Friday, July 31, 2009

Laker Girl Auditions 2009 (NICE!)

I hate the Lakers but this video almost made me change my mind for a half second.  If it's a straight up compeititon between the Laker Girls and the Celtics Dancers, we would definitely get smoked.  These girls are probably considered average out in LA too.  Damn!

You probably won't even notice it during the first few views but be on the lookout for the wack jobs at this tryout.  There's always a few in the bunch that just ruin it for everyone.  You get 10 points if you spot the weirdo in a one piece pink leotard.  WTF is that all about?!??!  This chick actually left the house thinking she had a chance at making this team?  WOW.

Clipse ft. Keri Hilson & Pharrell - All Eyes On Me (DOPE)

It's nice to see Clipse back at it again.  I've been waiting for their new album Til the Casket Drops for what seems like 2 years at this point.  Their new track "All Eyes On Me" is a little more uptempo and commercial than some of their past few releases which should help them get back into the minds of the Hip Hop mainstream. Shit is HOT!!!

Clipse ft. Keri Hilson & Pharrell - All Eyes On Me
It seemed like everyone knew who Clipse was when they released "Grindin'" and "When The Last Time" from the Lord Willin' album in 2001.  They were all over the place with Pharell and the Neptunes and blew up even bigger when they appeared on Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You" but somehow seemed to disappear from the mainstream for the last 5-6 years.  They've been around but they just weren't doing it like they used to and were keeping a low profile mostly due to record label issues.  

Their second album Hell Hath No Fury from 2006 was sick and is probably one of the more underrated Hip Hop albums of the past 5 years but most Hip Hop fans have probably never even heard it which is unfortunate.  It was a hit with Hip Hop Heads and music critics but the mainstream wasn't buying it. Their two singles "Mr. Me Too" and Wamp Wamp (What It Do)" were too hard for radio and club play so that definitely didn't help the cause.

I'm liking where they are going with "All Eyes on Me" and I am expecting some big things from Til the Casket Drops which is set to release in October 2009.  Check out "Kinda Like a Big Deal" featuring Kanye West and Bun B in the video below.  This dropped back in April and is another hot track that will hopefully make the album.  Kanye actually raps for once too!  DOPE SHIT!

Site(s) of the Week - Animals in Casts & Creepy Faces (FUNNY)

This is animal PWNAGE at it's finest.  You gotta feel bad for the little guys but I can't help but laugh when I see some of these pics.  I can't believe there is a whole site dedicated to pets in casts and it's even more incredible that it's actually worth checking out.  The name of the site is awesome too:

Have you noticed that the number of  pictures ruined by some jerk off in the background has increased to a ridiculous level over the past few years?  Forget the Swine Flu; I think creepy faces is the real epidemic in America.  I always thought these people were douchebags but I when you see a collection of these funny ass pics all in one place, it makes you appreciate their "creativity" on a different level.  Check out some classics at:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little Kids Rockin' Out to Hip Hop - Part 3 (BALLIN'!!!)

This little kid is killin' it on the dancefloor!  Actually, it's just a random parking lot at some talent show in Milwaukee, WI but there's no need to get technical.  Either he's been watching too much BET or he's been going to the strip club with his Daddy because no 7 year old should have moves like this. He was making it rain on dem hoes with his fake hundreds like he was Pac Man Jones and even broke out the bowling and jumpshot moves like he was Katt Williams .  Freakin' classic!
I'm still not convinced this kid is only 7 years old though.  There is a high probability that he might be a 25 year old midget that goes to the clubs every night.  He just has too many damn moves for a second grader.  He even rocked the cell phone move at the end!  So good!

Hot Chick of the Week - Gabrielle Union (UNDERRATED)

Gabrielle Union might be one of the hottest chicks in Hollywood yet you rarely hear her name or see her in movies these days.  WTF is up with that?  She should be such a bigger star at this point in her career.  She's not even a bad actress so I don't understand what the problem is.  I need answers!!! 

I thought I would give her some props today since I stumbled across this video above of her doing a lapdance from the movie "Cradle 2 the Grave" completely by accident.  I love my urban movies but even I haven't seen this flick starring Jet Li and DMX so I'm sure most of you haven't either.   I think it was in theaters for about 2 weeks back in 2003.   It looked like a typical garbage Jet Li movie but maybe it's worth wathching now that I know Gabrielle is in it. 

