Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hollywood Manny - Ramirez to Dodgers in Deadline Deal

Photobucket is reporting that Manny Ramirez has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers just before the 4PM trade deadline. The Boston Red Sox will get Jason Bay from the Pittsburgh Pirates as part of a three way deal. There may be other players involved but that is all that is available right now. The Pirates will end up getting four minor leaguers and bag of dirty jock straps. Man, they are pathetic. Weren't they already in a rebuilding mode? WTF.

Initial thoughts: This kind of sucks. I know Manny has been a pain in the ass recently but honestly, I still like what he brings. He is one of the best hitters of all time and he is a way better defender than for what he gets credit (at least when playing the Green Monster at Fenway). I think he somehow made it work in Boston where as a new player coming in (Bay) will have a lot on his shoulders as he will be expected to fill Manny's void. I don't know much about Bay at all but I've heard that he is a solid LF and a decent power hitter. We will see how this all plays out.

Step Brothers 2: Ebony and Ivory

I think I may have found one of the coolest and most unexpected videos of all time this morning. This is Steve Nash and Baron Davis doing their own version of the Step Brothers Trailer while out in Santa Monica recently. I'm not even sure why this was made but I thank God that it was. I’ve already watched this 5 times and may watch it another 20 times before the day is over. It is unreal. Watch for the sick Steve Nash robot and dancing too. The guy can do it all.

Here's some other Baron Davis videos I found along the way that are almost as random:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nike Hyperdunk Victim No 2: Terry (Banned Ad?)

I'm not sure this ad was even banned considering it is 1:30 long and would never be on TV at this length but that is how it's presented on YouTube (probably to get more views).  I'm still trying to figure out if this whole uproar about the Hyperdunk ads being homophobic are even real or if it is just to create publicity around the new shoe.   I could easily see both being true as people are super sensitive about everything these days and companies will do just about anything to create hype about their products.  Hey, wait a minute.  HYPErdunk?  Connection?  Who f'n knows.

There is nothing I can see that would make these even close to offensive for anyone, gay or not.  If you get dunked on, there is a high probability that you are going to catch some dude's nutsack in your grille.  That's part of basketball life.  It's not fun and it's definitely embarrassing.  If you don't want it to happen, step your game up and play some D.  Since I don't have enough time to elaborate any further, I thought the dude at Basketbawful did a great job of summarizing this situation and said a lot the same things I would have said.  You can find links to other related stories there as well.  (Dope site by the way, so check it out on the regular).

Paul Pierce is the Best Player On Earth (According to Me and Him)

If you are a real Celtics fan (and not someone that just jumped on the bandwagon this season) you will know that Paul Pierce is shall we say, "confident". He will definitely tell you that he is the best player on the court at any time and the best part is that he is usually right.

Paul used to be arrogant to a fault, meaning he thought he was so good that he didn't trust his teammates and he would try and do to much himself. That's one of the reasons why they sucked for so many years before this season. It also didn't help that he had zero talent surrounding him so I guess he had to take the team on his back but it got to a point that people in Boston were actually OK with him potentially being traded.  It almost happened two years ago during the draft and no one would have criticized the move.  I think most people at that time would have been more than happy to get Chris Paul in return (they would have gotten a draft pick from Portland that would have turned into CP3) because they were sick of Pierce's antics and attitude.

Paul really grew up this season in terms of maturity and his willingness to play team ball. The funny thing is, a lot of people expected Pierce to defer to Garnett and Allen and end up with lower overall stats and potentially get upset because of it all. Instead, he had the best all around season of his career and he ended up becoming the on court leader and taking the big shots when they were needed.  He was the freakin' man, to say the least. 

The point of this rant is basically to back up my man Paul in his recent admission that he feels he's the best player in the world at this time. In my opinion, HE IS THE BEST PLAYER in the world at this time since he just won the NBA Finals MVP trophy and he was one of the main reasons why the Celtics brought home Banner 17.  I think he has every right to be a little arrogant right now, even if it turns some other people off.  Fans and players can't say a thing because they didn't do what the Celtics and Pierce just accomplished.  The Celtics are now the defending world champions and our man Pierce was the best player in the world for a stretch of a few months.  I think he has the right to say that no one is better right now.  Until next season starts, he can say whatever the hell he wants!  Go ahead Paul!

Here is the original story and translation from

Spurs Fans and Lakers Fans already have something to say about it.  I'm sorry but you both lost.  Get over it, bitches!

We are the Champions MoFo's!!!!

