Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LeBron James Dunked On Video Released! - Now 2 Versions! (WATCH NOW)

I don't know why TMZ didn't get in on this video below because it is far superior to the one above.  It's closer to the action and in way better quality.  I still don't think the dunk is that big of a deal but at least you can really see what happened in this one:
I don't know why LeBron and Nike confiscated this video of King James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford because it isn't even that big of a deal.  The video quality is garbage but it's enough to see what happened. Maybe it was a lot crazier if you were up close but this looks like a typical dunk that happens all the time during a game.  LeBron was in the way and he got smashed on.  End of story.

If he didn't act like a little baby and make such a big deal about this video, most of the madness surrounding this story would have never happened or died quickly.  It might have been a video that got passed around for one day at best but now we are on week 3 of this ridiculous story.  What an idiot.  I still think LeBron is nasty and he is one of my favorite current NBA players but he still needs to mature a bit.  I think Kobe's shitty attitude and immaturity is starting to rub off on LeBron.    
If the video above goes dead, head over to to check out "the dunk".  It's really nothing special but it's worth at least one look.   Video Link Here.

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