are still missing a piece OR pieces. The main thing missing for them is a bench. Yes, you do have two super-stars but as Knicks fans will soon learn it still wont be enough to beat a veteran and deep team like the Celtics.

Melo's first game with the Knicks was last night, scoring 27 but they still struggled to put away the BUCKS!

In other trade news:

The Jazz sent their All-Star PG Deron Williams to NJ for Derrick Favors and Devin Harris. Wait what? The Jazz picked up another big guy? They now have Favors, Mehmet Okur, Paul Millsap and Big Al Jefferson among other bums who ride the bench. This trade really confuses me when I look at it from the Jazz perspective. As for the Nets, I don't think it is a terrible trade but to get rid of a young star with great potential like Favors just doesn't make sense.

The Clippers sent Baron Davis to the lowly Cavs for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. I feel bad for B. Davis, he has struggled over the past few years and it seemed as if he was starting to have fun being able to throw the ball up and watch Blake Griffin do his thing.

The Hawks got Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong from the Wizards for Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford and Mo Evans. The only player in this trade that makes sense to me is Jordan Crawford, he's a young athletic rookie who has a solid future ahead of him. The Wizard's got Bibby to compliment J.Wall? Atleast Hinrich could play 2 guard, Bibby is a 1 and now the Wizard's have two of them. No wonder the shitty teams in the league are so bad, the GM's of these teams don't have a clue of what they're doing.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Nas & Damian Marley - "Patience" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The Distant Relatives album has been out forever but I guess Nas and Damian Marley just got around to making a video for the song "Patience".  I'm not going to complain though since anything new from these two is always dope.  Even if the song isn't technically new, at least the video breathes some new life into it.  Hopefully these guys decide to do a follow up album because that shit was tight.  It was the perfect mixture of Reggae and Rap from two legends.  Respect.

Irina Shayk Is the New Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model (HOT)

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Irina Shayk is a smoking hot 25-year-old Russian model that will be on the cover of the the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She is also the girlfriend of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo but no one really cares about that. All you want to see are some pics and videos of this fine young thing, so here you go.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Torch Ft Busta Rhymes - "Bang Yo City" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I don't know shit about this dude Torch but I will admit that he's got a decent flow so I will give him a chance. He was able to land Busta Rhymes for a feature on "Bang Yo City" so he has to be somewhat respected in the game.  I guess he's part of the group Triple C's?  No idea.  I haven't heard one thing from those guys but I do know they are affiliated with Rick Ross in some way so that always helps.  Anyway, this is a decent track so I'll be on the lookout for some new shit from this guy in the future.  Not bad.

Eminem & Lil Wayne Skit On SNL (AMUSING)

I don't really watch SNL but once in awhile they will have a guest or skit that fits the Hip Hop mold so that is when I take notice.  This skit wasn't the best by any means but I appreciate the effort and trying something new.  The Lil Wayne dude could have used some work but it was decent enough but the Eminem guy was pretty dead on.  He did a great job of getting that angry Eminem persona down pat.  KNIFE!!!

Another Look at the Shoezeum Warehouse (RIDICULOUS)

Here's a new video highlighting some of the pure awesomeness of the Shoezeum.  I posted a bunch of videos for you a couple of weeks ago and had trouble typing it up because I was too busy wiping the drool off of my keyboard.  Place is ridiculous and the inventory is off the charts.  Shit ain't fair!  Can someone please tell me where the hell this place is?!?!  I would literally pay $100 just to take a tour and snap some quality pics.  It's a sneakerheads heaven...

UPDATE: just posted a ton of pictures of the Shoezeum's Air Jordan collection. I'm still wiping up all of the drool from my keyboard. So sick!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Sean ft. Chris Brown - "My Last" (NEW ISH)

This is some hot shit right here.  I could see this making it's way up the charts over the next couple of months.  "My Last" is a perfect song for the ladies and they love to request the shit out of R&B infused joints like this so it could do really well.  Plus, believe it or not, Chris Brown is hot again so getting him on the hook is huge.

This could be the breakout single that Big Sean needs to take his career to the next level.  His new album Finally Famous has been delayed a few times but is expected to drop at some point this year.  It sounds like it's going to be full of some big name features and I expect it to be pretty solid if he's got this much help.