59% of Americans Now Email from the Throne


I thought this was a pretty funny stat from AOL Mail's fourth annual Email Addiction Survey. Email usage in the bathroom is up 6% from last year to 59%. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one. I knew people were doing it with their blackberries (those button clicks are very loud and distinct) but 59% is a huge number. That probably means that your average cellphone user (non-blackberry) is also checking their emails from the throne as well. Gotta love it.

I get everything accomplished from the toilet at work and home, especially with my new iPhone 3G. I check sites and apps for the latest news and sports information, I watch videos and movies, I listen to music and I check email. I could pretty much work from there all day if I wanted to. It's the one place where I can get some peace and quiet and not have people all up in my face bothering me every 5 minutes. I have to worry about the auto-light switch going off in the work bathroom after 7 minutes but that's another story. I can't tell you how many times I had to jump up and wave my hands to turn that thing back on. WTF!!!

I wonder what percentage of bloggers post from the toilet? Whatever that number may be just went up a few percentage points...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympic Kicks Roundup

The Olympics are just around the corner and almost every custom colorway or specialty sneaker has been spotted or released, so I figured I would round up as many as I could find and highlight some of the best.

This seems like one of the more commercialized Olympics (especially for sneakers and athletic gear) in recent memory and we haven't even started the opening ceremonies yet! I think this new trend is because of the fact that so many great players are finally playing for Team USA again and they all seem to have their own shoe.

Don't forget that China is a huge market and they definitely likes their custom kicks and colorways just like the US Sneakerheads, so this is a perfect time and place to drop some dope kicks on the world.

AJ 6 Rings 1

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stressed Out at Work? Try Not Giving a F$&K!!!

I don't give a F$&K about 12-18 hours a day so this video was right up my alley. It's a perfect video to play when you are pissed off at work, have no money or if your girl just left you for some jackass with a Benz. I highly recommend not giving a F$&K as much as possible and just doing whatever the hell it is you want to do. You might end up dead or in jail but at least your life will be a lot more stress free.

You may recognize Jon Lajoie from the two classic rap videos "Normal Guy" and "Normal Guy 2":

Gnarls Barkley - "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" Official Video

I'm a big fan of Gnarls Barkley and this new video for "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" is very cool and unique. It's almost as if the song is secondary to the story and the story ends up linking back to the song so it's like one big crazy combo. It all links together like a mini movie or something. I thought that was pretty cool. This album was definitely a bit darker than the last and fewer uptempo and happy type tracks but it's nice to see that they aren't trying to just use the same formula all over again and are instead continuing to evolve as a group.

Obviously you've heard Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" since it was played 4 billion times a few years back but if you haven't listened to their albums in full, you are really missing out. They don't fall into any genre which is great but if you like R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul like I do, then you will not be disappointed. They are one of my favorite groups of all time after just two albums. That is saying something.

Here's a review I did at after I saw them live at Avalon in Boston:


Going On:

Holy F!!! This Baseball Brawl is UGLY!!!

I apologize for the delay in putting this up since it happened last week and was already on ESPN but I just got a chance to see it now. Cut me some slack. This is INSANE! I have seen some crazy brawls before but this is by far the worst I've seen in quite some time.

You will notice that the pitcher fires the ball into the dugout (always potential for serious injury there) but it ends up hitting a fan instead (even worse). That fan had to be taken to the hospital for what I can assume are pretty serious injuries, depending on where they got hit. Imagine if it hit that fan in the head or eye? Or if that was a young kid? The potential for serious long term injury or even death seems very high.

No matter how pissed you were, why would you ever do that? What a lunatic. I think this is actually worse than the time Delmon Young threw a bat at the umpire after a called third strike. This crazy pitcher might end up in jail and be banned from playing baseball ever again. WOW.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dj RyB Presents Anonimus ft. Animaetion & Chase Money - SLV3: Train of Thought (FREE DOWNLOAD)


This is the 3rd installment of the Anonimus' Suburban Legend Mixtape series.  I've mixed all 3 volumes to date and I have to say, they just keep getting better every time in terms of quality tracks and flow from Anonimus. SLV3 has a few more features this time around featuring Animaetion and Chase Money. They all bring something different to the table in terms of sound and flow, which makes a sick combination. I don't even want to call this a mixtape because it's more of an album.  It's solid all the way through and has every kind of track from uptempo to smoked out.

Be sure to check out for Volumes 1 & 2.  I will be posting these up in the near future. Hit me up with some feedback!

