Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paul Pierce is the Best Player On Earth (According to Me and Him)

If you are a real Celtics fan (and not someone that just jumped on the bandwagon this season) you will know that Paul Pierce is shall we say, "confident". He will definitely tell you that he is the best player on the court at any time and the best part is that he is usually right.

Paul used to be arrogant to a fault, meaning he thought he was so good that he didn't trust his teammates and he would try and do to much himself. That's one of the reasons why they sucked for so many years before this season. It also didn't help that he had zero talent surrounding him so I guess he had to take the team on his back but it got to a point that people in Boston were actually OK with him potentially being traded.  It almost happened two years ago during the draft and no one would have criticized the move.  I think most people at that time would have been more than happy to get Chris Paul in return (they would have gotten a draft pick from Portland that would have turned into CP3) because they were sick of Pierce's antics and attitude.

Paul really grew up this season in terms of maturity and his willingness to play team ball. The funny thing is, a lot of people expected Pierce to defer to Garnett and Allen and end up with lower overall stats and potentially get upset because of it all. Instead, he had the best all around season of his career and he ended up becoming the on court leader and taking the big shots when they were needed.  He was the freakin' man, to say the least. 

The point of this rant is basically to back up my man Paul in his recent admission that he feels he's the best player in the world at this time. In my opinion, HE IS THE BEST PLAYER in the world at this time since he just won the NBA Finals MVP trophy and he was one of the main reasons why the Celtics brought home Banner 17.  I think he has every right to be a little arrogant right now, even if it turns some other people off.  Fans and players can't say a thing because they didn't do what the Celtics and Pierce just accomplished.  The Celtics are now the defending world champions and our man Pierce was the best player in the world for a stretch of a few months.  I think he has the right to say that no one is better right now.  Until next season starts, he can say whatever the hell he wants!  Go ahead Paul!

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Spurs Fans and Lakers Fans already have something to say about it.  I'm sorry but you both lost.  Get over it, bitches!

We are the Champions MoFo's!!!!

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