Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: Gang Starr - "Full Clip"

I've been slippin' on my consistency with the Thursday Throwbacks post so I thought it was about time I stepped up and served you with something nice.  I just recently started using Spotify (which is sick by the way) and decided to go through Gang Starr's entire catalog and "Full Clip" caught my attention for some reason.  I can't believe this song is already over 12 years old!  This could be dropped today and no one would no the difference. 

I used to love this track back in the day and the shit still holds up, just like any Gang Starr or DJ Premier produced track.  All they did was make classic material.  So sick.

Dude Plays Instrumental of "Hard In the Paint" Using Accordion Sound on Keyboard (FUNNY BUT NICE)

Now that's what's up!  Where can I get some more accordion Hip Hop instrumentals?!?!  This shit is hot!  I think I like it even better than the violin joints that everyone has been doing lately.  At least this is more original.  Now if only he could have done this with a real accordion!  Anyone up for the challenge?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beastie Boys vs. Sesame Street - Sure Shot Mashup (AWESOME)

So good!  This is one of the best mashup videos I've ever seen or at least one of the best using Sesame Street characters.  You'd be surprised how many are actually out there.  I just wish it was longer and utilized the whole song because I can't get enough of this awesomeness.  The timing and clips were perfect!

I still don't think it's better than the M.O.P. "Ante Up" mashup with Bert and Ernie though.  That is just a classic!

The Barney "Straight Outta Compton" joint was pretty solid too. 

Nasty Catch By Australian Rules Football Player Andrew Walker

I don't know shit about Australian Rules Football but I do know that was a sick catch, regardless of the sport.  It seems really dangerous but I guess that is what makes it even cooler.  Had the defender known Walker was going to do that, he could have just tossed him off his shoulders and the dude could have landed on his head.  Pretty crazy. 

There is no way this could happen in the NFL though because it would be offensive interference.  Although it would be cool if you could use the defender to prop yourself up in the air to make an incredible catch, it would be way too dangerous for them to allow it.  Rugby and Australian football players are nuts though so I don't think they care too much about safety...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Game ft. Chris Brown - "Pot Of Gold" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I featured the audio for this last week but now we have the official video for Game's new track "Pot of Gold" featuring Chris Brown.  This song keeps growing on me and I was already a big fan the first time I heard it so that is a good sign.  This is some hot shizz! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dj RyB Hit Pop Mix: Volume 7 (DOWNLOAD)

After almost a year away from the 1's and 2's, I finally had a chance to make a new Hit Pop mix. I've been getting a lot of requests for a new one so I found some time to put together all of the new ish I had accumulated over the past few months. I have a plethora of music still sitting on my computer waiting to be mixed so I should be able to put together some other mixes on a more frequent basis and should have a new one fairly soon.

1) Whats My Name (Kik Klap Mix) - Rihanna ft Drake
2) Blow (Remix) - Kesha ft. B.O.B.
3) Dont Wanna Go Home (Funky Mix) - Jason Derulo ft Robin S
4) Stereo Love (Molella Remix) - Edward Maya
5) Hello (Club Edit) Martin Solveig and Dragonette
6) Firework (Wideboys Remix) - Katy Perry
7) Save The World (Alesso Remix) - Swedish House Mafia ft John Martin
8) Higher - Taio Cruz ft Travie McCoy
9) Beautiful People (Extended Mix) - Chris Brown ft Benny Benassi
10) SaxoBeat (David S. Switch Mix) - Alexander Stan
11) I Need A Dollar (Dave Darell vs Klingenberg Club Mix) -Aloe Blacc
12) More (Louis Louis 2011 Club Remix) - Usher
13) Replica (Hands Solo Extended Edit) -Afrojack
14) Look at me now (TWIST's House MIX) -Chris Brown Feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne
15) Turn Around (Disco Fries Remix) -Flo Rida
16) Moment 4 Life (DJ Kue Remix) - Nicki Minaj ft Drake

Thursday, July 21, 2011

David Guetta ft.Taio Cruz & Ludacris - "Little Bad Girl" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I know that most of David Guetta's sound very similar but I don't even care.  The dude has found the perfect formula for making poppy dance hits and I ain't mad at him for it.  He works with a ton of R&B and Hip Hop artists too so it makes it just accessible enough for people that prefer the Hip Hop sound but can handle the elecro vibe when they are up in the club.  Nice work, as always Mr. Guetta...

