Thursday, September 29, 2011

B.o.B ft. Lil Wayne - "Strange Clouds" (NEW ISH)

Damn!  Make sure you test your speakers on this one before you blast it too loud because this could seriously pop your subwoofer.  That is what you call "Crunchy Bass" or "Squelch Bass".  It pounds hard.  This is a nice little track too.  I wouldn't really expect these two to do a collabo but Wayne has been leaning more towards the alternative Hip Hop world that B.o.B. floats in so I guess it does make sense once you think about it.  This song went up on September 26th and it already has 1.5+ million views/listens so I fully expect this to be a big hit. 

Maino Feat. Lil Wayne - "Cream" (NEW ISH)

There's nothing ground breaking here but I do think this is a hot track.  I think the beat and hook caught my attention more than Maino's or Lil Wayne's verses but they were good enough.  Maino is kind of underrated in my opinion so hopefully some of Wayne's more commercial fans will give him a chance now that they've heard him.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marquese Scott's 'Pumped Up Kicks' Dubstep Routine (SICK!)

Wow.  This dude is ridiculous!  He definitely has some crazy body control.  I love the live action slow-mo moves he pulls off and he does some crazy stop motion type moves as well.  Very impressive.  Just wait until you get to the 4 minute mark.  Dude will blow your mind! 

Q Da Kid ft Bun B - "Dream Big (Fast Lane)" (NEW ISH)

I can't remember ever hearing anything from this dude Q Da Kid before but I have to admit he's not bad.  Anyone that can get Bun B to jump on a track with them automatically gets a listen, in my opinion.  It doesn't mean they are going to be good every time but Bun usually doesn't show up on too many garbage tracks so it can certainly be a nice stamp of approval.  This is definitely a hot track.  Respect.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodman League Highlights ft. Eric Gordon, John Wall, Jeff Teague, Jeff Green (JOSH McROBERTS CAN THROW DOWN TOO)

There's some nice highlights in here for you hoop heads feenin' for some basketball action but the best part of the video is the dunk show that is displayed by Josh McRoberts of all people.  Who knew he had hops like this?!?!?  Granted he is 6'10" so it's a little easier for him but these dunks are still very impressive since they usually come from more smaller and more agile ballers.  Did I really see him pull off a 360 between the legs dunks!?!?  DAMN!

CFL DB Korey Banks Gets Lit Up By Goal Post (DAMN!!!)

To quote Smokey from Friday, "You got knocked the fuck out!"  Damn son!  You gotta watch out for that shit.  In all seriousness though, why the F does the Canadian Football League still have the goal post in the front of the end zone?  It's just ridiculous.

The NFL had that way back in the day and they realized that if they didn't want their Defensive Backs to get paralyzed or possibly die, then they should probably move the goal post.  I know it creates a different type of game and makes scoring a little harder but it's just not worth it.  Stupid.

I do like that they let the receivers get a running start like they do in the Arena Football League.  That creates some nice offensive options...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Giants' Michael Boley Nails Guy in the Face with Football After TD (AWESOME)

Damn son!  You just got F'd up!  Getting hit in the face any time has to suck but it's even worse when millions of people see it happening live and laugh at you in unison.  Before the game, this dude probably thought he was all cool working for the Giants as an intern and probably bragged to all of his friends to look for him on the field during the game because he would be standing in the end zone.  He had no idea that this fiasco would happen and all of a sudden he's the newest viral video on the internet because he got drilled with the football thrown by his own team!  That's gotta suck. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: Onyx "Slam"

"Slam" is one of my favorite 90's joints and still gets me hyped to this day.  Just straight fight music.  I think this was one of the first rap songs that metal and rock dudes actually liked and could mosh to in the pit.  It actually had a huge influence on the Rap/Rock fusion style that soon followed too.  Public Enemy and Anthrax might have done the first real mashup with their remix version of "Bring The Noise" but the Onyx and Biohazard version of "Slam" wasn't far behind.  This shit was so nasty and it caught a lot of people off guard.  It brought together two completely different types of music fans and basically helped create an entirely new genre. 

