Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brooklyn Nets/Boston Celtics Fight - Rondo vs. Humphries (SCRAPPY DOO)

I'm not sure it was necessary for Rondo to instigate this fight considering he had nothing to do with the original hard foul but I like his willingness to stick up for his teammate and go up against a big guy.  I was at this game last night and it was the one thing that didn't make it a completely horrible game, considering the C's played like garbage and got crushed.

I thought Rondo getting ejected would fire up the team but it didn't really do much, unfortunately.  The crowd did get pretty into it though and started a "Let's Go Celtics" chant like the old Garden whenever there was a fight so that was kind of cool. 

It sucks that Rondo's assist streak was ended on something dumb like this but I think it was time.  There was too much attention and pressure being put on a meaningless record.  The C's need to start winning some games instead.  They have looked like shit for most of the season and need to get going.   

Harrison Barnes' Sick Dunk Against the TWolves from 5 Angles (NASTY)

That's what's up!  This has to be one of the best dunks of the young season so far.  It just keeps getting better from every angle.  NASTY!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

50 Cent ft. Eminem & Adam Levine - 'My Life' (NICE)

Woah!  I was not expecting a new 50 and Em collabo but I'm glad they got together again because this track is sick.  It sounds like 50 stepped his game up a lot after dropping a ton of lackluster songs and albums over the past few years.  It sounds like he is motivated to rap again, finally.  It's nice to hear that Em is still rapping with some fire too. He's in a nice zone and I hope he stays there.  Dope track!

T.I. Ft Andre 3000 - 'Sorry' (DOPE)

New shit from T.I. and Andre 3000!  Sick collabo and the beat and hook are on point.  Both of them brought the heat too.  Solid. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

BassBuds 2012 Classic Collection Headphones (REVIEW)

Before I get to the review, I thought I'd hit you off with the good stuff first. BassBuds has allowed me to offer a $30 discount off the price of their classic and fashion collections for the holiday season! 

This is an unbelievable savings off of the already affordable price of $85 so take advantage of this while it lasts. I've tried almost every headphone and earphone on the market and these compete with or beats almost all of them.  $55 for such a high quality product is an absolute steal!

Here's what you need to do to get the discount.  Visit their site:

Enter the following Discount Code at checkout to receive $30.00 off:
Discount Code: BB59783

You already know that I'm a big fan of the BassBuds brand earphones so you already have my endorsement but if you'd like some more detailed information on the product, check out my review below.

I consider myself a headphone connoisseur since I am constantly reading reviews on the latest and greatest styles and I also buy at least 2 or 3 pairs a year.  I think it's the DJ in me that is always in pursuit of that perfect sound which combines clear highs, solid mids and deep bass.  I very rarely find a headphone that lives up to my high standard and almost never find an in-ear style headphone that keeps me interested for more than a few minutes.

I received the BassBuds Classic Platinum Style earphones (above) to review a few days ago.  They are very slick looking with the light grey wiring and platinum colored earbuds.  The Swarovski Crystal elements also bring a funkiness you won't find on any other brand. 

I actually appreciated the uniqueness after a few days, especially when I got some looks on the street and a few people even complimented me on their look.  I think everyone is so sick of seeing the same Beats by Dre or Apple phones that they appreciate something new and funky.  If you want subtle, these might not be for you.  The crystal Swarovski elements won't exactly allow you to stay incognito but if you can handle the brightness and a few weird looks then these might be for you. 

One of the best features that will probably go unnoticed by most is the anti-tangling wiring.  This is much harder to find on high end headphones than you would think.  Most companies still cheap out on the wiring and go with the rubber style that gets into a tangled mess way too easily and usually break down before the headphones run their lifespan.  You can tell these will last a long time and won't be an issue for a long time.  It's a thicker quality that you can feel and see. 

I had a little trouble with the original earbuds that were connected since they kept falling out which was a little bit annoying.  This also wasn't helping with the sound quality but when I pushed them all the way in it made a huge difference.  I don't know if I have weird shaped ear canals but I always find it difficult to keep earphones in my ear without constantly pushing them in our by buying a third party insert or foam piece that keeps them more in place.  Luckily, they included a variety of options and sizes for me to choose from and I ended up with Large foam earbuds which fit snugly in my ear and also increased the noise isolation and bass. 

I loved having all of these accessories included right out of the box.  That is a great extra value right there that I wish more companies would pay attention to this small detail.  I think a lot of people might give up on or return some decent quality earphones because the standard size they receive doesn't fit our sound good so you really need a few different options.  Every ear is different and BassBuds understands that!  

I was thoroughly impressed after listening to just a few different songs.  I'm big on bass heavy music such as Hip Hop, Electro and House so it was nice to see that these could keep up with those genres without a hiccup.  I turned up the volume to test their limits and there really wasn't a level that they couldn't handle.  It got to the point where my ears couldn't handle the volume but the sound was still crystal clear and there was no distorted bass which is one of the few headphones I've ever tested that could handle that.  As BassBuds puts it on their site: "experience superior sound quality of  High Definition crystal clear Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology."   Sounds dope to me!  Literally and figuratively. 