Kenny Powers - "K-Swiss CEO" Video Ucensored (HYSTERICAL)

Awesome.  That's all I can really say.  This is just some classic Kenny Powers shit right here.  So good!

The Kung Fu Volleyball/Soccer Hybrid Called Sepak Takraw (THIS IS REAL?)

There is no way in hell I would be capable of playing this game without breaking my neck but it looks fun as hell.  These dudes are throwing their bodies all over the place and making some incredible plays.  The fact that they can "spike" it by getting their body almost upside down is pretty incredible.  If I could play this on a trampoline or sand so I didn't have to risk injury, I would be all in.  I can't see this ever getting as big in the US as it is in Malaysia but I could certainly see it getting as big as say, Ultimate Frisbee or some other fringe sport.  Except this one actually takes some real skill...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Game ft. Chris Brown - "Pot Of Gold" (NEW ISH)

While we're already talking about Game, I thought I would throw up his new track with Chris Brown called "Pot of Gold" that I heard for the first time yesterday.  This is a little on the slower side and a lot deeper than the last track but it's still on point.  The Red Album is going to be unreal if he keeps putting out songs like this.  Be on the lookout for that August 23rd, 2011.  It's been awhile since we've heard a studio album from Game but it sounds like it is going to be worth the wait...

The Game Ft. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell - "Ain't No Doubt About It" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I know this has an older sound to it like something Pharrell might have made back in 2005 but I think that's what I like about it most.  Nothing has this sound anymore and it smooth as hell.  This actually sounds like something that could have been from JT's Justified album when he collaborated with Pharrell quite a bit.  I'm definitely feeling this...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steve Nash: What Happens After Practice (FUNNY)

Classic Steve Nash right here. I think this was actually a viral ad for Toyota Canada.  Very nice choice on their part to pick Mr. Nash.  There is a 100% chance this guy is going to have his own show, sitcom or talk show once he retires.  He's too comfortable in front of the camera not to take advantage of that and on top of that, he's naturally funny, unlike most athletes. I know I would watch.  Make it happen!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lloyd Banks Ft. Eminem - "Where I'm At" (SICK FAN MADE VIDEO)

Wow.  I can't believe a fan took so much time to create this video for "Where I'm At" but I'm glad they did.  This is NASTY!  I think Lloyd Banks should just release this as the official video and throw the kid who made it a few bucks.  Lloyd ends up with a cheap video for a dope song and the kid will get a little pocket change and some well deserved recognition.  Everyone wins. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ras Kass - "The Line" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I never understood why Ras Kass isn't bigger than he is in the Hip Hop game.  The dude is a beast!  He had some label issues back in the day and a couple of albums shelved for no reason other than some label bullshit but he's still got enough skills that you would think that shit wouldn't matter.  Maybe it's because he's a lyrical dude from the West Coast but I really can't put my finger on it.  He's one of the best metaphorical rhymers and has ridiculous punchlines.  Hopefully he can drop a new album to get people's attention because he deserves more recognition than what he gets now. 

Little Kid Kills It Dancing to "Thriller" at Safeco Field (IMPRESSIVE)

This has been making the rounds for the past two weeks and already has over 3 million views so I apologize if you've already seen it but I'm just getting to it now. This little man absolutely destroyed it at Safeco Field dancing to Thriller.

Not only did he throw in the standard moves which everyone can probably do at this point but he also did some nice freestyling which is where he gets the most points in my book. This kid has some serious moves. Well done.

