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Jordan Collezione 19/4 - Available July 19th, 2008

AJ 4 Black/Red
AJ 19
07/19/2008 Jordan Collezione 19/14
Air Jordan Retro 19 Black/Chrome-Varsity Red
Air Jordan 4 Black/Cement Grey-Fire Red

Yes sir! One of the dopest Air Jordan's of all time (the IV's obviously!) is getting ready to drop on July 19th. You better get in line early because I have a feeling this package will be VERY difficult to purchase at any of the available locations. I am not a fan of the AJ 19's at all but you have to deal with it if you want a pair of the original Black/Cement Grey-Fire Red colorway of the AJ 4's. I've got a bunch of the 4's in other colors already but have never been able to land a pair of these without having to pay more than $500 for the OG's, which I was not willing to do.

Jordan Brand is absolutely killing me this year with all of these releases. I think it's great but talk about bad timing with the economy and gas prices. Is anyone else out there slowing down their kick obsession and making fewer purchases? I would have really liked to purchase everyone of the Air Jordan's released this year for my collection but there is just no way in hell it's going to happen. I am going to be very selective with what I buy and this is definitely going to be one of them!

Air Jordan XX3 Low - Navy and Red Colorways - Both Drop July 12th, 2008

AJ XX3 Low Navy
07/12/2008 Air Jordan XX3 Low
White/Midnight Navy-Silver
AJ XX3 Low Red
07/12/2008 Air Jordan XX3 Lo
White/Varsity Red

I'm feelin' both versions of the Air Jordan XX3 set to drop on July 12th. Both colorways are slick but simple and would look good on the court or casual for the summer. I like that these are low tops and are $50 less than the original high versions but to be honest, I don't see a huge difference. That's a good thing if you were looking to pick up a pair of the highly coveted AJ XX3's but couldn't pull the trigger on the original $185 price tag. Hopefully I have enough funds in the bank account to pick up at least one pair of these in just 12 days.

Don Cannon and DJ Drama Present Asher Roth - The Greenhouse Effect Mixtape

Asher Roth The Greenhouse Effect Mixtape Cover

Yes, this kid looks like he works at your local Banana Republic but don't let his looks fool you. The kid can flow! I first heard about Asher Roth a few months ago on a few other Hip Hop blogs and I've been paying close attention to him ever since. He went from being just some white dude freestyling on camera at a frat party to being signed to Don Cannon and DJ Drama's label and hanging out with Akon:

Although you can obviously make the Eminem comparisons in both sound/voice and style, I still think he has his own vibe and swagger that makes him unique. Plus, Eminem has been out of the game for a few years and has been fairly disappointing on his last few albums, so maybe Asher Roth can fill the void for Hip Hop fans that obviously liked Em's older style and range of topics. Considering there are very few people being original in Hip Hop these days, I think he is a breath of fresh air and I think this kid is about to blow up. Just do me a favor and DOWNLOAD his mixtape ASAP!!! You won't be disappointed. Highlights include "Cannon", "Cartoon Chick" and Stop Waiting on the World To Change (John Mayer Remix). Here's a few more video clips to whet your appetite:

CANNON Freestyle:

Frat Party Freestyle (Mr. Me Too Instrumental):

DJ Drama Introduces Asher Roth on BET's Rap City:

Wonderwall (Oasis) Jay-Z Remix - Live At Glastonbury

Yes, you read that right. Jay-Z "performed" his own special remix of Wonderwall by Oasis at the Glastonbury Festival this past weekend. Actually, I wouldn't call this a remix as much as I would call it a mangling of the original but it was all in good fun for the UK crowd. Luckily, they crowd helped him out and sang along.

Let's just say that we shouldn't expect to hear the Jigga Man singing with the vocoder anytime soon like Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, etc. By the way, can we stop the madness with that garbage yet? It was cool when 2 0r 3 people did it but now that ish is played out like ultra long t-shirts or super skinny pants. Enough already people. Be yourself and stop frontin'!!!

At least he had a solid remix of "American Boy" to finish it all off:

You can watch Jay's entire performance from Glastonbury at the BBC Online:

Dj RyB Hip Hop Mixtapes Podcast

This is a video mix I put together for YouTube a few weeks ago that goes along with the Dj RyB Old School Mix Volume 1 that you can download at my Podcast site:

I put the Podcast widget at the bottom of the page but wanted to point it out in case you haven't seen it yet.  You can listen to my mixtapes as a podcast below or you can download it in full at  Also, don't forget to check out for free links to the hottest and newest Hip Hop Mixtapes and MP3 downloads.

