Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Air Jordan 6 Rings (Olympic Edition)

AJ 6 Rings 1
AJ 6 Rings 2
AJ 6 Rings 3
I'm not really sure how I feel about these joints. These are similar to the other combo Jordans that have been released in the past few years that take a piece of a few different J's to create one crazy Frankenstein version. They have been fairly hit or miss. I'm not sure I like the combination on the 6 Rings but I do like the Olympic colorway. I have a pair of the Spiz'ikes, which is a combination of five different Air Jordans of the past:

This is the colorway I copped last summer with a special online only edition. These also came with a dope Jordan Messenger Bag and iPod case but the total package was in the $225 range, if I remember correctly. Not exactly easy on the wallet.
AJ Spiz'ike Red
I think any time you can combine some of the best Jordan's of the past, it's potentially a good thing but not everyone is a fan of these reincarnations.

I'd rate the AJ 6 Rings kicks as a 8 out of 13 bottles on the scale...

Here's a video of Bow Wow opening his pair of Jordan 6 Rings:

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