Guest artists include Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Mr Hudson, Game, Chiddy Bang, Pusha T of Clipse, Rick Ross, The-Dream, Drake, Clyde McKnight, Tyga, Eminem, Wale, and Mike Posner with production from Kanye West, Jeff Bhasker, Mike Posner, No I.D., The Olympicks, Tricky Stewart, Chiddy Bang member Xaphoon Jones and The Neptunes.
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Louisville's Kyle Kuric Throws Down On Notre Dame (WHITE BOY THUNDER)

Somehow, I forgot to throw up this NASTY dunk by Louisville's Kyle Kuric from their game against Notre Dame last week.  This has to be some of the worst white on white crime ever committed on a basketball court.  That was just disgusting!   

The most ridiculous thing about it though was the fact that Kuric got a technical foul called on him for taunting when he literally did nothing.  He basically just landed and caught his balance and then got T'd up immediately.  WTF?!?!  Yes, he might have stood there for an extra second and slightly glared at the dude he just posterized but give him a break.  He just completed the nastiest dunk of his life and possibly one of the best whiteboy dunks in the history of basketball.  Let him feel good about it for more than half a second.  Damn.

Bobby Knight and Digger Phelps need to shut the help up with their old school asses too.  There was nothing disrespectful about that and there was no malicious intent.  I've seen players lean over the guy on the floor that they just dunked on and start berating them (see Kevin Garnett) and not even get a sniff of a T.  Bobby Knight used to smack players during games and throw chairs across the floor.  He is the last person that should be talking about shit like this.  Jackass.

Dwyane Wade's Full Court Alley-Oop to Lebron James; Plus Another Half Court Alley Oop Dunk From Blake Griffin (SICK)

Wow!  That was pretty nasty.  Great pass by D-Wade and a nice job of catching and finishing by LeBron on the other end.  It's kind of crazy he was able to get down to the other end of the court so quickly but he was probably cherry picking a bit or might have taken off as soon as the shot was up.  It would have been better if LeBron had thrown it down with a dunk but it was still very nice.

Speaking of long alley oop dunks, here is another half court connection from Baron Davis to Blake Griffin.  This is starting to look too easy for these guys even though this is a tough pass and catch.  B.G. is just so nasty that he can make plays like this look simple.  Shit ain't fair. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Murs & Terrance Martin - "Fresh Kicks" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Here's a cool video from Murs & Terrance Martin called "Fresh Kicks".  This is right in the zone.  Dope underground Hip Hop mixed in with sneaker references and visuals.  You can't ask for much more.  If I ever made a song, I'm pretty sure it would sound just like this.

Fresh Kicks - Melrose
Melrose - Murs and Terrace Martin are
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I don't know much about Terrance Martin but I'm definitely a big Murs fan.  He's been putting out quality records for the past 5+ years at least.  He's got that chill West coast vibe mixed in with a little bit of that old school East Coast sound with the hard drums and boom bap beats.  Dude has some talent so check him out if you have some time.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Makes His Return To The WWE After 7 Years (AWESOME)

I'm not a wrestling fan anymore (although I was into it quite a bit as a kid) but I have to admit that this appearance by The Rock on WWE's Monday Night Raw last night was freakin' awesome.  It's kind of crazy that it's already been 7 years since he left wrestling for a successful acting career. 

This gave me flashbacks to the days when wrestling was huge and The Rock was bigger than the sport itself.  Even girls who never watched wrestling knew who he was because he was that famous.  It's nice to see that he still has that character down to a science and he can break it out at any time.  The ovation he gets in the beginning is unbelievable and then when he gets the fans to do the call and response of the "Millions....and MILLIONS" I actually got the chills.  That shit was intense! 

Cee Lo Green Performs "Forget You" With Gwyneth Paltrow At The 2011 Grammys (COOL)

Here's another great performance from the Grammys that I somehow missed yesterday.  Cee Lo stepped his game up big time with this incredible performance of "Forget You".  The outfit was ridiculous, the puppets were awesome and he even got the most random guest appearance of the night by utilizing the surprisingly decent vocals of Gwyneth Paltrow.  You can't get more random than that but it all just seemed to work.  It's too bad he couldn't perform the real version of the song "F*** You" but this will do. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Performance by Eminem, Dr Dre, Rihanna and Skylar Grey (HOT)

I didn't watch the Grammy's last night even though the wifey tried to force me to but I was able to catch this performance by Eminem, Rihanna, Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey.  Shit was hot and Em absolutely killed it.  He's so much better when he's angry and rapping fast.  His energy was the best I've seen it during a live performance in years.  Dr. Dre was alright but he's never been a great performer anyway.  He was just along for the ride which is fine with me.  Just seeing him stick his head out from behind the boards is enough to get you excited about the new Detox album.  Rihanna was looking hot as shit and sang well on "Love the Way You Lie" and Skylar Grey was impressive on the hook of "I Need a Doctor".  Overall, I will give that an A-.  That was the first time I actually wanted to see a Grammy performance in a long time.  Good shit. 