DOWNLOAD Dj RyB Presents Anonimus ft. Animaetion & Chase Money - SLV3: Train of Thought

1) Irrelative - Anonimus ft. Animaetion & Chase Money
2) All Day - Anonimus
3) Dope Man (In The Mirror) - Anonimus
4) This Feel - Anonimus ft. Chase Money
5) AMG - Anonimus ft. Chase Money
6) I Don't Believe U - Anonimus ft. Chase Money
7) Tell Me If It's Real - Anonimus ft. Chase Money
8) Bare Minimum - Anonimus ft. Chase Money
9) Drive Slow - Anonimus ft. Animaetion
10) Bodega 07 - Anonimus
11) Life Right Here - Anonimus ft. Animaetion
12) Maetion Freestyle - Animaetion
13) One I got - Freestyle Anonimus
14) When Shit Get Thick - Anonimus ft. Animaetion & Chase Money
15) World War III - Anonimus
16) I Can't Quit - Anonimus ft. Animaetion
17) Rap to Ya - Anonimus ft. Chase Money
18) Rock Star - Anonimus
19) Interlude - Anonimus ft. Animaetion

Can We Just Go Back to The Boston Garden, PLEASE?!?!


I can’t believe they are renaming the Boston, AGAIN.  This is getting old and super annoying for some reason.  Celtics fans just call it the Garden anyway so why don’t we just go back to the original Boston Garden name?  Banks change names every other year these days and that’s why we always have to deal with this crap.  Why couldn’t we have had a solid company like AT&T or Sony buy the naming rights to the arena?  It just makes the team look stupid when the arena name is being changed every couple of years and your own fans don’t even know what to call it.  We gave up a long time ago and just went back to the good old Garden.   
I really don’t like the idea of selling out the Garden for naming purposes but I understand it has to be done because of the revenue gained from it.  That’s life these days in the big arenas and excessively expensive pro sports.  I just feel like there has to be another way to allow companies to sponsor the arena without having to rename it all the time.  Who the F even uses TD BankNorth anyway?  I don’t think I’ve ever even seen one of their banks or ATMs anywhere near the “TD BankNorth Garden”.  What a waste of money… 

Here's the history of the Garden and it's ridiculous name issues over the years:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

McFlyness - Original Hoverboard from Back to the Future on eBay

I never thought I would have a second Back to the Future II related post ever, yet alone within a few weeks of the original.  First it was Kobe Bryant showing up in a DeLorean with the Marty McFly Nike Hyperdunks.  Now it's the OG Hoverboard from B2F II appearing on eBay with a $30K reserve price.  Shit is getting crazy, man.  I don't know if I can take this.  B2TF II is by far the best of the trilogy and is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.  I have seen it approximately 2,439 times and will continue to watch it every time it's on cable.

I wish this was a sign from above that there was a new Back to the Future movie in the works but unfortunately, I don't think that is happening any time soon.  If it did, Michael J. Fox probably wouldn't be involved because of his Parkinson's Disease and it just wouldn't be right not to have him as the main character.

I wish we could go back and replace B2TF 3 though.  I thought that version was kind of garbage with the old west and boring plot line.  It just kind of ruined the whole vibe for me.  I wanted more future predictions that were similar to the flying cars, auto dry clothes and auto-lace Nike's.  I used to love that ish!!!  I like to pretend that B2TF 3 doesn't exist and just hope that a new one will be made before I die. 

UPDATE:  The  eBay bid for the hoverboard is already down for some reason.  That's weak!!!

Manny is High Again - (Fred McGriff Would Not Endorse These Fielding Techniques)

I didn't see this play live last week but I wish I had.  This is hilarious!  Manny must have taken a few hits from the bong before hitting left field and creating one of the worst attempts at a diving catch in recent history.  

I am still trying to figure out whether it's NESN or MLB that is being crazy about taking down content from YouTube because I couldn't find this clip anywhere but on some random video sites.  I have a feeling it might be both because you really can't find that many MLB clips on YouTube.  It’s not like either of them are making money off of these clips elsewhere like it was a movie or something, although I think MLB does charge for a lot of useless crap on their site (or did at one point).  If you are going to be losers about it, at least make some cool content available on your site for free and make the money from more advertising. They already have ads on their site but I have a feeling they aren't getting a ton of return visitors.  They have free videos available but it's just boring interviews and highlights.   If you put the cool content up or even let people create their own videos to upload, I bet their unique visitors and and revenue would increase tremendously.
I am pissed off more than I should be because YouTube took down the “Blame It On the Rain” Red Sox video I put up a few weeks back.  Papelbon and Manny Del Carmen got all dressed up in Milli Vanilli concerts and did a lip sync performance on the Jumbotron during a rain delay.  It was funny as hell and it was getting a ton of views within a few days.  Yes, I understand that it is copyrighted content but honestly, there are way worse infringements out there such as full movies and tv shows.  They also took down my clip of the Celtics celebrating the Championship Trophy at Fenway.  I could understand making me take it down if the video was available elsewhere but it was nowhere to be found after that.  WTF!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beginning of a New Trend? Hawks Childress Signs with Greek Team Olympiakos


