Monday, July 7, 2008

Tick Bite + Fever/Chills + Lyme Disease = The Shittiest 4th of July Weekend EVA!!!

While you were out having a good time getting drunk for 3 or 4 straight days or almost lighting your hand on fire this past weekend, I was in the Emergency Room on the 4th, getting treated for a freakin' tick bite. I don't know when or where this little fucker hit me up but I had a huge bullseye rash on my side that started to grow to the size of a softball.

I thought I was OK for a day or two before I knew what was going on but then started to get the chills in 80 degree weather. An hour later, I was sweating profusely and felt like shit. It wasn't until this point that I noticed a rash starting to grow on my side which I had not noticed before. I kind of ignored it for a few days hoping it was just a normal bug bite and it might go away but that never happened. I even went to Foxwoods on Thursday night and won $100 at roulette, even though I could have passed out on the table at any time.

I had to hit the ER the next day because the sickness was unbearable. $100 down the drain for the ER visit. Thanks for nothing HMO Blue! WTF! They told me I had Lyme Disease and I started to freak out a bit because all I could think of was that crazy bitch Irene from the Real World Seattle and how she said her mind was all f'd up from the disease. Honestly though, I just didn't want to get slapped by some large effeminate black man after he tosses my teddy bear into the water on my trip home in a cab...cause that would suck. I guess if you catch it quickly, you are OK but still, you never know.

I got some antibiotics that finally started to kick in yesterday and luckily, I feel pretty good today. The point of this rant is actually to serve as a PSA of sorts. Since everyone is outside a lot for BBQ's and sports and such, make sure you check yourself constantly and try to wear bug spray whenever possible. It could make a big difference. If you don't detect a bite or rash, you may end up with Lyme Disease without any real symptoms for months. By that time, it could be too late to subdue the long term effects which can be severe fatigue, headaches, loss of memory or brain function and even heart problems. I know this isn't a very fun post but I don't really care. I had to deal with this shit all weekend so you might as well be schooled on it so you can be a smarter person if the situation ever arises. Good luck.

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