Also, here is the performance from Drake and Rihanna which was solid but not as good.  Drake is kind of an herb and his charisma is pretty non-existent but Rihanna more than made up for it with her fine ass and pretty impressive live vocals.  She's not the best singer but she certainly stepped it up on this one.  Now just show me that ass a little more, please...

Blake Griffin's 2-Handed Fast Break Alley-Oop vs Raptors; Plus Bonus Dunks (NASTY)

Once again, no description is really needed for this new Blake Griffin dunk against the Raptors.  The nastiness speaks for itself.  I will add that Baron Davis made this happen with a great pass that just sat out there and waited for Griffin to get close enough to go and get it and throw it down.  That was so sick.

Here are a few other B.G. dunks that I've gathered from the past week but never had a chance to post up until now.  I might just start a Blake Griffin dunk blog because he literally has enough nasty jams per week to keep a single site afloat.  BEAST MODE.

Shannon Brown's Sick Alley Oop Dunk vs. Knicks (MAD HOPS)

Before I hit you off with some new Blake Griffin dunks, I thought I would give you this disgusting alley oop dunk from the Lakers' Shannon Brown that took place against the Knicks on Friday night.  I'm obviously not a Lakers fan in any way shape or form but I do respect great athleticism and nasty plays so I will give credit whenever it's due.  This dunk was beyond impressive.  That was almost inhuman.

This reminded me a lot of the classic Grant Hill dunk at Duke from back in the day in the sense that they both had to go high and way behind their heads to catch the pass and then throw it down...


Glen "Big Baby" Davis Misses a Wide Open Fast Break Dunk (SPRITE COMMERCIAL STYLE)

You've probably already seen clips of the horrific missed dunk by Glen Davis from Sunday's game against the Heat but it was so awful that it's worth another look.  I was lucky enough to be at the game but as usual, the Jumbotron operator decided not to replay something that might have actually been interesting to the fans so I only saw it live.  I didn't get to see the replay until last night and all I can say is, WOW.  That was just awful.

I'm not really sure what happened to BBD because he can dunk fairly easily and does it on a regular basis with just 1 or 2 steps in the paint so it's not like this would have been a big deal.  I think he just isn't used to running that far with the ball and he got tired and took off from too far out.  He also looked back to see where the defender was and that totally screwed up his timing.  Just dumb all around.  You could see Doc and the bench laughing at him which made it that much better.   

The first thing I said to my friends right after it happened was "Oh shit!  Sprite Commercial."  If you don't remember that Sprite commercial with Grant Hill from back in the day, take a look below.  We used to make fun of people all the time whenever they missed a dunk like this. It still gets used to this day during hoops games.

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Luckily, the Celtics didn't need this basket since they were still able to pull off the win against the Heat.  Even with the bench severely depleted as it was against the Lakers, the Celtics were able to step it up and keep both LeBron and Wade in check.  If we had a full squad, I think the C's could have won that game by 10 or 12 points.  I'm definitely not afraid of the Heat in the playoffs.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Introducing The Asian E-40: Dead On Impression From a Huge Fan (IMPRESSIVE)

This kid absolutely killed it with his impersonation of E-40.  I mean, it is dead on.  Other than being an Asian dude, he even looks a lot like him. Shit is crazy.  This isn't exactly an easy thing to do either.  E-40 has some of the craziest slang I've ever heard and his speech patterns are all over the place so this dude must listen to him 24-7 to have it down that good. Very impressive.  It gets a little long at the end but it's worth a look for at least a minute or two.

Here are some examples of E-40 Water spittin' nonsense like only he knows how:

Pat Burrell Partyin' With Hot Chicks (In A Dominatrix Suit?)

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
Pat Burrell just living the life of a professional athlete. Just chillin' and drinking some beer in the sun with his awful tighty whitey boxer briefs and some real hot chicks like it ain't no thang. I wonder if this is part of his new Spring Training regimen. 