Someone needs to put her in a new movie or TV show ASAP so we can get some more of this smokeshow.  I might as well hit you off with a few more pics of Gabrielle Union while we're here.  LOVE HER!
gabrielle union Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Custom Nike Dunks from Brass Monki (SUPER NERDY)

I stumbled across this custom sneaker site  the other day and I have to say, this dude some sick custom colorways and designs. Most are just Photoshop concepts at this point but there are some crazy ideas that someone needs to execute ASAP.  Here are a few of my favorites:
It seems like there has a been a crazy demand for some of these custom kick designs because they are opening up the Brass Monki Online Store very soon.  You will be able to purchase one of the designs below but you have to be one of the first 10 orders before the store closes out for the month.

It might be worth the extra effort though since your freshness level will be at all time high if you are rockin' any of these kicks.  No one on the block will have these kicks.  You can guarantee that!  DOPE!

Brass Monki Online Store

Brass Monki Michael Jackson Store

G.I. Joe New Era Hats & Nike Kicks (UGLY YET AWESOME)

I'm really torn on these New Era G.I. Joe hats.  I want to like them because they are affiliated with one of my favorite toys and shows as a kid but they are just plain hideous.  Actually, just three of the four are awful.  The all black hat with the Cobra logo is actually kind of hot because it's clean and simple.  I would definitely rock that.  I wouldn't be caught dead in the rest of them...
If you think you can pull off the rest of these with your urban hipster gear, then good luck with that.  Just be on the lookout because you might get punched in the face as your walking down the street.  I really wish they didn't F these hats up.  They had so much potential!  Hopefully there will be some more soon. 

There will also be a special G.I. Joe pack from Nike that features the Nike Assault Low, Vandal High and the Trainer SC High (also known as the Bo Jackson's).  Check out for some more pics and details.  I think they got a little too crazy with these colorways as well but having this three pack would be a nice addition to the collection.

 I'm definitely looking forward to the movie though.  This trailer got me hyped up!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shaq Hosts WWE Monday Night Raw (DUDE IS NUTS)

Shaquille O'Neal hosted Monday Night Raw last night.  Is it just me or does it seem like Shaq has been everywhere lately? 

I could totally see him doing this for a few years as a second "sports" career after he's done with basketball.  If Hulk Hogan can wrestle into his late 40's (maybe older?) then Shaq can definitely pick it up quickly and be a top performer in a few short years.  He is a monster and a freak of nature so I'm sure he could learn some serious moves too. 

I couldn't get over how large the Big Show actually was though.  I knew the dude was huge but he literally looks Shaq right in the eyes.  I had no idea he was actually 7 feet tall.  Most wrestlers exaggerate by about 5-6 inches.  Dude is a beast!!!

Here are a few longer clips of Shaq on Monday Night Raw last night:

Big Sean - "Getcha Some" Official Video (COOL)

"Getcha Some" is the new single from up and coming rapper Big Sean who is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label.  I guess this track has been floating around for more than a year since it first appeared on his "Finally Famous" mixtape so it's not tecnically new but for most of us around the country, this is the first we've heard of Big Sean.  He still has a fairly local Detroit following so they are going to use this as the first single for his 1st official album "Finally Famous" to help introduce him to the rest of the world. 

I'm not completely sold on the song yet but the video is cool as shit.  The special effects are fairly simple but they definitely add something unique to an otherwise basic video concept.  The video definitely made me like the song better than if I had only heard the song without the visuals, if that makes sense.

It's not an overwhelmingly crazy track but it's decent and got my head bobbin'.  Maybe it will grow on me in time.  It's not that it's a bad song, it's just that I'm not feeling any energy from it.  It might just be Big Sean's style and I just need to get used to it.  I trust Kanye's opinion on "good music" so I assume he's got some other dope tracks in the chamber.  I'm sure Kanye will play a big role in production and song selection so we should be hearing alot more from Big Sean in the next couple of months.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Redskins' Keith Eloi jumps out of the Pool Backwards!!!! (CRAZY)

Washington Redskin Keith Eloi of "Truck Jumping" fame is back at it again with another crazy jumping stunt.  This time, he takes it to the pool which was originally done by the Chicago Bears' Jarron Gilbert but Eloi takes it to the next level by doing it BACKWARDS.  This dude is freakin' insane!