Here's the tracklist for the my newest mixtape Dj RyB's Hip Hop Hits Volume 58:
1) A Milli - Lil Wayne
2) Say Yeah! - Wiz Khalifa
3) That's Gangsta - Bun B ft. Sean Kingston
4) Get Like Me - David Banner ft. Chris Brown
5) Drop and Give me 50 - Mike Jones ft. Hurricane Chris
6) Life of Da Party - Snoop Dogg ft. Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B.
7) Certified - Glasses Malone ft. Akon
8) The Boss - Rick Ross Ft. T-Pain
9) Game's Pain - The Game Ft. Keyshia Cole
10) Good Love - Sheek Louch
11) Bottom Girl - G-Unit
12) Royal Flush - Big Boi ft. Raekwon and Andre 3000
13) All of the Above - Beanie Siegel ft. R. Kelly
14) Cash Flow - Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross and T-Pain
15) Hi Hater - Maino
16) Touch & Go - Joe Budden
17) Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On Em') - Busta Rhymes
18) Dangerous - Kardinal Offishal ft. Akon
19) Elevator - Flo Rida ft. Timbaland
20) Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) - Three 6 Mafia featuring Project Pat, Young D and Superpower

Dj RyB Vol. 58
TrueMixtapes Podcast 1

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Matt Damon Roots for the C's in LA at Guys Awards

Not only does Matt Damon have balls but he is the mutha f'n man! After winning an award at the 2008 Guys Awards on SpikeTV, he got up and completely PWNED the Los Angeles crowd and predicted a Boston Celtics win in the 2008 NBA Finals. Although this is a little old, I just saw the video recently and thought it was f'n money! That's how you talk shit to a rival in their hometown! Damon officially earned my respect with this rant.

Blame It On the Rain Delay - Papelbon and Del Carmen Remix

I put this up on YouTube last week and it's been getting some decent views. Jonathan Papelbon and Manny Del Carmen messed around and created a "remix" video of Blame it On the Rain by Milli Vanilli which appeared on the JumboTron during a Red Sox rain delay on June 20, 2008.

I love that these guys have a sense of humor and can do something fun for the fans even though they look like a bunch of clowns! Del Carmen looks like he's got the video and dance down pretty good but Papelbon looks like a typical white dude. We all kind of knew he was an "interesting" dancer but he seems like he's even worse with a beat!!!

Increase Your Car's Gas Mileage

I am officially obsessed with the price of oil now that we have reached over $4.00 per gallon in the Boston area and in most parts of the country. I am a big believer in Peak Oil and the fact that oil prices may NEVER go down or at least not as low as the under $3.00 per gallon we experienced just last year because of the fact that demand has exceeded worldwide supplies. I will get into this in greater detail on a later date but as a helpful tip, I thought I would supply some sites and videos I found recently to help you increase your MPG's and help you keep your gas budget as low as possible. is a great site that has a lot of recommendations for simple little things you can change with your driving habits to maximize your gas. If you have a MPG calculator in your car's computer, take a look at it periodically to see if what you are doing is helping or hurting the MPG's. It will become an obsession at times but it's fun to see how you are saving a few pennies just be being a little more cautious and aware of your driving habits.

How to be a Hypermiler:

This seems a little shady and I'm not sure I am ready to try this any time soon but there are a ton of YouTube videos about how to use water in your gas tank to increase your MPG's. Here is a sample of two videos explaining the process:

SneakerArt Custom Sneakers

I saw this video from a UK company called SneakerArt a few weeks ago. I thought this was a pretty cool concept since I'm not the most artistic person in the world but like to have kicks that are different than most. I could probably get away with coloring in certain areas of my shell toes or Air Force Ones to customize the colors but I would never be comfortable with doing more than that. Plus, once you do that, it's permanent, so you better not F it up! This is why I think this concept could catch on with Sneaker Heads that might like the customized look but don't want to pay $300+ or aren't comfortable with their own artistic skills.

Paul Pierce on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

You gotta love Pierce coming out in the wheelchair with the MVP trophy. Classic! He's caught a lot of heat for "faking" the knee injury. I think the dude is just tough and willing to do what it takes to win! I'm glad you can joke about it P-sqaured. Who got the last laugh?!?!

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