Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sam Cassell Re-Signs with Celtics and Brings Spaceship With Him

"The Sam Cassell Project" is officially coming back to Boston this season for another run at the title.  I really didn't think he would be playing for the Celtics again after last year's debacle.  He's also like 49 years old and should  be playing in the local YMCA men's league instead of the World Champion Boston Celtics.

He did well at times last season and hit the occasional big shot but he was an unnecessary signing and actually hurt the C's in some crucial moments.  The C's had already re-signed House a few months back which already gave us three potential PG's with Pruitt and Rondo.  It's getting awfully crowded at PG again with Cassell back in the mix.  House is more of a 2 guard but he gets the job done at PG when needed and definitely makes me feel more comfortable because he gets rid of the ball quickly to start the offense, unlike our boy, ET.  Having Cassell back also seems counterproductive to Pruitt's development since he could use some serious PT this season.  The Celtics need to know whether or not he is worth keeping for the future and this is not going to help. 

I guess I don't mind this move if he plays limited minutes and is used as an insurance policy for any injuries to Rondo/House but it still seems strange to me.  He brings the game to a grinding halt when he subs in and completely F's up the flow of the offense because of the lack of ball movement or the terrible bricks he throws up on a fade away with 2 guys in his grill.  If he can get rid of the ball and just shoot open jumpers maybe this can still work out. 

I've heard that he eventually wants to get into coaching so maybe he talked the C's into letting him stay on the squad as a pseudo player/coach.  I'm not sure I could see him being too happy on the bench most of the time but maybe he is starting to realize that he is very close to the end of his career and it's time to open up some new doors.  At least he will keep the season interesting and maybe we can get some more sweet alien Photoshop pics like these:

Luck of The Irish - Shaq Vitamin Water Ad Outtakes

I thought this was a pretty funny "outtake" from the Vitamin Water Ad but then I realized that Shaq has nothing to be jealous about.  He's probably packin' some heat the size of these two midget jockeys anyway.  I feel sorry for his wife.  This reminded me of Katt Williams talking about how much it sucks being short and standing next to Shaq (1:06 Minute Mark):

More Shaq smack:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kanye's "Alligator Boots" Preview - "Girl With A Baby in the Club"

Kanye West is teaming up with either MTV or Comedy Central (both have been reported) to produce a new "Hip Hop meets the Muppets" show tentatively called Alligator Boots.  This clip gives you an idea of where they are going with the show and it's basically Crank Yankers with a hip hop twist. 

I think this has some potential since it's something that hasn't really been done yet.  As we've seen with adult themed cartoons, you can be over the top and politically incorrect without any major repercussions.  I think there is plenty of stupid ish to make fun of in Hip Hop these days, so they shouldn't have trouble coming up with show ideas.  I just hope it doesn't get corny and they hire enough funny writers to make it interesting week after week. 

"The Dark Bailout"

If you are having trouble deciphering what this bailout thing is all about, don't worry, you're not alone.  I've been paying attention to all of the madness since the beginning of the bailout talks and I am still having trouble figuring out how the hell we got to this point without anyone noticing or doing a damn thing about it.  Now we all have to pay even more taxes to bailout ignorant and exremely rich CEO's of  humongous investment banks because they were careless and downright criminal with how they ran their business.  Gotham, aka the US, is definitely at a dark time in it's history and needs to be saved soon.  I'm not going to pretend to understand everything but this video sums it up pretty nicely.

Joker: "Give me a call when you want to start to take things a little more seriously."

Little Britain USA Is F'n Hysterical!

If you have HBO and have any sense of humor whatsoever, I impore you to watch the new comedy "Little Britain USA".  I wasn't sure what to expect since British humor is usually boring, unfunny and overrated (see Monty Python) but I figured I would give this show a chance since I had heard good things about it.  This is the American spinoff of the hit BBC show "Little Britain" and although most spinoffs are usually pale in comparison to the original, this one does not disappoint. 

It's very crude and obnoxious humor but it will totally work in this day and age of Jackass, Family Guy and SuperBad.  No one can get away with anything edgy on regular TV these days because of the FCC but HBO and cable in general has been the place to go for producers/creators looking to take comedy to the next level.  I was laughing hard at almost every short skit which is tough to do at 10:30 on a Sunday when you are partially brain dead and still hungover from Sunday football and a long Saturday night.  I highly recommend hitting this up OnDemand as soon as possible.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Poppin' and Lockin' with Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

I was digging through some of my favorite YouTube videos today and I came across this unbelievable clip from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.  I used to love this show when I was a kid but I have to admit, Mr. Rogers is a little creepier than I remembered.