Baseball is such a joke, you can be an out of shape bum but still be dominant. For example:
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This fat-ass threw a perfect game and oh ya, he said he was DRUNK while doing it.  C.C. Sabathia tips the scales at about 300 pounds, yet he is one of the most dominating pitchers in the game.  I don't know whether to be mad or just be impressed.
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I almost forgot to mention...Pat Burrell was partyin' with those hot chicks while wearing a dominatrix suit looking like "The Machine" from the movie 8MM ...WTF?!?! 
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Ray Allen HIts NBA All-Time 3 Point Record While Rockin' His Air Jordan 13 PE

That was a tough loss last night for the Celtics considering they were beating the Lakers by as much as 15 points in the first half.  Unfortunately, they let them get back in the game towards the end of the first half and then played like garbage to start the second half and let the Lakers take control for the eventual win.  The C's gave a decent effort in the end to come back but they were just too tired considering they only had 10 people suited up for the game due to injuries.  Everyone seemed to get in foul trouble as well so they were basically playing at a disadvantage all night.

I've been arguing with annoying Lakers fans (aka my brother in law) for the past few days and they are delusional, as always.  They took that as a big win but if I was them, I would not be happy with that at all.  If we beat a depleted Lakers team that wasn't at full strength, I would certainly take it with a grain of salt.  That wasn't the real Celtics team out there last night.  They already proved they can smoke the Lakers with a full squad when they beat them out in LA by 12 points.  Of course, Lakers fans already forgot about that. 

The one positive that came out of last night's game was Ray Allen becoming the NBA's All Time Leader for 3 Point FG's Made.  He passed Reggie Miller who had 2,560 3 point FG's in his career.  Reggie was actually announcing the game for TNT so he was there to congratulate Ray during a timeout.  It was definitely a cool scene:
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
During the game, Craig Sager and his awful blue velvet suit announced that Ray's Air Jordan 13 sneakers that he was wearing during the game would be sent to the Basketball Hall of Fame to commemorate the record.  Very cool.  I don't know if Ray has worn these yet this year but this is a great white and green colorway for the AJ 13 silhouette.  I know it won't happen but I would love for these to get released so I could own a pair.  I know they would sell well, at least in Boston.  Here's a few pics of Ray rockin' his dope custom Jordans:
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Jerry Sloan Retires (LIL' RyB's FIRST POST)

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This is my first blog as I begin to help out with the site since Baby RyB is due right about now. I'm Dj RyB's little brother and you can just call me Lil RyB. Here's a little fun fact. Jerry Sloan coached the Jazz for 4 more years than I've been shit!

In case you didn't hear, he resigned from coaching the Utah Jazz yesterday afternoon. I saw something pretty crazy on the bottom line on ESPN when all this news was breaking.  It said Sloan's assistant Phil Johnson (weirdly similar to Phil Jackson) has been with him and the Jazz for 18 seasons.  He will be retiring as well.

Is he the best or worst assistant coach of all time? Most head coaches barely last 5 years these days but an assistant coach for the same team for that long is just insane.  Assistants help out with the day to day management of the team and is usually a defensive or offensive specialist.  If the team is successful then most likely, he will be sought after to be a head coach at some point.  Look at Tom Thibodeau for the Celtics, as an example.  The C's kicked ass the past few seasons and now Coach T is the Bulls head coach. 

So what the hell happened Phil Johnson?  Did you just really like Utah?  How come no one came hollering for you to be the head coach over the past 18 years?  It's not like the Jazz were a shitty team this whole time. Were you just a shitty coach that got lucky and landed in the right place at the right time or did you just never have the balls to become a head coach and leave your Jerry Sloan security blanket?

Anyway, that's just some of the stupid shit that comes into my head that you can enjoy reading in the near future.  On a random note, I like Sloan throwin' up his signal for the triangle offense...or was he just sayin' waddup to HOVA?
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: Mobb Deep "Shook Ones Part II"

Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Part II" is one of my favorite songs of all time and yet I have never seen this video.  I know that's kind of crazy but I just never thought to look for it and I definitely never saw it back in the day.

