Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 Year Old Parkour Athlete Robbie Griffith (NICE)

This kid is pretty nasty doing this Parkour thing. It might be a little easier for him to bounce around because he is lighter and smaller so he can fit in weird places an adult may not but he still has to be pretty strong and athletic to pull some of these moves off. Impressive! All I can think of when I see a Parkour clip these days is that episode from 'The Office' though. Funny shit!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Claus Hits His Beard on the Rim (OUCH)

I'm glad someone posted this on YouTube because I saw it quickly during the Rockets vs. Bulls game last night and didn't know if anyone else caught one of the Santa's drilling his face against the rim during the dunk routine at halftime or a timeout. That dude must have been hurting when he got back to the locker room. He either got cut up on the rim or lost a few teeth or something. That didn't look fun!

Blake Griffin's Sick Christmas Day Dunks vs. Nuggets (NASTY)

I only caught the first few minutes of this game last night before I passed out from a long Christmas Day so I'm kind of pissed I missed this nasty dunk from Mr. Griffin. He certainly didn't disappoint for anyone that stayed up late enough on the East Coast. He also had this nice alley oop from Chris Paul on the break. Dude is ridiculous.

The 12 Dunks of Christmas Plus Santa Throwing Down (COOL)

I might be a day late but you can never get enough dunks, especially when they are Christmas themed. I hate the "12 Days of Christmas" song but this one didn't irritate me as much for some reason. This was a nice treat from streetballer "Special FX". He also had this sick dunk over a bunch of kids dressed in Santa. Nice.

Friday, December 21, 2012

5th Grader Julian "Handles" Newman Starts for Varsity Basketball Team (CRAZY)

I thought this might just be a gimmick at first but after watching the video, it's apparent the kid can play. He's only 4'5" but he is quick as hell, can shoot and even get to the hoop and finish or dish to a teammate. He has the potential to be a really good player if he gets some height with age and also continues to develop as a true PG. He scored 17 pts. in his first Varsity game and also had another game where he had 14 points, 8 assists and 3 steals. That's insane!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gerald Green's "Video Game Dunk" vs. Jazz (DAMN!)

I love that my boy Gerald Green is getting some decent playing time this year so we can get a few gems like this dunk last night against the Jazz. Dude is one of the best dunkers and jumpers in the league by far and he's also starting to get a jumper and play some D so he should stay in the league for good. He disappeared for a few but got his head straight and no all of us dunk fans are very happy once again. So nasty! Here are the top plays from last night's NBA games as well. Russell Westbrook had a nice hammer ham as well...

Blake Griffin's Off the Glass Alley Oop vs. Pistons (NICE)

This wasn't the craziest Blake Griffin dunk by any means but it was still nice enough to post. I think we are due for an insane BG dunk in the next few weeks. The Clippers are playing on Christmas Day (aka night) so maybe he'll break out some crazy shit as a nice gift to all NBA fans.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bobcat Gerald Henderson Dunks on Dwight Howard (DAMN!)

Oh shit!!! Hide ya kids, hide ya wife! That was disgusting! I had no idea Gerald Henderson had hops like that. I think he got a little help on the push off and his momentum gave him an extra boost but it was still nasty. It looked like he was jumping off a trampoline like SlamBall! So sick. He was channeling his inner Blake Griffin on that one...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Key & Peele: Dueling Hats (FUNNY)

I don't watch Key & Peele as much as I should because it looks hysterical. My boy sent me over a few clips on YouTube today that were pretty damn funny. This was one of my favorites. So random but kind of true.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

UDM's Doug Anderson Throws Down a Sick Half Court Alley Oop (WITH AUTHORITY!)

I have never heard of University of Detroit Mercy’s Doug Anderson until now but dude is officially on my sick dunker radar. This play took place Monday night against Alabama State so I can imagine about 30 people saw it live. I might have to put UDM's schedule on my fridge though so I can check a few of their games the rest of the season. Teammate Ray McCallum Jr. should get some credit too for a sick pass from about 60 feet or a little before the half court line. That's not an easy pass by any means. Shit was right on the money. Throw it down big fella!!!

T.I. ft. Cee-Lo Green - 'Hello' (SMOOTH)

Here's another dope new track from T.I. from the upcoming Trouble Man album.  From what I've heard so far, this is going to be another killer album from T.I. that could be similar to some of his past classics.  I also liked hearing Cee-Lo on a real Hip Hop track since it's been awhile.  His voice is made for this type of smooth joint...

Amir Johnson's Bizarre Ejection During Raptors/Blazers Game (STRANGE)

Either Amir Johnson is a little crazier than I thought or NBA ref David Jones was making some bad calls or bating him all game long in order to get a reaction like that.  Dude lost his mind and chucked his mouth guard at the ref in one of the more bizarre ejections you will see. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

DMX sings Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (AWESOME)

This is one of the best videos I've seen in awhile.  I had no idea what to expect but DMX killed it with his rendition of Rudolph.  He even went in with the table drums and shit!  HA HA.  You gotta love this dude!  He's tapped but he's entertaining as hell. 

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