BassBuds are fully compatible with all smartphones and have an in-line MP3 controller to change songs without having to reach for your phone.  It also includes a high quality microphone and you can answer calls with just the click of the controller.  Very solid feature! 

BassBuds is a UK based company so they are making their mark on the other side of the pond currently but you can order and ship to the US through their website

The price for the units I tested is about $85 after the exchange rate.  That is a solid price based on what I've seen and heard.  I would expect these BassBuds to go for $150 or more when compared to similar quality units.  I fully expect BassBuds to make an impact in the US very soon and I expect them to take some market share from some of the other companies that have been selling too many overpriced, lower quality headphones.  They will need to step up their quality once people get their first listen of BassBuds headphones and realize they can get high quality sound at a competitive price. 

BassBuds Features
  • Intergrated Microphone with Call/MP3 Controller

  • Answer/End Call Control

  • Play/ Pause your MP3 Player

  • Skip Forwards and Backwards  through your music

  • Activate voice control commands.

  • Compatible with all Smart Phones

  • Crystal-clear HD audio via the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology


  • Precision-cut, high quality, light-weight and balanced aluminium housing

  • Anti-Tangle, durable, double-wrapped cable

  • FREE Stylish and Protective Storage Bag

  • FREE Black, White and Memory Foam Earbuds in 3 sizes

  • Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity

  • One of the largest earphone colour ranges in the world!

  • Choose from our Classics Collection or 2012 Fashion Collection
  • Ultra distortion-free bass and crisp treble

  • Noise Isolation: Immerse in the music

  • 9mm Dynamic Speakers with Neodynium Magnet

  • Earphone Housing is made with high grade aluminium

  • Sound waves emitted in the sound chamber are specifically tuned and
    directed towards the front chamber housing entering the ear canal with
    optimal bass and balance in treble

  • Speaker diaphragm is composed of PET materials and the diaphragm
    patterns are uniquely designed to maximize the performance of the micro
    speaker with minimal distortion

  • Micro Filter for extra audio purity

  • Wide Frequency Response

Visit their site:

Enter the following Discount Code at checkout to receive $30.00 off:
Discount Code: BB59783

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grinnell College's Jack Taylor Scores 138 Points in Win (WTF?!?!)

This is crazy!  I still can't wrap my head around this performance.  Jack Taylor of Division III Grinnell College scored 138 points in a single game against Faith Baptist last night which is absolute insanity.  He also took 108 shots and 71 three pointers in order to get there which is equally insane.  I didn't think it was possible to take that many shots in a game by a team, yet alone one person but I guess anything is possible.

Last year, on almost the exact same day, Taylor's Grinnell College teammate Griffin Lentsch shattered the Division III scoring record with 89 points.  Taylor just crushed that by 59 points!  No one is touching that anytime soon. Wow!!!

The craziest part about this game in my opinion isn't even getting that much attention due to Taylor's performance.  Even though they lost the game, Faith Baptist's David Larson had a ridiculous 70 points on 34 of 44 shots.  That is almost more impressive in my eyes.  Larson was way more efficient and took almost a third less shots to get close to half as many points.  No matter how you look at it, this was a historic performance to say the least.  RIDICULOUS!

Sam Gordon's Pee Wee Football Highlights (LITTLE GIRL OWNING THE BOYS)

This little girl Sam Gordon is NASTY!  Not only does she play with the boys and hold her own like some other girls but she is also running circles around them and making them look dumb.  She can't be stopped!

Her breakaway speed is untouchable and her juke moves and ability to see the holes are unreal.  Her stats are also ridiculous.  She must be scoring almost every time she touches the ball!  So sick!

232 carries
1,911 yards
8.2 yards per carry
35 touchdowns

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Terrence Jones Posterizes Jodie Meeks (NASTY)

That might have been a charge but I'm glad the refs made it a no call because Meeks seemed like he slid underneath Jones as he was already taking off.  It could have also been an And 1 but they let them play.  NASTY!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jeff Teague Posterizes Kevin Durant (DAMN!)

I knew Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks was fast and athletic since he is one of the few PG's in the league that can keep up with Rondo but I forgot he also has some impressive hops.  He just made Durant look dumb on that dunk.  Sick!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nas ft. Amy Winehouse - "Cherry Wine" (DOPE)

This is some dope shit right here!  I'm loving all of the new Nas joints from the Life is Good album.  Dude has found his wheelhouse again with the jazz type samples that remind me of Illmatic.  Grown folk Hip Hop.  I need to go back and give this album another listen because I definitely haven't had it on rotation enough.  I'm slacking...

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