Bonus Joint:  Onyx "Slam Harder"

Nas - "Your Mouth Got You In It" (UNRELEASED)

So I'm not completely sure when this was made but I do think this is an older track that was unreleased and just finding the light of day.  It definitely has a 2005 type vibe to it or maybe even earlier.  It's still dope shit though and I never complain when I hear a "new" Nas joint.  I feel like there have been a lot of older Nas tracks releasing lately which is strange.  Does he have another "Lost Tapes" album coming out?   I wouldn't be mad at that...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

J. Cole ft. Missy Elliott - "Nobody's Perfect" (NEW ISH)

More hot shit from my man J. Cole.  Once again, I still have yet to hear a bad track from this dude.  Very impressive.  Also, was that a Missy Elliott sighting?  Yes it was.  And she was pretty damn good too. 

Where the hell has she been by the way?  I think she had some personal health issues or something like that so it's good to see her getting back in to the game.  I go back and forth on whether I like Missy's music because some of it is garbage while some of it is straight nasty. With her being gone for awhile, I think I actually missed her which I never would have said a few years ago. 

She brings something cool to Hip Hop because she was one of the only chicks making dope beats while also being able to sing and rap.  She's a better singer than a rapper but she still has serious talent. She also helped paved the way for people like Nicki Minaj who are doing the same rapping/singing style these days.  I wouldn't be mad if Missy dropped a new album sometime in the future.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Domenik Hixon's Ridiculous Catch During Monday Night Football (SICK)

I didn't catch any of this game last night because I was too busy trying to get my fat ass up and down the court during old man pick up basketball.  I guess I missed one of the more ridiculous catches of the year when Domenik Hixon hauled this one in at the end of the 2nd quarter. 

At first glance, I wanted to rip Eli for making another terrible throw but it wasn't really that bad after the replay.  It might have been a bit behind Hixon but it certainly wasn't the worst throw ever either.  If anything, Hixon should have probably caught the ball without bobbling it but it looks like his left armed got tied up with the defender.  Either way, that shit was sick and will probably end up being one of the best catches of the year.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vanilla Ice - "Rockstar Party" (NEW VIDEO?!?)

I'm not sure how I feel about this but I'm going to give it a shot.  On one hand, it's not that bad and is better than a lot of the other crap I hear these days.  It's not the best song by any means but it at least has some potential. 

On the other hand, I worry that no matter how good the song is, no one is going to take it seriously because it's Vanilla Ice.  I'm willing to admit that I was a big fan of V.I. back in the day.  He helped push the acceptance of white boys in the rap game, at least for a little while.  Then everyone found out that he was lying about his background and that kind of screwed his street cred.  He always had skills but they just got overlooked because of all of the bullshit. 

Anyway, he's gone through a few reincarnations over the years but nothing has really stuck.  He even gave up on music for awhile so it's cool to see him giving it another try.  He might be a little rusty but I think he has some potential if he links up with the right people.  What is old always ends up becoming new again so maybe he has a chance to make it happen.  In case you forgot about the skills, here are a few Vanilla Ice classics:

Julio Jones' Ridiculous Jumping Catch in Warmups (MAD HOPS)

Even if you saw this last night during Sunday Night Football, it's worth seeing it again because it was so insane.  Everyone knows Julio Jones is a ridiculous athlete but this is on some other shit.  Not only did he make a sick one handed catch on a terrible pass but he also jumped so high that he probably would have hit his head on the rim if he were on a basketball court.  Just nasty! 

I would love to see this dude throw down some dunks on the court for real.  Foot Locker used to have a Slam Dunk Contest with celebrities and athletes and it was always entertaining.  I would love to see that come back just to see this Jones destroy the competition.  I can't imagine anyone being able to beat him unless Mike Conley Sr. decided to make another appearance.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: Black Moon - "I Got Cha Open" (HD VERSION)

I've been slacking on my Thursday Throwbacks posts so I thought I would hit you off with an updated version of a classic video.  Somehow, Black Moon was able to create an "HD" version of the video for "I Got Cha Open".  So sick.  Now you get to see the 90's dopeness in true color and clarity.  I really wish Hip Hop could go back to this look of baggies, Timbs, hockey jerseys and big puffy jackets instead of the current skinny jean bullshit.  That was my shit! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hope Solo and Alex Morgan Shake Their Asses to Promote Some Lame Wii Game (YUM)

It might not be as sexy as some might hope but I'll take these two jumping up and down and shaking their asses all around any day of the week even if it's G rated.  I love both of these chicks almost equally but I think I would have to go with Alex Morgan if I had a gun to my head to make a choice.   Either way, you wouldn't be making a bad decision.  Smokes!!!