I am a little skeptical about this one because of how his arms and legs move around the :50 mark.  It just doesn't look natural.  They definitely could have taken a video of him jumping into the pool forward, reversed it and spliced it in to look real but who really knows. I don't think these guys would even bother with that when you have a jumping freak like Eloi.  If anyone could do this, it would be him so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.  I hope he keeps making crazy videos like this because I can't get enough of them.

Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West - "Run This Town" (1st SINGLE FROM BLUEPRINT 3!)

"Run This Town" is the 1st Official single from Jay-Z's upcoming BluePrint 3 album scheduled to drop on September 11th, 2009.  It features Rihanna and Kanye West.  If you're gonna do it big, then DO IT BIG.  He brought out all of the big guns for this one. 

I'm definitely feelin' this joint.  It sounds different from all of the other stuff out there right now and it gets your head snappin'.  The bass line is catchy as shit too.  Expect to hear this on radio and TV in heavy rotation very soon.
Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West - "Run This Town"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Awesome Wrestler Impersonations (FROM A DRUNK GUY?)


This dude's old school wrestler impersonations are on point!  Not only was he able to imitate Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Ric Flair to perfection but he even kept it relevant to his surroundings and only used food and deli references.  That's impressive. I'm sure he was either drunk or high too so his degree of difficulty should also land him some bonus points.  This guy rocks!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dj RyB's MJ Tribute Mix Volume 1 (DOWNLOAD)

I know it's long overdue but I finally had a chance to put together the Dj RyB MJ Tribute Mix I've been promising for the past few weeks.  I went over the song selection multiple times and ultimately decided on an uptempo dance mix from the King of Pop.  I always liked his upbeat tracks more than the slower stuff so this mix will keep you moving. This is my first mix in a few months and I was a little rusty so forgive me for a few mess ups here and there.  I do it one time on the fly so it's not always going to be perfect but I'm still happy with it.

This is only Volume 1 so I'll be following up with at least two more mixes to finish off the tribute to my man, Michael Jackson.  I'm thinking about going with a more eclectic mix of hits for Volume 2 and a rare remix collection for Volume 3.  Let me know what you think about this mix and if you have any suggestions for the future.  Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Dj RyB's MJ Tribute Mix Volume 1

You can also Subscribe to the Dj RyB Hip Hop Mixtape Podcast in iTunes!

iTunes podcast Pictures, Images and Photos

1) ABC - Jackson 5
2) Dancing Machine - Jackson 5
3) Remember The Time - Michael Jackson
4) Baby Be Mine - Michael Jackson
5) Rock With You (Single Version) - Michael Jackson
6) The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
7) Bad - Michael Jackson
8) Black Or White - Michael Jackson
9) Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
10) Thriller - Michael Jackson
11) Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
12) Billie Jean (Long Version) - Michael Jackson
13) Shake Your Body Down To The Ground (Extended Disco Mix) - Jackson 5
14) Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson
15) P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) - Michael Jackson
16) Beat It - Michael Jackson

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funny Wedding Entrance Dance AT THE CHURCH (BALLSY!)

WOW!  I never thought I would post one of those lame wedding videos on my site but this one is just plain awesome.  Everyone I've sent it to has either said "this is the best thing I've ever seen" or said "I want to do this for my wedding!".

This video is funny and entertaining yet still gives you enough of the douche chills (also known as retard tingles) to make you know it's real.  I think using Chris Brown's "Forever" was a questionable choice but maybe they felt the whole domestic abuse situation with Rihanna had died down enough and it was time to start playing his music again.  I'm not sure playing a song for someone who beat up their girlfriend is the right way to start off your life together but maybe that's just me...

I'm sure you've probably seen a ton of wedding videos of people doing choreographed dances at the reception.  There was that original video of a couple dancing to Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back" that blew up a couple of years ago.  I think it's actually fake but who knows.  It was unique at the time.  Now everyone tries to do it and it's just cliche at this point.  Even my cousin did it at her wedding just a few weeks ago.  It was cool and funny but it was also a little played out.
This couple took that concept to the next level and pulled off the choreographed dance IN THE CHURCH!  That takes serious balls to even ask if they will allow it and then some bigger balls to actually do it.  There is no way in hell that this was in a Catholic Church.  The priest would probably tell you that you were going to hell if you were going to play secular music and dance in the church during a wedding or at any time for that matter.  They had a women Reverend or whatever so it was obviously a more relaxed environment.