I was caught a little off guard this morning when I read an article about Josh Childress (formerly of the Altanta Hawks) deciding to sign with Greek Team Olympiakos.  This happens quite a bit with lower level players, older and lesser known veterans and foreign born players but Childress is the first of the above average group to bolt the NBA for a foreign league.

The more I think about it though, the more it starts to make sense, at least for Childress and his ever growing wallet.  Atlanta was offering 5 yrs @ 35 mil. (7 mil per) & the Greek squad offered 3 yrs @ 20 mil (6.6 mil per).  Although look fairly similar, once you break it down, they are quite different.  Playing overseas allows you to get away from the dreaded income tax.  The dollar is super weak right now, so if he is paid in Euros or some similar valued currency, he will be making close to double the US dollar amount.  Also, most foreign squads are willing to pay for housing and all food costs so that's like making another couple hundred thousand dollars right there.  All in all, he is making out quite well.

He could also be one of the top dogs overseas if he plays to his potential, gain a little fame and then come back to the NBA in a few years and actually create more demand for his skill set than he would have had he stayed and played as a 6th-8th man on an NBA squad.  If someone that has never played in the NBA can get drafted after only scoring 4 PPG in a foreign league, I am sure Childress can get some serious interest and money from the NBA in a year or two if he performs well over there.

This is an interesting start to what I think will become a bigger trend in the very near future.  Unless the dollar starts to gain in value quickly (not something that will be happening any time soon), I bet we will start to see a lot more well known players jump ship from the NBA if they aren't getting the offers they are looking for at home.  If you are young and someone is willing to pay you a lot more than you are worth back home, why not take the risk for a few years?  At least if it doesn't work out, you still have the opportunity to come back and still make some money in the NBA (if you are good enough).  We shall see if this is an official trend within the next two seasons.

Here are some more articles on the topic:
Sporting News

Chick Fights, Mahorn Pushing Lisa Leslie and One Blown Out Knee - The WNBA...It's FANtastic!!!

Oh man!  This is fantastic.  I think this is the first time I've ever been even remotely interested in the WNBA  I never thought I would actually post something about the league.  Actually, I had a self-imposed WNBA ban but decided to removed it with the awesome news of this "fight".

This Candace Parker chick is really putting the WNBA in the spotlight these days.  You've gotta give her credit.  First she had two decent dunks in back to back games and now she is involved in one of the first big WNBA brawls.  Kudos to her.  She's even kind of cute for a diesel 6'3" chick.  Talk about a complete package.

Here are my favorite highlights from this video:

The game was in Detroit - There has to be something in the air in Detroit that gets everyone fired up and want to start a fight.  It's like people lose all rationale thinking abilities and just lose their damn minds.  This was in the same stadium where the Pacers/Pistons catastrophe happened a few years ago when Ron Artest had a beer thrown at him and then went into the stands to fight a fan.  Can we all agree that we need to just burn this place down and move all Detroit pro teams to another city or state?  We might be on the cusp of a soccer riot like incident in which the whole stadium flips out and just starts fighting each other and then 10 people die from being trampled.  Let's try and prevent this now while we still have the chance. 

Chicks Fighting - This is always interesting, scary and funny, all at the same time.  Too bad the girls involved couldn't be a little hotter.  The ratings would have shot up 1000x overnight.

Rick Mahorn pushing Lisa Leslie - This is getting blown out of proportion and looks worse than it really was.  Mahorn was just trying to break up the fight and calm everyone down but he is so f'n big that he ended up knocking Lisa Leslie down without even trying.  The media will twist this like it's man on woman violence of course but I think it was just bad luck and a crappy situation for everyone involved.  I feel bad for him because he is never going to hear the end of this from women and domestic violence groups, etc.

