Friday, July 11, 2008

My New Sawks Jersey - (My New Haircut Remix)

I thought this video was gonna suck or at least be a shitty rip off of the original classic, "My New Haircut" but I definitely got a few chuckles out of it and have to give some credit to these Tampa clowns.

"Fuckin' Yanks" and "Knuckleballs" are great takes on the original vid. Finding a Rays fan is like trying to find the f'n Lock Ness Monster but at least all three of them have been coming out in full force lately and representing on YouTube.

I've gotta give them a little credit for at least STARTING to give a shit about their team. Thanks for comin' out fellas. Too bad it won't matter in about a month or two when they are in 3rd place and out of the playoffs again. Then we'll see how many non-bandwagon Rays fans really exist.

Here's the all time classic. Jaegerbombs! Jaegerbombs! Not Now Chief, I'm in the Fuckin' Zone!"

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