You also need to have a crew of people that is willing to do this if you are going to pull it off.  Most people hate weddings (or maybe it's just me) so asking them to "practice" a choreographed dance is really above and beyond the call of duty.  I just want to walk up the aisle and get it over with so I can sit down and not be emabarrased any more than I have to be.  If someone asked me to do this shit, I would be PISSED.  It looked like a fun crowd though so they got lucky there as well. 

Highlights of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance:
Be on the lookout for the guy who picks up a flower from the ground and then proceeds to walk on his hands down the ailse.  That was pretty impressive.  I thought he was going to do the worm which would have been slightly more entertaining/awkward but I will give him some points for the degree of difficulty.

Also look for the chick coming down the aisle with the tall guy with a beard.  She is so ridiculously awkward with her flowers and nerdy spin dance.  I freakin' love it.  There's always one wet rag in the bunch.  She might be one of the worst dancers I've ever seen.  Good times!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LeBron James Dunked On Video Released! - Now 2 Versions! (WATCH NOW)

I don't know why TMZ didn't get in on this video below because it is far superior to the one above.  It's closer to the action and in way better quality.  I still don't think the dunk is that big of a deal but at least you can really see what happened in this one:
I don't know why LeBron and Nike confiscated this video of King James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford because it isn't even that big of a deal.  The video quality is garbage but it's enough to see what happened. Maybe it was a lot crazier if you were up close but this looks like a typical dunk that happens all the time during a game.  LeBron was in the way and he got smashed on.  End of story.

If he didn't act like a little baby and make such a big deal about this video, most of the madness surrounding this story would have never happened or died quickly.  It might have been a video that got passed around for one day at best but now we are on week 3 of this ridiculous story.  What an idiot.  I still think LeBron is nasty and he is one of my favorite current NBA players but he still needs to mature a bit.  I think Kobe's shitty attitude and immaturity is starting to rub off on LeBron.    
If the video above goes dead, head over to to check out "the dunk".  It's really nothing special but it's worth at least one look.   Video Link Here.

New Music from Drake, Freeway, The Roots and Asher Roth

Here's a few new joints I came across recently.  The Drake track is decent but I think I like it more for the beat and melody.  It's got that repetitive sound going on in the background that reminds me of an old kiddie tune.  I can't place it though.  

Drake - Juice [Produced By Boi-1da] [Heartbreak Drake Pt. 2 Mixtape]

This a new Freeway track "featuring" Eminem.  Em doesn't do a verse and he is only heard on the chorus using a sample so that was a bit deceiving.  I wouldn't mind hearing those two on the same track though.  The title is weird but it's a dope track.  

Freeway Feat. Eminem - Freeway's Beard

I'm loving The new Roots track called "How I Got Over".  I've been feenin' for some new Roots material ever since they've become the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  It's made me appreciate their musical abilities and diversity even more than in the past.  I didn't realize Black Thought could actually sing too!  Dude is no joke!    

The Roots - How I Got Over

Asher Roth absolutely kills it on the D.O.A. instrumental.  This kid just keeps getting better and better with his verses.  It seems like it's a Love/Hate relationship with this dude but I think he's dope.  He is one of the few creative rappers out there right now and his flow is ridiculous.  

Asher Roth - D.O.A. [Freestyle]

Celtics Dancers Tryouts at House of Blues this Thursday (SWEET!)

If you're in the Boston area this Thursday, you might want to stop by the House of Blues on Landsdowne St. around 8 PM to catch a glimpse of all the fly shorties trying out for the '09 Boston Celtics Dance team.  There will be 44 hotties competing in a four part audition (including a swimsuit pageant!) that will help decide who will join next year's squad.  They will also have celebrity judges on hand including Miss Massachusetts, Miss Connecticut and NESN Sox reporter Heidi Watney.  Oh hell yeah!!!     

I was never a big fan of the idea of adding dancers a few years ago because it wasn't really needed and it kind of went against the Celtics tradition but I have quickly become a fan.  I can't really complain about a bunch of young hot chicks dancing around in tiny little outfits while I drink a beer and stare at their asses while attending a Celtics game.  Occasionally they'll even break out the school girl outfits and do a hot routine that would make any stripper proud.  Good times! 

I've become infatuated with the tall chick, Courtney who has been around since the first team was assembled.  She is 6 ft. tall and smoking hot.  I think I like her because I can see her the best from up in the balcony but even up close she is still fly as hell.  Here are a few quick pics:

Here's a link to last year's team along with some pictures.  Who's your favorite?

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