Cheryl Ford blowing out her knee - Just in case you were completely oblivious to women sports, I will give you a little heads up.  They blow out their ACL's, MCL's and knees ALL THE TIME.  It's an epidemic.  Any time I am forced to watch a WNBA or softball highlight on SportsCenter, I swear I see at least one major injury per highlight.  Shouldn't it be mandatory for all women athletes to wear those huge robotic knee braces to help prevent this madness? I'm sorry but I literally laughed out loud by myself this morning when I was watching this highlight.  Cheryl Ford (the daughter of Karl Malone) was trying to break up the fight and calm down her own teammate and then she barely twisted the wrong way, fell to the ground in pain and had to be taken off the court in a WHEELCHAIR!

You couldn't make this stuff up!!!  Good times.

UPDATE:  They just handed out fines and suspensions.  The WNBA is starting to resemble the NBA more and more everyday!  Read about it:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Ante Up" with Bert and Ernie

Oh man!  This is a freakin' classic.  I've seen a lot of YouTube garbage lately but this had me legitimately laughing hard and that hasn't happened in awhile.

The M.O.P. "Ante Up" track is one of the best hype/fight songs of all time.  You just want to punch someone in the face as soon as you hear it.  When you combine it with some perfectly synced video of Sesame Streets Bert and Ernie, you have a serious winner.

I've seen a ton of R-Rated cartoon/kid show dubs lately. These two aren't bad either:

Speedwalkin'?! I PITY THE FOOL!!!

Mr. T and his crazy antics never get old.  Except maybe in 2 weeks when I have seen this ad approximately 489 times.  But for right now, this is still funny so I will enjoy and continue to chuckle heartily.

I kind of wish I could drive this truck to work and take out suckas that feel the need to pull in to my lane in bumper to bumper traffic when I am leaving just enough room to not hit the car in front of me.  Then when that asshole cuts me off to gain about 30 ft., I'll break him off with some Snickers in the back of the dome.  Then they will know what's up.  I hate those morons.  Actually, I just hate people in general...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Air Jordan Men's Retro III D Football Cleats (and other AJ cleats)

I can't even tell you how jealous I am of anyone that is playing high school or college football this season and has a chance to rock either pair of the above Air Jordan III football cleats.  To be honest, I don't even think I would wear these on the field because they would get too f'd up.  I'd probably just put them in a case and stare at them every day after practice.  This has me salivating for the Air Jordan 20/3 Countdown Pack that is going to be released in October.  That's just in time to give myself a nice little 30th Birthday present.  It sounds like the black/cement/varsity red version will be part of the pack.

The idea for creating cleats (baseball or football) from Air Jordans must have begun when MJ requested they be made for his short stint in the Minor Leagues after his first "retirement".  I remember him rocking the AJ IX's to match the Birmingham Barons uniforms and they looked SICK!!!  I wanted a pair to wear myself during the baseball season but they just didn't exist back then.

Over the years, many players were chosen to wear custom versions such as Derek Jeter, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss to name a few.  The best looking cleat (and Air Jordan in general) was the XI in my opinion.  Here are some more examples of Air Jordan cleats over the years:
Deion Sanders - Washington Redskins Colorway
Donovan McNabb - Philadelphia Eagles Colorway

Middle School Joints - Nike Air Flight Lite 91' Retro

I have been a HUGE fan of the Nike Air Flight Lites ever since they originally dropped in 1991.  I was just a baby Sneakerhead but my love for Nikes was in full effect.  My Dad let me buy the Dee Brown Omni Zone Pumps and I was very happy with my selection so I couldn't complain.  Other than a pair of Jordan's, my next selection would have been the Air Flight Lites.  Here's a pick of the OG colorway that my buddy Dave was rockin' on our middle school basketball team.
Nike has finally graced us with a retro of these joints and they definitely did not disappoint with the high colorways.  I've seen rumors that the "Citron" aka neon yellow colorway will be available in October for $110 and the White/Red colorway in November.  The OG blacks that Scottie Pippen used to wear will probably be available at some point around that time as well.
Available RIGHT NOW are the following three colorways for $100.  I'm not really a huge fan of any of them but if I had to make a choice I would go 1) Blue 2) Black and 3) Red.  If the Black had a white swoosh instead of the all black, those would take the cake hands down.  I don't understand why Nike would put out such heinous colors for the retro.  I would have thought that the Hi-top versions would have come out first as well.  I'm not complaining though because I thought these would never see the light of day again.  The Hi's will be copped in the fall:

This is only a Photoshop that someone made but I think these would sell much better than any of those three:

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