Now that I think about it though, most Hip Hop fans probably haven't seen it either. I don't think it got much rotation on the video channels back in 1995.  I mean, it is a super ghetto video and no one really knew who Mobb Deep was until The Infamous album had been out for at least a few months.  No matter the reason though, it's great to finally see it and it definitely brings me back to when Rap music was in the zone...

The Infamous - Mobb Deep
The Infamous - Mobb Deep

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Wiz Kalifa - "Weed Therapy" Mixtape (DOWNLOAD)

I haven't even had a chance to listen to Wiz Khalifa's new Weed Therapy Mixtape yet but I assume it's as dope as usual.  Anything new from Wiz these days is worth posting up.  I've kind of become obsessed with his music lately so I'm always looking for some new shit.

01. Paper Callin [Intro]
02. Roll Up
03. Silence (Feat. Curren$y, McKenzie Eddy)
04. Big Screen
05. That Good (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
06. Exit Row
07. On My Level (Feat. Too Short)
08. Taylor (Feat. Game)
09. EZ Wider With Hash
10. We Drift Deeper
11. Taylor Gang (Feat. Chevy Woods)
12. G’d Up
13. Teach U To Fly
14. Retrosuperfuture (Feat. Rick Ross)
15. Familiar
16. Good Life
17. I Know (Feat. DiddyDirtyMoney, Chris Brown, Richgirl)
18. Fuck The Money (Feat. B.O.B.)
19. Whip It Around (Feat. Caliko)
20. Black & Yellow (Remix) (Feat. Young Jeezy, Fabolous, T-Pain, Maino)
21. Purp & Yellow (Feat. Game, Snoop Dogg, YG)
22. Break Pad [Outro]

Download Weed Therapy at or HERE.

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B.o.B. Performs "Airplanes" On An Actual Airplane (COOL)

This was bound to happen, right?  Ever since I saw Kanye performing "Gold Digger" on a flight a few months ago I just assumed that the next person to do this was going to be B.o.B. considering he has an actual song called "Airplanes".  I wonder if this is a new promotional thing for Delta Airlines because both incidents have been on one of their flights.

I like that B.o.B. actually played the real song in the background so you could hear the beat and he could also utilize the chick singing the hook.  It actually sounded pretty good.  I would love to be on a flight when something cool like this happens.  Too bad most of these guys take private jets these days...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snoop Dogg Ft.Trey Songz - "Dirty Dancer" (NEW ISH)

Not bad!  I'm always on the lookout for some new Snoop shit and luckily, this one didn't disappoint.  He can be up and down at times but he's been on point for the past couple of years.  He's found a nice niche for himself in his older age with the R&B infused collabos and "Dirty Dancer" definitely fits that formula. 

I assume this is off of the new Doggumentary album that is supposed to drop in March. It's rumored that he will be working with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa among other high profile guests and Swizz Beatz is going to be providing a good chunk if not all of the beats.  I'm definitely looking forward to this one. 

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Kanye West & Jay-Z - "H.A.M." Travis Barker Remix (NOT BAD)

Kanye and Jay-Z's single "H.A.M." has been floating around for awhile now so it seems like it's about due for a remix.  For some reason the song has been very polarizing in the sense that it's basically a love it or hate it song.  I personally like the track but if you read the comments, a lot of people are just not feeling it.  Maybe this new Travis Barker Remix will give it some new life and allow some of the haters to give it another chance.  It's not as over the top with the drums as some of Barker's past Hip Hop remixes but it still brings a nice Rock vibe that seems to work well.  I don't think it's better than the original but it's still solid. 

The "H.A.M." remix is set to appear on Barker's new mixtape collabo with DJ Whoo Kid that is dropping soon...
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Frank Caliendo's Super Bowl XLV Picks as Charles Barkley (FUNNY)

I forgot to post this earlier in the week and you probably saw it during the Super Bowl pre-game show but it's funny enough to take a second look.  I love Frank Caliendo's impersonations and he's really perfected his Charles Barkley.  It's not just about saying "Turrrible" anymore.  He's got a legit act going.  Love it.

Aries Spears of Mad TV fame also did a great Shaq impersonation and of course having the real Shaq show up and do a really crappy but still funny Terry Bradshaw impersonation brought the whole skit together to make it a classic.  Definitely some funny shit.