Regardless, I think he was a good dude deep down and he always gave you some knowledge at the end of the day.  He was a huge influence on almost every kid growing up in the 70's and 80's and it was probably one of the greatest children shows of all time.  I used to love it when they went through the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe" and would drive around on the train making stops along the way and talking to all the peeps in the hood. 

Who would have thought that Mr. R was down with Hip Hop before it even became the commercial phenomenon that is today.  This clip can't be from anything later than '83-'84 which was still way ahead of the curve in the acceptance of the music and culture.  He even breaks it down with a few dance moves after Jermaine teaches him how to do some "wavin'".  R.I.P., homey!!!

Random iPod Track of the Week - Geto Boys "Mind Playing Tricks On Me"


"Mind Playing Tricks On Me" by the Geto Boys has to be one of the most unlikely rap crossover hits of all time.  It was number one on the Hot Rap Singles charts and was certified Gold.  When it was first released back in 1991, rap was still fairly underground and most commercial hits were very poppy, uptempo or non-threatening (aka MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, etc.).  This song was a lot more serious in content and spoke about paranoia and depression from a stressful life in the hood.  Not many songs ever had this vibe since rap is usually bragging about what you've got and not showing any mental or physical weakness. 

Scarface, Bushwick Bill and Willie D all have their own very unique styles but they do a great job of painting a picture and taking you into the "mind of a mad man".  The video goes perfectly with the lyrics and helps you follow the story clearly.  This is by far one of my favorite old school tracks of the 90's and still holds up to this day.  Classic!

I found this related video by accident and I'm so glad I did.  It's freakin' hysterical!  Watch the real video first and then check out this parody using Sesame Street characters.  I almost lost my ish when I saw Bert is creeping through the bushes after Scarface says "Its somebody watchin the ak; But I dont know who it is, so Im watchin my back".  How do people come up with some of this shit?  So good!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Notorious" - The Life and Death Story of the Notorious B.I.G. - Movie Trailer

Oh shit!  I just got the chills watching this preview.  Click here for a larger HD version of the trailer.  It is scheduled to be released January 16th, 2009.  Check the movie's IMDB page for more info.

I can't wait for this movie to come out!  I just hope they don't F it up and make it too cheesy or have garbage actors.  They better get the "characters" down pat or people will get pissed.  People LOVE Biggie so you gotta get it right.  Angela Bassett is playing "Voletta Wallace" (Biggie's Mom), so that is a very good sign.

I'm sure I will be updating the site with more trailers and info about the movie as I find it. 

Diesel - SFW XXX Ad (Classic!)

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos

Don't worry, this is actually Safe For Work even though it's labeled XXX and involves porn clips.  Seriously, just trust me on this.  You'd be surprised how far you can go with some strategically placed animation and random objects.  It still might be a good idea to watch it when no one is near your computer, however.  It's still fairly racy and some douchebag at your office with zero sense of humor could find a way to be offended by this.  God I hate those people.  Freakin' Nerds!

This has to be one of the funniest and most creative ads/videos I have seen in a long time.  I was laughing my ass off when I first watched this and it keeps getting better with each extra viewing.  My two favorite snippets are the chick scratchin' the turntables and the other girl dribbling a basketball "behind her back".  Fantastic work. 

This was created to celebrate Diesel's 30th anniversary bash.  They've got balls for putting this together but I think they got their money's worth.  This thing will be forwarded around the internet approximately a billion times in the next week. 

Anonimus - "Top Down" Bootleg Video

I was listening to some tracks from my boy Anonimus last night and realized we didn't have anything up on YouTube for "Top Down".  This is one of his best uptempo, radio style tracks and I don't think enough people have heard it yet so I had to throw up a

bootleg video.

The beat is catchy as hell with the Piano loop from Coldplay's "Clocks" and the hook is perfect for this breezy, head nodding track.  You can just picture yourself driving down the highway with your "Top Down" on the drop top Benz. 