J. Cole ft. Jay Z - "Mr. Nice Watch" (DOPENESS!)

Yezzir!  More heat from my man J. Cole and this time he brought along his mentor, Jay-Z.  You can't ask for much more here.  The beat is ridiculously bangin', Cole brings the heat on the hook and verse as usual and Jay officially christened J. Cole as "the chosen one" by dropping a hot 16 on the track.  DOPE!

This album is going to be ridiculous.  I literally cannot wait.  Look for Cole World: The Sideline Story on September 27th. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NBA 2K12 Promo - "Jordan Invitation" (6 RINGS)

My man Michael Jordan breaks it down in this new spot for the new NBA 2K12 video game that will be dropping later this fall.  My favorite line was when he said "'98 Bulls.  No pushoff."  Nuff said!  HA HA. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Sad But Superstitious" - Stevie Wonder/Metallica Mashup (SICK)

I heard this for the first time this morning on Opie & Anthony and fell in love with it immediately.  I still like the occasional mashup even though they are not as cool as they used to be but it all depends on the quality.  I don't think it's something that will ever get old if done correctly but unfortunately there are a lot of bad mashups out there that give the genre a bad name.  This mashup of Stevie Wonder's "Superstitious" and Metallica's "Sad But True" is a perfect example of what awesomeness can be created from two completely different genres.  This is dopeness to the the 10th degree.  The video that goes along with it is just as cool.  Sick!

Cybergoth Dance Party (IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!)

UN-BE-LIEVABLE.  There is no way you could ever envision such awesomeness like this unless you were high on some crazy hallucinogens because this can't be real life.  I am almost at a loss for words.  Here are a couple of quick observations though.

They are raving to hardcore techno in their goth gear IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY under a bridge.  WOW.  How much shit do you have to be on to do that?  I have to give them credit though.  At least they are outside and doing some kind of physical activity and not just sitting at home being all depressed and shit.  I think Michelle Obama would be proud.  Maybe she should use this video for her next "Play 60" commercial.  Now that would be motivational. 

On top of that, they are all wearing black and trying to be badass except for that one dude in all white and fake blood who happens to be the only happy person there while also being the best dancer.  This dude rocks!  To quote a YouTube commenter "He looks like a used tampon.".  Awesome.

Friday, September 9, 2011

T-Pain ft. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen - "5 O'Clock" (NEW ISH)

OK.  This isn't bad at all.  T-Pain is trying something different here which I can respect.  I like that he slowed it down and kept it kind of chill.  It's a nice laid back type of joint that I won't get sick of after hearing it a few times.  There's some actual creativity going on here.  The guest spots by Wiz and Lily Allen are dope too.  Lily's accent on the hook makes it interesting and kind of locks you in because it sounds so different.  Dope shit.

Back For The Future - Nike Mag Auction Details (FINALLY!)

Damn!  This just keeps getting better!  Now we have Kevin Durant and Bill Hader promoting the Nike Mag?!?!  Even Chirstopher Lloyd shows up as Doc Brown in this one even though he hasn't been able to find a cure for old age in his time travels.  Dude looks like the Crypt Keeper now.  What the hell happened dude?

Anyway, more details have finally come out about the Nike Mag after the recent surge of Back 2 The Future videos over the past few days.  100 pairs of the Nike Air Mag will be auctioned off on eBay for the next 9 days (the auction started yesterday, September 8th). All of the net proceeds will go directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.  Very cool. 

The auctions are already running at $4K plus for each shoe so good luck getting a pair if you don't have at least $5-$10K sitting around for a rainy day.  I wish I was rich because I would love to get a pair but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  Hopefully a lot of athletes and rich folk get involved so they can raise some serious money for the foundation because regular people just aren't going to be able to play in this arena. 

It's too bad they couldn't release a slightly cheaper version (maybe without the lights?) as a general release so they could raise even more money.  I'm pretty sure there are thousands of people out there like me who would be willing to pay $250-$500 for a pair of these historic kicks.  Based on the buzz this shoe and auction is currently getting, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to do that down the road.  Maybe we will see a general release in 2015?!!?  Keep your fingers crossed.