Speaking of Aries Spears, if you've never seen his stand up act, I suggest you do some digging on YouTube.  The dude is pretty funny and he does some great rapper impersonations:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wiz Khalifa ft. Chevy Woods - "Taylor Gang" (NEW ISH)

Not bad. "Taylor Gang" isn't exactly ground breaking or anything but it's some new shit from Wiz so I'm not going to complain. The one issue I have from the Lex Luger produced joint is the fact that it sounds a lot like his other shit, specifically Rick Ross's "B.M.F." and Wacka Flockas "Hard in da Paint".

I get it that producers like to have a signature sound but can we get at least get a little creativity? That sound is already getting old very quickly. Switch it up or become irrelevant like every other fly by night "hot" producer.

Dj Khaled Shows Off His On The Road Sneaker Collection (RIDICULOUS)

At first this video started off kind of slow and I thought Khaled was going to have a wack collection but then he kept breaking out more and more hot shit and I almost lost it.  Keep in mind, he is in a hotel for two days only.  WTF?!?!  I mean, I like to have multiple selections when I'm on the road myself but this shit is ridiculous.

Dude even brought out the BRED Air Jordan XI's and the Black and Red "Cough-drop" Foamposites.  Just for good measure, he had the Cool Grey and Space Jam XI's too.  Wow.  I am definitely jealous.  Can a Nike rep hook me the F up already please?  It sucks not being famous...

Tosh.0's Unaired Super Bowl Commercial for Discover Card (FUNNY)

Awesome!  Tosh has created another classic skit.  I know making fun of the WNBA is a little cliche these days but I like the spin he put on it by mocking those awful Visa "Never Miss a Super Bowl Club" commercials.

By the way, does anyone else want to punch those guys in the face like I do?  I mean, unless your favorite team is playing in the Super Bowl, why would it be so important to go to these games EVERY YEAR?  Maybe you could go every few years but come on.  This is just excessive.  You missed weddings and baby's being born because you just had to go to the Super Bowl?  That's not cool or even a good story.  You're just an asshole.

Here are a few other classic videos ripping on the WNBA.  Sorry ladies but this shit is funny.

Monday, February 7, 2011

More Blake Griffin Dunks: One-Handed Putback & Another Sick Windmill (DIESEL)

I don't think I need to intro these Blake Griffin dunks anymore.  You know the deal.  Straight Beast Mode 24/7.  He's already one of the best dunkers in the league and he might rip the rim straight off of the glass one of these days. I can't get enough of these nasty dunks...

Kim Kardashian's Skechers Super Bowl Ad (HOT)

Yes, you probably already saw this Skechers commercial featuring Kim Kardashian during the game yesterday but who cares.  This one could get another 1,000 views and I still wouldn't be sick of it.  Kim is looking sexier than ever.  Just curves for days.  Even her humongous ass was in check in those tight black pants.  It's too bad I was watching the game with a group of people because I defintiely would have put it on pause if I was watching it by myself.  So hot! 

Also, if you haven't seen them yet, I highly recommend you check out the pics from her recent W Magazine photo shoot (NSFW version here).  They basically just painted her in silver and had her stand butt naked in front of the camera in some great poses.  I can't get over how awesomely curvy this broad is.  Just T & A for days.

Eminem's Super Bowl Commercials - Chrysler and Brisk Iced Tea (BADASS)

Well, I wasn't expecting Eminem to show up in any Super Bowl commercials, yet alone two but that was a nice surprise, at least for a fan like me.  Overall, the commercials were pretty boring or just plain terrible but these two featuring Em definitely got my attention.  I thought the Brisk Ice Tea commercial above was kind of random considering they don't do much advertising, yet alone a $3 million spot during the Super Bowl.  However, the commercial itself was solid and I loved that they let Eminem be himself with a combination of humor and anger.  I give it a solid B+ grade.

The second commercial featuring Eminem was for the new Chrysler 200.  This one is getting a lot of positive attention from the ad critics because of it's serious but motivational tone. It shed some light on Detroit's struggles and how they are fighting to make a comeback as "The Motor City".  I loved the effect of the choir singing in the theater while the "Lose Yourself" instrumental plays underneath.  It gave the commercial the perfect vibe.  I give this one a B+ as well. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Eminem ft. Dr. Dre & Skylar Grey - "I Need A Doctor" (NEW ISH)

Did I seriously forget to post this?  WTF is wrong with me?  I am losing it lately.  This is some premo shit and I kept it on the shelf letting it marinate way too long.  Very weak on my part. Feel free to give me some shit for slacking...