Yo Nom, we gotta shoot a video for this soon!  This track is FIRE!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Cool Kids - "Delivery Man" (Official Video)

This is the official video for The Cool Kids new track "Delivery Man".  I like this alot.  I heard it a couple of weeks ago and it caught my ear immediately with that organ loop and real drum kicks.  I like what these guys are doing because it's always original and they just keep doing their own thing.  They are setting trends by not following any trends.  I'm definitely fired up for that new album "When Fish Ride Bicycles".  WTF does that mean anyway?  I don't even care.  I'm coppin' that as soon as it drops.


Nike Air Penny 2 Retro (Available September 27th)


I am absolutely loving some of the retro basketball shoes that Nike has been dropping over the past few months.  First it was the Air Flight Lites from my middle school days and now it's the Air Penny 2 from '96/'97 and high school.  Man, I am getting old.  WTF!

These kicks are absolute fire and are perfect ballin' shoes.  They might be a little funky to wear out around town but these days you can pretty much pull off anything.  These are subtle compared to some of the crazy colorways I've seen people rockin' with dunks, retros, etc.  The Air Penny 2's are almost as fly as the Air Penny 1's (below) and both are ultra classics if you are a basketball fan.  I need to try and cop at least one pair before they are gone very soon.  Although they were originally slated to drop in Novemeber, I've heard that they are available in stores now for a retail price of $140 and are officially in your local Foot Locker on September 27th.

A lot of the young'ns out there probably don't remember or know much about Penny Hardaway but he was one of the best in the L for at least 3 or 4 years before he started getting injured.  Along with Shaq, he helped lead the young Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals in his second year during the 94-95 season.  Had he not been injured, he might have ended up being one of the best and most well known players in the league today.  He almost made it back last year with the Miami Heat but unfortunately they did not sign him and he ended up retiring for good.

His shoe game was always on point and the Air Penny was always one of the more innovative and forward thinking basketball sneakers each year it was released.  They had a unique style as you can see but they also brought some new technology to the game with the introduction of the Zoom Air cushioning system and the Foamposite lightweight exterior.  They are all right up there as some of my all time favorite kicks.


Penny also used to have some classic commercials with his sidekick, Lil' Penny.  Chris Rock played the voice and absolutely killed it each time.  Be on the look out for a young and smokin' Tyra Banks!  Here are some of my favorites and I'm sure that I probably missed a few:

Air Penny 1 Commercial

Air Penny 2 Commercial

Lil Penny Pool Party

Air Penny 3 Commercial

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LMFAO ft. Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Electro Remix)

This is a dope remix of Kanye's new track "Love Lockdown" by LMFAO.  Even if you don't like electronic music, you can still probably appreciate this uptempo remix.  I like it better than the original except for the added vocals/lyrics by LMFAO.  You can barely tell it's not Kanye because of the vocoder and similar pitch so it doesn't really sound bad.  All in all, this is a hot track.  

Click here for the FREE DOWNLOAD while it lasts.

Peep there MySpace page for more songs and tour dates:  http://www.myspace.com/lmfaouno

Monday, September 22, 2008

Air Jordan XX3 Motorsports Edition

These new Jordan Motorsports Edition XX3's are pretty hot but not as dope as the AJ IV's in the same colorway (below) in my opinion.  Man, who am I kidding?  Anything related Jordan Motorsports is dope as shit!  Yes you read that correctly, Michael Jordan has taken his brand to the race track and sponsors his own motorsport team.  No one is gonna look as fresh as these dudes zooming around the track!  

Did you see how the bike's gas tank looks like the stitching design on the side of the XX3's?  WTF?!?  Ridiculous! 

Check out some of these pics of the garage, gear and bikes.  INSANE!!!
The Air Jordan XX3 (23) Motorsports Edition will officially release at select stores starting Nov. 28th for a retail price of $185.

Boston Celtics Visit the White House

The Celtics hit up the White House on Friday afternoon to meet with President Bush and take a tour of the White House.  Nothing too out of the ordinary happened but the Celtics did announce that they were donating $100K to the victims of Hurricane Ike which was a nice gesture.

As you can see above, the C's gave President Bush a jersey with his name on the back but it was Kendrick Perkins number 43 as opposed to the typical #1 as most teams hand out to the Prez.  I thought that was a little strange but I guess it's cool.  Getting a real players jersey would probably be better than owning all of the same numbers.  We all know this dude is definitely not considered #1 at this point in his career as El Presidente so why not represent it appropriately?  Let's just say he scammed his team into signing him for one more contract late in his career and we couldn't cut him to sign another player.