Here are the two links if you want to learn more or start bidding on eBay:

Here are a few more related videos:

NBA Lockout Rap (AMUSING)

This isn't the funniest video by any means but it was amusing enough to post.  It's been awhile since I've seen a new lockout parody so maybe that's why I thought it was decent.  It goes a little slow at first but picks up at the end. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tom Brady's Ugg's Commercial Ft. Mos Def (BETTER THAN EXPECTED)

I was a little concerned when I initially heard the news last year that Tom Brady had signed a deal to promote Uggs.  I automatically thought of the hideous boots that women of all ages have made famous over the years.  They have to be one of the ugliest things I have ever seen but the ladies say they are comfortable.  Whatever. 

I just assumed he would be promoting the same boot but in men's styles but I had no idea they actually made regular footwear too.  The styles he's sporting in the commercial aren't exactly my style but they are also much better than expected.  I guess it wasn't a bad move after all.  The addition of the Mos Def song in the background was a nice touch.  It made the commercial that much tougher which was definitely needed. 

Lega-C - White Girl Rapper With a Serious Flow (IMPRESSIVE)

I'm a little torn on this chick Lega-C.  On what hand, she can spit some serious bars and raps fast as fuck which is very impressive.  On the other hand, her voice is kind of annoying and it just doesn't sound right.  Sometimes that is enough to turn people off so that they won't listen to the lyrics or appreciate the skills.  I'm kind of stuck in the middle and can't decide if I would actually listen to more songs from her or if this was just a one time thing and now I'm done with it.  I guess I will just let it be for now and say that this chick Lega-C is pretty talented.

Is the Nike Air Mag On Its Way? (MARTY McFLY's KICKS FROM BACK 2 THE FUTURE 2)

Wow.  I can't believe this is actually happening.  To quote a YouTube commenter "Shit just got real, son."  Above is a video of what is supposed to be Marty McFly's closet or something?  Details are still sparse but either way, this is a great sign of things to come.  The YouTube account that posted this video is called Awesome. 

If you're a sneakerhead and grew up in the 80's obsessing over the movie Back 2 The Future 2 like myself then you have been craving for Marty McFly's kicks the Nike Air Mag since the first time you saw him put them on and activate the automatic laces.  Shit was intense!  I don't know if it was Nike's idea or not but whoever decided to create those shoes for the movie was a genius.  There have been petitions by sneakerheads worldwide for years but no one thought Nike would actually ever make them.  I imagine these will be impossible to get when they do release and will probably cost something ridiculous like $500 or more but I am going to do my best to get a pair of these gems. So dope.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trampoline Dodgeball (AWESOME)

Sign me up please.  This looks fun as hell!  I'm sure there's a few torn ACL's every night but I guess that's the price to pay for this awesomeness.  I always wanted to play SlamBall but that's probably never going to happen so this is a nice alternative.  So sick!

Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

I know a lot of people think the Kia hampsters are ridiculous but I've always thought it was kind of funny and a safe way to target the young audience without seeming like they were trying too hard.  Even though LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" is officially played out from the constant radio spins, it's still kind of cool seeing the hampsters dance get down to it. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

David Dallas - "Take A Picture" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I came across this video for David Dallas' "Take a Picture" through a newsletter from Duck Down Records.  I had never heard of him before but since I like almost everything that comes from DDR, I decided to give it a shot and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a little different than I was expecting but once I got into it, I realized that this was a really dope song and even sicker video.  I could have done without the kittens (WTF was that all about?!?!?) but the rest of the it is crazy.  I can only imagine watching that while under the influence of one of your favorite mind altering products. 

 I did a little research and there still isn't a ton of info on him but I guess David Dallas is a fairly popular New Zealand Hip Hop artist who is just starting to make his way to the states via Duck Down in NYC.  Here is some more about him straight from Wikipedia: " Dallas was formerly known as Con Psy as part of the rap duo Frontline who won the New Zealand Music Award for Best Hip Hop Album in 2006 for their album Borrowed Time."

Here's another joint called "Big Time" that gained some popularity a few years ago.

Take a Picture - Take a Picture - Single
Take a Picture - Take a Picture - Single

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