Anyway, "I Need A Doctor" is a dope ass track and could be a huge hit if released as a single.  I still can't figure out if this is from Dre's Detox album that may never see the light of day or if it's something from a new Eminem album but I'm sure we will find out soon enough.  It seems like it would be an Eminem song since he has two verses but Dre has always let the guests run the show on his albums so you never know.

Either way, this is a sick song that could be a huge hit in the very near future.  It's got an eery and kind of dark sound and subject matter which makes it a little depressing but the work Skylar Grey did on the hook will make this very accessible to a lot of people.

On a somewhat related note, this new Eminem song "Give Me the Ball" started floating around today but unfortunately, it's not technically new.  I think it was made back in 2008 or earlier because he's rapping about Chauncey Billups and the Detroit Pistons which is a very old reference.  This isn't exactly the best flow from Em but at least he was trying something new.  I always enjoy hearing unreleased tracks from Em whether they are actually good or not.  It helps you appreciate how far he has come in the past few years after losing his fastball for awhile there...

Incredible Game Winning Buzzer Beater In French Pro A League (CRAZY ENDING)

I'm just clearing out some shit I've been sitting on before the weekend and figured I would throw this one up since I've had it for a few days.  I have no idea what these French bastards are saying and they are actually pretty annoying but they had the right to be fired up because of how this game ended.

Pay close attention to the guy at the free throw line.  He bricks the shit out of both shots which could have potentially sealed the game and then let the other team go down and score an easy layup but he totally redeemed himself by drilling a half court shot to win the game.  Way to make it hard on yourself bro.  Hit the gym and work on your free throw game and maybe it won't be so difficult next time. 

Ultra Combos #1 - Street Figher Moves In Real Life (COOL)

I thought this was going to be wack as shit but once I saw the first couple of seconds, I knew it was legit. These guys have some crazy martial arts influenced moves and the camera and post-production was ridiculously on point. These dudes need to make a movie or something. We haven't had a good kung-fu/martial arts movie in a long time but this could definitely be a start.

Random Super Bowl Junk: Vern Troyer & Snoop Dogg

This first video of Vern Troyer is kind of uneventful except for the part where he gets in his sick Mercedes Benz and DRIVES away.  That's right.  This little dude who isn't much taller than 2 and a half feet can actually drive a full sized vehicle and not just that little scooter from Austin Powers 2.  That's unreal!  Oh by the way, he picked the Steelers for what it's worth.

This second video is obviously a promotion for Pepsi Max and although it's a little forced and awkward at times, it actually gets kind of funny towards the end.  Snoop eventually finds his groove and gives it his signature gangster flair.  I'm pretty sure Snoop is picking the Steelers to win since he has said he was a fan since back in the day...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige "You're All I Need To Get By"

"You're All I Need to Get By" is probably the hardest Hip Hop Love song of all time. It's one of those perfect joints that expresses the true emotions of tough dude like Method Man but doesn't come off all sissy and shit like other songs with the same message like LL Cool J's "I Need Love" and Slick Rick's "Teenage Love".

I used to get so many requests for this joint from both dudes and chicks. It's just a great song and it has enough of an uptempo vibe that it can work in the club too. There were two other versions that were less radio friendly but equally as good.

The first one is a secondary remix of the Mary J. Blige version:

This version is the original from the T.I.C.A.L. album without Mary on the hook. DOPE!

Portland Cello Project Covering Kanye West "All of the Lights" (DOPE)

Now that's what's up!  So sick!  I don't care if you like Kanye West's music or not but you have to admit that an orchestra deciding to cover one of his songs brings a little more credibility to his music making abilities.  "All of the Lights" was created entirely from scratch without the use of any samples so that is why this works so well.  

The orchestra absolutely kicked ass on their rendition of this song.  It was original enough to be considered their own remix of sorts but it still stayed true to the original and sounded just like it would if you were to strip the beat away.  Very impressive.

Here's the original version of "All of the Lights" from Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.  It's definitely one of the most impressive and deepest songs he's ever made.

This is the extended instrumental version which has an intro that sounds a lot more like the orchestra's rendition:

J.R. Smith's Nasty Put Back Dunk Against The Blazers (CRAZY HOPS)

You might have seen this highlight of J.R. Smith's nasty put back dunk on SportsCenter's Top Plays this morning.  Somehow it ended up at only #5 which blows my mind.  Everything after it was garbage.  It was a legit "OH SHIT!" moment for me as I spit out the toothpaste in my mouth.  Smith was already on his way down when he caught the ball and was still able to cup it and windmill it back through the rim with authority.  So nasty!