Israeli Hockey Player Scores An Amazing Goal (CRAZY BETWEEN THE LEGS MOVE)

Two things here.  1) I had no idea they knew how to play hockey in Israel, yet alone had an actual league.  That's kind of impressive in it's own right.  2) This is one of the nastiest moves I've ever seen by a hockey player.  It's almost like streetball for hockey or I guess, street hockey?  By the way, this dude's name is Eliezer Sherbatov, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, if this happened on a regular basis in hockey I would certainly be more interested.  I have to admit that the Bruins may have converted me after winning the Stanley Cup this year.  I just can't make fun of hockey like I used to.  I might not watch a ton of regular season games next year but if the NBA locks out for a long period of time as it is rumored, I don't think I will have much of a choice.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sublime with Rome ft. Wiz Khalifa - "Can You Feel It" (NEW ISH)

I was always a big fan of Sublime back in the day because of their dope combination of rock, reggae, ska and even a little bit of Hip Hop.  They were a little ahead of their time because not many bands had started to combine multiple genres like that but they still ended up being pretty huge thanks to hits like "Santeria", "What I Got" and "Wrong Way".

Unfortunately, the lead singer Brad Nowell died of a heroin overdose right before their successful major label debut album Sublime hit stores and they were never able to make another album together again. Luckily, the surviving members have formed a new version of the band with new lead singer Rome Ramirez who has a lot of versatility and a similar style to Nowell.  He's different but still has a similar style that isn't completely jarring when you hear the new version of the band.  It seems to work really well.  I'm sure some of the hardcore Sublime fans will never be able to deal with the change but I think most can get down with this new version of the band. 

This new track "Can You Feel It" featuring Wiz Khalifa off of their new album Yours Truly takes advantage of their popularity in the Hip Hop scene which was a real nice move.  I'll admit that I wouldn't have learned about their new album if it wasn't for the Wiz feature and now I'm downloading the album as we speak. Well played. 

Yours Truly - Sublime With Rome

Yours Truly - Sublime With Rome

Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun - "Monumental" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

OK, so I had no idea this album was even in the works, yet alone already came out. WTF?!?!  How the hell did this awesomeness fall under the radar?  After listening to this track, I immediately downloaded Monumental because I know it's going to be a banger.  I'm a big Pete Rock fan and a big Smif N Wessun fan separately so having them collaborate on one album is very nice.  This might not be for everybody out there but for the older Hip Hop heads or anyone that appreciates that real raw rap, this is definitely an instant purchase.

Here's another dope track off the album called "That's Hard" featuring Styles P and Sean Price.  Dope!

Monumental - Pete Rock & Smif n Wessun
Monumental - Pete Rock & Smif n Wessun

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Asher Roth ft. Quan - "Summertime" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I think he got the title right.  This is a perfect laid back summer joint made for sippin' on some Coronas at a BBQ or something like that.  It's nothing groundbreaking but it's a dope track and at least it's something new from Asher.  I'll take it...

Austin River Ballin' Out in NC Pro Am (ALMOST DUNKS ON SHEED)

Everyone was freaking out yesterday about Austin Rivers' dunk on Rasheed Wallace from the NC Pro Am game the other day but after further review, it's just a nice dunk.  Sheed was in the vicinity but he was by no means dunked on.  Part of the reason why is because Sheed just got out of the way and made no effort to actually play defense but that's another topic all together.  I see that he hasn't changed much.

Anyway, Austin Rivers still ripped it up and was throwing down some sick dunks and dropping bombs from deep like it was nothing.  I think the best dunk was actually the buzzer beating alley oop he threw down off the bounce.  Now that was nice!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DJ Felli Fel ft. Akon, Pitbull, Jermaine Dupri - "Boomerang" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Although this sounds a lot like all of the other club joints out right now, there's something about it that catches my attention which is a good thing.  If your song can stand out from all of the other songs of a similar style then you know you've done your job.  DJ Felli Fel is kind of underrated but he's been making club hits for a minute now.  He can certainly pull in the A list level talent as well.  Not bad...

Chiddy Bang - "I Can't Stop" Freestyle (VIDEO)

WOAH!  This needs to be made into a full track because this is insanely dope!  Chiddy ripped the verse and the beat is ridiculous.  I just found out that the beat is actually the full song by Flux Pavillion of the same name. Shit goes hard, son! Someone already mixed the two tracks to extend the awesomeness:

