Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bad Brand Image - Elton Brand Leaves Clips for 76ers


Wow. I didn’t realize Elton Brand was a complete a-hole and was capable of something like this. It sounds like he is officially signing with the Sixers of all teams, after the Warriors offered him a max contract and right after Baron Davis just recently signed with the Clippers to give them what looked like a really solid team on paper.

I heard that Baron Davis and Brand were friends and that is why he was opting out to take less money and make room for Davis. They had a solid team with Brand there and now they are back to just decent. Davis is supposedly furious at being lied to by Brand. This reminds me of the very similar situation with Carlos Boozer and the Cleveland Cavaliers years back. No one sticks to their word or has any pride these days. I don't know why Brand seems to think he has a better chance of winning in Philly, even though they did look decent in the playoffs this year. Staying with the Clippers is a much better move in my opinion.

I don’t get it. Do these clowns want to win games or just make as much money as they possibly can? He should already have plenty of money (he signed a 6 year, $82 contract back in 2003 and it’s not like LA was giving him scraps this time around either. Did anyone watch the Finals or the Celtics this season and see what happens when you assemble great talent, a few people make sacrifices monetarily and you get the best players in house?

I never thought Brand was a greedy prick but I guess I was wrong. Here's the official story at

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