It's too bad J.R. Smith doesn't participate in the dunk contest anymore.  I would love to see him up against Blake Griffin this year...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teairra Mari - "Body" Official Video (CHICK IS HOT!)

I'm not really sure who this Teairra Mari chick is but her new single "Body" is actually kind of decent and the video is even better.  She is rockin' some ridiculously skimpy outfits and just strutting her shit all over the place with those bangin' curves.  Very nice.  Just turn down the music if you're not feeling the song.  It's worth it...
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Cool Rendition of MJ's "Smooth Criminal" by Dueling Cellists (IMPRESSIVE)

Here's another MJ related video that I recently stumbled across.  This one is almost as impressive as the cab driver from Brazil but in a completely different way.  These two guys Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic are cellist nerds but they actually made the instrument look cool with this unique rendition of "Smooth Criminal".  The video itself is kind of lame and absurdly over produced but if you can get past that or even just listen to the video, you should be very impressed. 

More Blake Griffin Dunks: Nasty Windmill & 50 Foot Alley Oop (BEAST MODE)

This first dunk is the 50 foot alley oop thrown by Randy Foye against the Charlotte Bobcats on Saturday.  We knew it was just a matter of time before this finally happened.  Baron Davis threw him a similar pass a few weeks ago but Blake wasn't able to put it down because he got pushed in the back.  This time around, he was able to catch it and throw it down without any issues.  I think the pass deserves more credit than the dunk because it was right on the money from three quarter court.  That's not an easy thing to do.  Luckily with Griffin, you can throw it anywhere near the rim and he will probably go get it and throw it down with authority.

The next two dunks came against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday.  Blake threw down a nasty windmill in the open court on a fast break that is probably similar to one of the dunks we will see in the first round of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend.  It looked pretty simple for him but that was still pretty nasty.

The second dunk was on another fast break opportunity.  The dunk itself wasn't anything too special but what was most impressive was Griffin's speed.  Keyon Dooling is a pretty fast dude and he just gave up trying to catch him by the three point line.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Optimo 55 Souf - "I'm Gipper" (DUDE WHO GOT HIT BY ICE THE CREAM TRUCK)

I'm not gonna lie.  This song "I'm Gipper" is actually kind of tight.  I definitely wasn't expecting that at all after finding out Optimo 55 Souf (worst name ever by the way) was the dude who got drilled by the ice cream truck a few months back.  The funny thing is, he might actually have a future in the music biz if he can keep out of traffic and not die.  This shit is catchy as hell!  

Shout out to Tosh.0 because I would have never found this song without seeing the recent Web Redemption. 

Here's the original clip and a remix of Optimo getting absolutely drilled by the ice cream truck.  Instant classic:

Kevin Garnett's Anta KG 1 “Beat LA” Kicks (NOT BAD)

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I've posted pics previously of Kevin Garnett's first signature shoe with Anta called the KG 1.  I'm not a huge fan of the shoe because they looked kind of cheap but the new "Beat LA" edition is actually pretty solid.  I'm not usually a fan of all green shoes but these match the Celtics unis nicely and the suede gives the shoe the appearance of better overall quality.

In case you were wondering, the 152-120 on the tongue signifies the all time record of the Celtics vs. the Lakers although you can now make that 153 after Sunday's huge win. 

I'm not sure I would ever wear these but I would certainly consider adding them to my collection of Celtics related kicks.  Unfortunately, he didn't even wear these against the Lakers on Sunday.  He decided to go with a slight variation of the white colorway. 
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Brazilian Cab Driver's Killer Impersonation Of Michael Jackson (UNREAL)

Damn!  This dude is nasty!  Not only can he do a pretty nice beat box of Billie Jean but he has the MJ vocals down to a science.  He literally sounds just like him even with the crazy adlibs, grunts and groans.  Very impressive.

He should try and get on America's Got Talent or something.  I'm sure someone would be willing to help him out with a plane ticket to get a shot at a tryout.  I've seen a hell of a lot worse acts get through to the next round on that show. 

By the way, he goes by Jean Walker and he luckily, he has his own YouTube Channel for your listening pleasure.  Here are a few of his best vids:

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