I also found a link over at RepCodes.com in regards to these New Era hats below with the old school Celtics script logo.  Remember these!  I was actually cleaning out an old box of hats and found the original of this!  I might have to start rockin' it again but I like the idea of a clean new fitted as well.

Juelz Santana Presents Skull Gang - Takeover Mixtape (Download)


It's about time Juelz Santana dropped some new heat!  I've been waiting for something fresh for a long time now.  He's been keeping a low profile ever since Cam'Ron sold his contract to Def Jam for $2 million.  

Dude has to be one of the more underrated rappers of the past 10 years.  I'm convinced that if he hadn't been part of the Dipset roster, he would be a much bigger name in the rap game right now.  He's still well known and has had a few hit singles but he hasn't quite reached that star status that he probably deserves.  Lil Wayne and Juelz were on par with each other for most of their careers until Wayne's recent push to star status.  I think Juelz can do the same with some hard work and linking up with the right people.  If the collaborative album between the two called "I Can't Feel My Face" ever comes out, I think he will be at the top soon after.  There's already been a "I Can't Feel My Face the Prequel" mixtape to start it off and keep the possibility of a real album alive. 

Peep the video below for a quick preview into the Takeover mixtape.  From what I've heard so far, it's definitely hot. 

Click Here for FREE DOWNLOAD

1. Intro - Takeover (Juelz & Starr)
2.” Aggy” (Juelz, UnKasa, Richmond Rabb)
3.” Drama Fold” (Juelz, John Depp & Richmond Rabb)
4.” Touch Me Tease Me” (Juelz, Starr,UnKasa, Rabb, & John Depp)
5.” B4″ ( Juelz & John Depp)
6.” Problems”(Juelz, Rabb feat. Lil’ Wayne)
7. “Johnny Jerajian”- Skit
8. “Don’t want you back” (Juelz, John Depp, & Rabb)
9. “Fire” (Juelz, UnKasa & Rabb)
10. “Here we are” (Juelz, Rabb, John Depp, Riq, & Tobb Cobain)
11. “Relax” (Juelz, UnKasa, John Depp & Rabb)
12. “What you reppin”(SKULL GANG)- (Juelz, John Depp, UnKasa, Rabb & Starr)
13.” Body like a Maserati”( Juelz, Rabb, John Depp, Starr & UnKasa)
14. “Who said that”-skit
15. “Peepin my Swag” (Juelz, John Depp, Rabb, UnKasa, Riq, Deniro & Mo’ Betta)
16.”Dropping some shit” ( Juelz, UnKasa, Rabb & Deniro)
17. “Shawty dirtbike”-skit
18.”Taking over your radio” (Juelz, John Depp, UnKasa& Deniro)
19. “Birds flying in” (Juelz, Rabb feat. Jim Jones)
20. “You gotta give me some” (Juelz, Unkasa, John Depp, Rabb & Deniro)
21. Outro - “Make it Rain” (Starr & Juelz)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Patriots (17) vs. Dolphins (6) Week 3 Madden 09 Prediction

Here's my prediction for the Patriots in Week 3 versus the Miami Dolphins using Madden 09 on the XBox 360. This was a pretty low scoring game which I could see happening with Cassell at QB but at the same time, the Dolphins suck!  They should be scoring a hell of a lot more points than that.  I have to admit the Dolphins have looked fairly solid the past two weeks with Chad Pennington at QB which no one really expected.  They had a chance to beat Brett Favre and the Jets in Week 1 but gave it away at the end. The Pats definitely can't take this one for granted as the Dolphins are out for blood.  Joey Porter isalready  talking smack, as usual.  Luckily, Cassel isn't letting it get to him.  

Let's hope he puts in a game this week like he performed in the simulation.  He was 22 for 36, threw for 260 yards and had TD passes.  Not bad.  I will take half of that and be happy with it as long as the Pats can pull off the win.

Random iPod Track of the Week - Ice Cube "Check Yo Self"

I decided this morning that I am going to put up a random old school joint every week based on something I heard on my iPod on the drive to work. I have like 10,000 songs on that damn thing, so I get some really random ish on shuffle but occasionally I will get a gem like this one.

