Monday, July 14, 2008

Dopeness - NetFlix on the XBox 360 in the Fall

I've heard rumors of this partnership for the past year or so but I never thought it would actually happen. NetFlix and Microsoft have just announced that NetFlix Online Movie Rentals will be available on the XBox 360 in the fall.

The movie rentals on the XBox 360 are fairly decent now (definitely better than iTunes/AppleTV in my opinion) but they have that asinine pricing that uses points instead of dollars and 100 points is not equal to a dollar. Retarded. If I could do a monthly fee for unlimited viewing, I would be using it all the time. I only watch one movie rental every month or two now.

With the addition of NetFlix, there's almost zero reason to use Comcast's OnDemand service, since the movies available are usually garbage and cost about the same if not more. I'm not sure how it's going to work but I assume you can continue to use the XBox Marketplace for rentals and NetFlix as an alternative/supplement.

if NetFlix has the same limited choices for online streaming that they have now (at least for another year until they get their act together), you will still want to use both services. This is another great option that will definitely keep me from buying an AppleTV any time soon. The need for cable may be quickly evaporating in the near future if things continue at this pace. I love how everything is converging and maybe one day I won't need 6 different boxes/consoles to watch or play whatever I want. We'll see...

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