"I Can't Stop" is off of the Peanut Butter and Swelly Mixtape which I have not listened to yet but will immediately after completing this post.  If it's anything like this track, it should be sick....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne - "Ballin'" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I'm still catching up on work from a long weekend so this is all you are going to get from me today.  Jeezy has been releasing some garbage lately but I'm definitely a fan of "Ballin'".  It's nothing groundbreaking but it gets the job done.  And like one of the dudes said in the comments "Is it me or is this video similar to Above the Rim?????"  Yes, it is.  It's pretty much a straight hijacking of the movie.  Weak...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cee Lo Green ft Wiz Khalifa - "Bright Lights, Bigger City Remix " (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I'm loving this remix of Cee-Lo's Bright Lights, Bigger City" featuring Wiz Khalifa.  This is a perfect mellow track for the summer while you're at a BBQ or relaxing with some beers.  It's not a collabo I would have expected but it works very well.  Wiz's laid back style and flow works perfectly with this song and Cee-Lo's style.  I actually wouldn't mind hearing a few more collabos from these two. 

DJ Steve Porter - "Rome Wasn't Built In One Day"; The Decision Remix (LEBRON GETTING CLOWNED)

I'm loving this new LeBron video from DJ Steve Porter.  It's a nice jab at LeBron a full year after "The Decision".  He calls him out for all of the things that have been said throughout the season and at the very end he shows LeBron completely contradicting himself when he says "No one said this would be easy" and then quickly transitioning into LeBron himself saying "I mean, it'd gonna be easy".  CLASSIC!!! I love it when people call out LeBitch.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Raekwon feat. Nas - "Rich And Black" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

WOAH!!!  I literally got the chills listening to this joint for the first time.  I thought I was listening to an unreleased 90's throwback joint but it turns out this is some new shit from a Raekwon and Nas collabo.  Good lord!  I can't get over how good this sounds.  Rae and Nas were both in the zone on this shit too.  Just laid back and murdering the track. 

You tend to forget what real rap can sound like when you get bombarded with the commercial garbage non-stop on the radio, TV and pretty much everywhere you go.  Unfortunately, you have to go out of your way to seek dope shit like this nowadays. 

Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout (FUNNY OR DIE)

Field of Dreams 2?!?!  Nice!  I think they should make this in to an actual movie.  It can't get much worse than the crap they've been producing in Hollywood lately.  There is some serious star power in here with actors Taylor Lautner, Dennis Haysbert, Ray Liotta and star football players including Tony Gonzalez, Ray Lewis and DeSean Jackson.  This could certainly garner at least $50 million at the box office on the opening weekend just out of curiosity alone. 

And by the way, was anyone else expecting Dennis Haysbert to start talking about All State Insurance during his monologue? That's all I can think about when I hear that dude's voice now. I've had enough of those f'n commercials.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chris Brown ft. SWV - "She Ain't You" Remix (NOT BAD)

You knew it was just a matter of time before this collabo happened.  There is just no way that Chris Brown was going to blatantly jack SWV's "Right Here" and not add them to the mix.  Of course, SWV's version was a direct sampling of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" but it had enough of it's own flavor that it didn't even make me mad.  "Right Here" is definitely one of the best R&B tracks from the 90's and it takes me back to the good old days when there were a ton of good R&B groups and artists.  They just don't make them like they used to.

I was considering doing a mashup of all three but I should have known that someone would beat me to it.  DJ Siddall did a nice mix of all three.

And while we're here, I might has well hit you off with the originals, with a bonus of Nas' "It Ain't Hard to Tell" which also samples MJ's "Human Nature"


SoBe Staring Contest with the Smokin' Kate Upton (AND HER CHEST)

This contest was unfair from the get go.  Kate Upton is F'n SMOKIN'!!!  I don't know how that dude even lasted for 10 seconds (that's what she said?).  I would have instantly looked down at those bombs and lost my mind. 

And forget the contest.  I'd be trying to kick game immediately since there was only a small window of opportunity to talk to her 1 on 1.  You gotta take a chance, right?!?!? 

Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of the video which is equally as titillating.  She might be my new favorite hot chick...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mann ft. Snoop Dogg & Iyaz - "The Mack" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I'm still not sure how I feel about Mann's remake of Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack" but I think I'm starting to come around on it.  The original is one of my favorite R&B tracks EVER and it's tough to hear a new version but I guess it could be worse.  At least Mann gained some credibility by getting Snoop to appear on the track but I think it would have been even better if he got Mark Morrison to do the hook instead of Iyaz.  Maybe we'll get a remix with Mr. Morrison?  Now that would be kind of cool. 