This has to be one of Ice Cube's best videos other than "It Was a Good Day". This also might be one of the best opening lines to a rap song ever:

"You betta check yo self for you wreck yo self
Cause Im bad for your health
I come real stealth
Droppin bombs on ya moms, f$*k car alarms"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Baseball Drinking Game Part 2 - The Cup Stack

I thought the first baseball drinking game was pretty sweet but this is money right here!  It's almost like a human version of Jenga.  Drink a lot of beers for the first 7 innings so you have some game pieces and then just find a passed out drunken fan to use as your game board.  So this is what happens at Mets game at Shea Stadium.  And you already thought New Yorkers were A-Holes...

I thought the guy who stacked the cups on top of each other and then added a half filled cup of beer to the mix was the MVP of the night.  That's impressive right there!  This is about 10 minutes long but well worth it.

Matt Cassel Is A Joker But We Love It

I saw one of these Karaoke videos of Matt Cassel this past weekend in a pregame show but I didn't realize how many were available on YouTube.  I heard he likes to joke around and keep the team loose so I can only imagine some of the things he has pulled off in practice.  Although the singing is fantastic, I am a huge fan of the "Bat Dance below.  That's a classic!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Air Jordan 6 (Six) Rings - Black / White / Red - Laser

I'm still not completely sold on the Air Jordan 6 Rings hybrid joints but I am feeling this colorway and style a little more than the others I've seen recently.  I like the combination of the actual Jordans (below) that the 6 Rings encompasses but I feel like they chose the wrong features from some, such as the AJ XIII outsole which looks a little chunky for this combo.  Even though the laser version above is a little outrageous, I still think they are fairly solid overall.  I'm not sure I would be wearing these in public too often but I would definitely cop them to add to the collection and for fututre resale.   

Here's a quick breakdown of the AJ 6 Rings from KicksonFire.com:
"Like the original colorway, this particular pair also features a black / white / red color scheme but this time with laser print across most of the upper. The rest of the shoe features a black patent leather design along with a white midsole and red outsole. No word yet on a specific release date but we’ll keep you guys notified.
In case you didn’t know, the Air Jordan 6 (Six) Rings is a hybrid of several Air Jordans including the:

Once again, they are now available and retail for $150."

Insane Downhill Skateboarding at 60 MPH+ - Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

These dudes are out of their damn minds!  They are going downhill on a skateboard at over 60 MPH without any protection other than a helmet.  They somehow swerve between lanes just as oncoming cars whip by them uphill.  I think I would lose my mind if I was driving on that road and saw two dudes in blue suits passing a camera back and forth while flying down the street!  How did these dudes even do that back and forth pass without losing their balance?  How did they even stop?  Damn!  That's some crazy ish right there!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Air Jordan 1 Low Phat - Various Colorways

Jordan Brand has labeled the new AJ 1 Lows appropriately because these are all PHAT as hell!  I was always a big fan of the Air Jordan 1 but they were a little bulky as a high top and could only be worn with jeans without looking a little awkward because of the extreme black and red colorway of the OG's.  Now as a low top version, you can rock these with shorts or whatever and be at your flyest for any time of the year!  They've been releasing the retro of the AJ1 for awhile now but these are the first I have seen of the two original Black/Red and Black/Blue that are so highly coveted.  The AJ 3 inspired colorway below is also hot as hell and look very crispy and clean.  They are going to drop September 27th.  I am feelin' all of these in a major way.

Peep SneakerNews.com for the additional colorways dropping this season as well as release date information. 

DeSean Jackson's Bonehead Play from Monday Night Football

There are athletes that are confident, arrogant or even cocky and then there are complete morons like the Philadelphia Eagles DeSean Jackson.  This play was from Monday Night Football last night and it has to be one of the biggest bonehead plays of all time.  How do you let go of the ball about a yard or two before you even get in the end zone?  WTF!

Unlike Leon Lett from back in the day, this luckily didn't cost the Eagles any point since Brian Westbrook was able to score on a short run a few minutes later.  I think you actually have to give the Cowboys some crap for not paying attention and jumping on the ball in case it was a fumble.

