Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kanye West Signature Nike Air Yeezy's

Pics of the Nike Air Yeezy's started floating around the net a few months ago. I was just about to post the Nike HyperDunk McFly's and it made me think of these kicks and the fact that I hadn't posted anything on them yet. Although it's a little strange at first, I like that Nike is thinking outside the box and giving signature shoea to non-athletes.

Anyway, these are some DOPE ASS kicks. I love them in every single colorway and will definitely cop these in mass quantities once they are actually available. I haven't seen anything about WHEN these might be released but they definitely are not a one off shot made just for Kanye. That is definitely good news as the buzz and demand for these continues to increase.

If you take a close look at the kicks, you'll see hints of the Air Flight Revolution outsole, and tongue and ankle shaped similar to the Air Force V. I love the style of these since they look familiar in some way, yet they are different enough to still be new and original. Peep all the colorways I've found to date:


UPDATE: New video with three confirmed colorways

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