Here is the original "Return of the Mack" to help you reminisce about the good old days of the mid 90's.  This is my SHIT!!! 

Curren$y - "Smoke Break" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Dope track.  Dope video.  What more can you say?  Oh yeah.  That shit's DOPE!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rufus Blaq - Electric Pretty the Mixtape w/ "6 Foot Pretty" (HOT)

 It's nice to hear some new music from Rufus Blaq.  I always thought he should be more well known in the Hip Hop game than he is. The problem is that he came out when the Hip Hop game was saturated with a ton of talent back in the mid/late 90's so it was really tough to stand out.  He still ended up working with a ton of big names in the game but for some reason he kind of faded to the background and focused more on writing and producing.  I think he was just a little ahead of his time and if he were to come out as a new artist now, he would really catch peoples attention because of his ability to sing, rap, write and produce.  Dude has some serious talent.

He recently decided to get back into the game from the artist side of things and has created a ton of new music. He even hooked up with my man Anonimus aka Nom for a few tracks (see Track 12) and they are also linking up for a new mixtape/album as the group Area 51.  There will be more on that in the near future but for now, enjoy Rufus' new mixtape Electric Pretty.  It's definitely some hot shit.

Here is a video for one of the tracks "6 Foot Pretty" which uses the instrumental from Lil Wayne's "6 Foot 7 Foot"

Big Sean Ft. Roscoe Dash & Kanye West - "Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay" (NEW ISH)

Wow!  Now that's how you end the week off right.  This is some shit right here!  I wasn't sure what to expect with the strange title of "Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay" but I knew it must have some potential if Kanye was on it. They definitely did not disappoint with this one.

It's about time we got some legitimately original music that doesn't sound like all of the other crap out there right now.  On top of that, it features three artists on completely different levels in their careers that actually mesh together perfectly which is something that seems like it would be difficult to do. 

Big Sean is already blowing up and is the next big thing in Hip Hop.  Kanye is at the top of the mountain along with a few other select artists in the game. Roscoe Dash is just starting out but already seems like he is the new hook master and on his way to making it into the mainstream Hip Hop consciousness.  Maybe I'm a little too excited but this is one of the best new songs I've heard in a long time.  Dopeness 3X. 

Drake - "Marvins Room" Official Video; Plus Affion Crockett Spoof (DECENT)

Yikes.  I'm not sure where Drake was going with this one.  This is obviously for the ladies but it kind of comes off corny.  I think this dude's "reign at the top will be short like leprechauns" to quote the late great B.I.G. I just think his style is kind of played out and people are starting to see that he really can't sing even though he insists on doing it more and more.  I think he should stick to rhymin' since he's actually decent at that.  I can still get down with his music but I'm just getting a little sick of him.  Take some time off bro.  I think it would help.

Affion Crockett is already ripping on him in this spoof called Marvin's Room 2.  Classic.

Jimmer Fredette's Brother T.J. Is a Rapper? Performance at Dyckman Park Plus Bonus Videos (CONFUSED)

So I guess Jimmer Fredette's brother T.J. is an aspiring rapper?  How the hell am I just hearing about this now?  I am so out of the loop!  I was expecting him to be horrible but he's actually not that bad.  But at the same time, he's not that good either.  If he wasn't Jimmer's brother, he'd probably have about 250 views on each of his videos because he sounds just like anyone else trying to rap but obviously having a famous brother is helping his cause.  I can't hate though.  You gotta take advantage of connections like that.

TJ actually has a ton of videos out there on YouTube so this isn't really a new thing.  It seems like he's been at this rap thing for awhile now so I can respect that.  Although some of his older stuff is garbage, he is definitely getting better.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  His song "Amazing" actually got some traction last year and he was even featured on ESPN during March Madness.

He's not afraid to perform live though, that's for sure.  There are like 10 vids of him performing at halftime of his brother's college games.  Maybe he will keep doing that in Sacramento next season, if they even end up playing. He could be like the Kings traveling team rapper or something.  Who knows.  I'm still confused about this whole thing.  I just never saw this coming...

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