This is not the first time this dude has pulled this ish either.  Check out this clip towards the end where they show a clip from high school where he did a flip from the 5 yard line and left the ball on the 1 yard line and got an unsportsman like conduct  penalty.  This dude has issues:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lil Wayne Ft. Jay-Z - "Mr. Carter" Spoof by Affion Crockett from Wildin' Out

If you ever watched Nick Cannon's Wildin' Out on MTV, you will remember two stand out stars from that show.  The first was the fabulously pimpin' Kat Williams (classic stand up videos below) and the underrated Affion Crockett.  Affion was the dude who could do the dead on impressions of Ludacris, ODB, Jay-Z and Diddy to name a few.  The kid was on point with the voices but also got down the cadence and inflections of these artists which was unreal.

Dude is talented and funny as hell and this "Mr. Carter" spoof is a perfect example.  If you close your eyes, you might actually think that it was Jay-Z or Lil Wayne rappin' with the perfect rhyme patterns but if you pay closer attention, you will be laughing your ass off from some of the shit he is saying.  Check the end when he owns Lil Wayne as Jay: "Hold on Little Man.  Let your career breathe!  When you go Diamond, come holler at me!"

Bonus Kat Williams footage from his HBO special "The Pimp Chronicles"

NFL Week 2 Video Highlights

The Pats pulled of the win during Matt Cassel's first NFL start and kept the regular season winning streak alive. This was a pretty ugly game as it was low scoring (NE 19 - NYJ 10) and fairly boring since the action was minimal. It was also a super quick game since the Pats focused a lot on the run. Favre had a few nice plays and a couple of ridiculous 3rd Down and 20+ yard plays for first down but he also threw an untimely interception and couldn't get the ball in the end zone when they needed it. The Pats are still looking good without Brady since the Defense stepped up big time and will need to for the rest of the season.

Since the Pats game ended earlier, we got to see the ridiculous ending to the Denver vs. San Diego game. I thought the Broncos gave up the game when Cutler threw an INT in the end zone when he should have thrown it away and kicked a field goal. Instead, SD snagged an INT and ended up scoring on the other end to take the lead. I thought the game was done at that point but Denver hustled down the field to score and scored after a very sketchy fumble/incomplete pass non-call by the refs. They got an extra down instead of turning it over and had the balls to go for 2 instead of tying the game with an extra point. Talk about emotional highs and lows within a 5 minute span for Broncos fans. There had to have been a few mild heart attacks during that game in Colorado. That was one of the sickest endings to a game I have seen in the NFL in years!

Finally, here was a sick catch by Steelers WR Santonio Holmes against the Browns during Sunday Night Football. The wind was whipping through the stadium all game and kept the passing game to a minimum but they did end up with this nasty highlight during one of the few long throws of the game. That's some concentration right there...

SNL: Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton (Tina Fey & Amy Poehler)

In case you didn't see this on Saturday night (which I assume you didn't since no one really watches SNL anymore), here is the clip of Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin. She did a dead on impression of Sarah Palin with the hair and accent. Hot!

Not sure the volume is working correctly on that so try the YouTube version while it stays up:

UPDATE: Part 2 from September 27, 2008 SNL

Friday, September 12, 2008

Patriots (30) vs. Jets (27) Week 2 Madden 09 Prediction with XBox 360

I definitely did not want to play this game and I even considered just giving up on my Madden predictions each week because it seems pointless now. Madden hasn't even updated rosters to include the Brady injury so I had to manually put in Cassell which was very painful and emotional. I can only imagine how Belichick feels. I don't even think the game knew what to do with itself because at one point it randomly put in Kevin O'Connell for no real reason other than it was probably searching for Brady, couldn't find him and just freaked out. At least he threw a touchdown while in there for one play. WTF!!!

This season just feels like it is a big waste of time at this point without Brady. I'm not even sure I can watch the game this week. Ugh. Monday could not come soon enough...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Swagger" Like Us - New Old Spice Commercials ft. LL Cool J and Brian Urlacher

Those are two great commercials right there. I've seen these two ads promoting Old Spice's new "Swagger" quite a bit lately and I get a kick out of them every time. LL Cool J and Brian Urlacher (Chicago Bears) do a great job but the real showstoppers are the guys playing them both as young super nerds.

How does that dude make that noise? WTF??!?!

Kanye West Arrested After Airport Incident aka Suspicion of Vandalism

Photobucket Image Hosting
"Kanye West Arrested" was probably the last headline I ever thought I would write on this blog. He is quite possibly the most non-threatening rapper of modern times. I mean, he was on his way to an art/fashion show for Christ's sake!!! Look at this picture! Don't you want to just punch him in those chipmunk cheeks and take his lunch money? He looks like a complete tool!

Anyway, here is the developing story at CNN. It sounds like he broke some Paparazzi sissy's camera and then got arrested for vandalism. Not exactly "gangsta".

UPDATE! Video evidence. What a dumbass. It ain't that serious, Kanye!

Q-Tip - "Gettin' Up" Official Video

This track is what A Tribe Called Quest and Q-Tip fans have been waiting to hear for years! This is that chill sound that everyone knows and loves. Something you can just nod your head and vibe to.

I heard this a few weeks back and it gave me the chills because it put me right back to high school when I used to rock ATCQ tapes in the Hooptie to bump on my way to hoops practice. "Gettin' Up" is new and fresh sounding yet there is something oddly familar about it, which makes it a great track. I wish ATCQ would get back together for good and stop talking shit about touring and such but let's take it one step at a time. This is good enough for now...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kanye West - "Love Lockdown" (New Single) Performed at MTV VMA's

Photobucket Image Hosting

I didn't watch the VMA's the other night because, well, they suck now. There's never anything worthwhile and it's not worth wasting hours sitting through a bunch of crap when you could just wait for the best clips online the next day. So I did that and found this...

Kanye performed his new single "Love Lockdown" and I have to say I am confused. It's definitely a dope track once you get used to the fact that the stripped down beat never really gets going and Kanye is basically singing with the help of Auto Tune and the Vocoder sound.

It's tough to deal with at first but I could get down with it after awhile. Kanye has been singing and using Auto Tune (the T-Pain Sound) a lot more lately so I wonder if he is shifting to this style on the next album. I hope to God that he is not because that sound and style needs to die ASAP. Hopefully he sticks to the script and gives us the usual Kanye style of dope beats and braggadocios rhymes but you never know with him because he's definitely slightly crazy. He seems like he is starting to fall in love with this style but I hope it is just a quick fad and not a permanent switch.

Here he is doing the same type of thing on Lil Wayne's Lollipop Remix but it's definitely more rapping than singing:

UPDATE:  Studio Version MP3 DOWNLOAD Available Here While It Lasts!!!

UPDATE 2: Here's the second updated studio version

BALLIN'! - Ray Allen's WA House For Sale - Now Only $5.2 Million

Photobucket Image Hosting
Photobucket Image Hosting

Damn.  I always wondered what kind of house I could buy when I grew up to be a rich athlete.  This is it right here.  I have yet to come to the realization that I am not nor will I ever be a rich athlete but maybe I can pull off a big lottery win or rob a bank in the near future.  I can always dream, right?

Ray Allen's house in Washington is a perfect example of a dope ass house that none of us will ever own or even be allowed to step foot in. He put it on the market for $6 million but is having trouble selling it (go figure!) and has dropped the asking price to $5.2 million.  Luxist.com recently posted an article with these pictures (and more) to give us an inside look at what its like when you have a officiall "Balla Status".  Here are a few of the best:
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Bonus Pics - Ray Allen Air Jordan Player Edition Colorways:
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tiger Woods '09 - "Square Peg, Round Hole" Viral Video

I thought the "Walk On Water" vid was pretty slick but I like this one a little bit more. It definitely looks real and is somewhat believable since it's Tiger ma'fu*@in' Woods! Is this fake?  Most likely.  Could Tiger probably do this if he tried hard enough?  No doubt!

Here's the previously mentioned "Walk On Water" video that circled a few weeks ago to help promote Tiger Woods 09 from EA Sports.

FaceBook In Reality - idiotsofants.com and BBC'sThe Wall

This video has obviously been circulating for some time considering it has over 1.4 million views but I just saw it the other day and thought it was pretty damn funny. I think the mumbling London accents of these blokes made it that much better!

Technology has made it a lot easier for people to connect and stay in touch but once you break it down like this, it gets a little creepy. It kind of makes you wonder why you even use these sites like FaceBook and MySpace if you don't even want to communicate with half of these people anyway. If you really wanted to stay in touch with them, wouldn't you just call, email or text them anyhow? I barely use either of the services but it is a good way to catch up with some random people every once in awhile or to promote the hell out of your band or website. But if someone came up to my door and started talking like that, I would definitely punch them in the face and tell them to kick rocks...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Retro Kidz "New Era" - Official Music Video

Retro Kidz "New Era" Official Music Video

This just hit my Inbox and all I can say is HOLY SHIT! This is one of the sickest videos I have ever seen! I like what the Retro Kidz are doing and I am definitely going to start following them to see what else they are up to in the near future. Keep making them like this and I will promote the hell out of y'all!

There are so many damn 90's references in here I lost track after the original Walkman, Reebok Omni Zone pumps, Kenny Anderson Nets jersey and the high top fades! I mean, this is EXACTLY all of the shit I loved back in the day since this was right around the time when I started to really love Hip Hop. I was wearing this shit and rockin' any Hip Hop I could find to listen to for the bus ride to school.

The track is catchy as hell too since it samples parts of "I Got the Power" first by Chill Rob G and then redone by Snap! for the version that everyone knows now. I looked this shit up on Wikipedia because I forgot Chill Rob G's name and I thought Snap! bit his track but check this out if this is actually true:

Benito Benites and John "Virgo" Garrett III first released the song in 1990 on the Wild Pitch Records label in the United States calling themselves "Power Jam (featuring Chill Rob G)". However, they failed to legally clear samples in the song. The song contained samples from "Let the Words Flow" by Chill Rob G, "Love's Gonna Get You" by Jocelyn Brown, and "King Of The Beats" by Mantronix. The song was re-recorded in the U.S. in response to the unlicensed samples with Durron Butler (Turbo B.) replacing the acapella vocal of Chill Rob G, and for this new version they adopted the name "Snap!".

That's fucked up! I feel bad for Chill Rob G. He had a few decent tracks in his career but he missed out on a serious money maker once he was pushed off the newer version of the track. WTF! I would be pissed as hell! I actually like the Chill Rob G version better too. The lyrics are actually saying something and it's not just a dance track. Check it:

Chill Rob G - The Power

Snap! - The Power

2008 Douche-Off Awards - You Definitely Know One of These Clowns

Ha ha!  This is freakin' fantastic!  This video is a summary of all the tools I see at bars in Boston on a regular basis.  Luckily, I am removed from these college aged clowns that practice this type of tomfoolery so I see it on a less frequent basis these days.

There has been an extreme increase in douchebaggery over the past few years and this video captures it perfectly.  Is it me or have guys gotten more generic, dumber and douchier over the years, while girls have gotten hotter but more attracted to these Douche Bags?  I see clowns walking around with an unwarranted swagger with their hats tilted and THREE collars popped on the latest trendy brand while they tote around a smokin' piece of ass on their arm that is completely clueless to how much of a DB that guy really is.  I just don't get it.  It's one of the more serious dilemmas of the new millenium.

If you haven't ever been to HotChicksWithDouchebags.com, please do so immediately!  You can thank me later.  They do a great job of picking these DB's from the wild and posting pictures of them trying to prey on the young, dumb hotties that fall for their shenanigans.  It's hysterical and disappointing all at the same time.  Talk about wasting some premium tale!  Some girls will never learn...

T.O's Starting Gate Touchdown Celebration - Usain Bolt Shout Out?

I thought the new T.O. Touchdown Celebration was pretty solid. It was definitely funny and original and a nice reference to Usain Bolt killing everyone by 10 yards in every race of this summer's Olympics.

I would love to see those two in a straight up 100M race. Although Bolt would most likely win, you might be surprised at how fast Owens really is and how close it might be. They are both very similar in size and stride so it would be cool to see them battle it out for some cash. T.O. says he could win if he got a 20 Yard head start but I really doubt he needs it.

T.O. ended up getting a 15 yard penalty on the kick off for "Unsportsman Like Conduct". Seriously NFL? Get a sense of humor and lighten up. That really wasn't that bad and was pretty funny. People love seeing players like him and Chad Johnson each week because you never know what they are going to do next. It keeps people watching, which is part of entertainment. Ocho Cinco and T.O. realize this is just a sport and it's supposed to be fun so let them have their antics. It's not hurting anyone.

Peep the dope Jordan III cleats that T.O. is rocking as well. Sick! They look great in pictures but even cooler on the field.

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