Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slaughterhouse ft. Cee-Lo - "My Life" (DOPE)

This is a little more commercial than normal for the Slaughterhouse crew but I still think this dope. It's some of the best new shit I've heard in awhile. Finally someone is putting out some new ish for the Hip Hop game because it is extremely stale right now, I think Em is probably trying to get these dudes a decent radio hit so they can get some sales on their first Shady Records album. Not a bad strategy at all. As long as it's not some dance beats with Rihanna on the hook, I'm all for it. More people need to know about these dudes. They are sick!

Tony Allen's Unintentional Globetrotter Fake Pass (FUNNY)

Every so often while watching a Celtics game, I'll see a missed defensive assignment or someone will be torching them for 30-40 points and I start thinking about how it would be nice to still have Tony Allen as a defensive stopper. Then I'll see a "highlight" like this one and remember what a nightmare he can be on the offensive end. There is no way this pass was on purpose but it ended up working out pretty well.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

R2-D2's Other Message (2PAC's HOLOGRAM STRIKES BACK)

I should have seen this coming. It's seems too obvious now. Funny shit!

Monday, April 16, 2012

2Pac Performs Live At Coachella (SAY WHAT!?!?)

This is insane! If I didn't hear people talking about it on the radio this morning, I would have though that this was real and 2Pac was back! Shit is crazy! I guess the 3D effects that they used to create this "living" version of 2Pac cost over $10 million! Damn. It seems totally worth it to get Pac back, even if for just a few minutes.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dj RyB Hit Pop Volume 8 Mixtape (HIP HOP REMIXES)

1) Good Fucking Night (Chuckie Smash Crank Bootleg) - Roscoe Dash
2) Dance vs. Hold On vs. Push The Tempo - Big Sean vs Rusko vs Fat Boy Slim
3) Headlines (DJ Loki Rmx) - Drake
4) Niggas in Paris (DJ Enferno Bootleg Remix) - Jay-Z and Kanye West
5) Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay (Skillz Bass Mix) - Big Sean ft Kanye West and Roscoe Dash
6) Rack City (David S House Mix) - Tyga
7) Fly (Its The DJ Kue Remix) - Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna and Metafisix
8) I Need A Doctor (Dino Roc Remix) - Dr. Dre
9) Hustle Hard (DJ Phlipz Remix) - Ace Hood
10) I'm On One (DJ Mega Man and Panic City Remix) - DJ Khaled
11) The Motto (DJ Gustos FOMO Bootleg) - Drake ft Lil Wayne
12) Wild Ones (Aylen Remix) - Flo-Rida ft Sia
13) Starships (Justin Sane Remix) - Nicki Minaj
14) International Love (Jump Smokers Remix) - Pitbull ft Chris Brown
15) Turn Up The Music - Chris Brown

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blake Griffin Posterizes Ibaka (MORE NASTINESS)

Face! Blake is on a mission to dunk on every single one of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He's almost there...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Ted' The Movie Trailer (LOOKS AWESOME)

You may have seen this already since the trailer has been buzzin' over the past few weeks but here it is again just in case you missed it. I had actually only seen the edited version that was shown during an episode of Family Guy which was still funny but didn't represent the movie as well as this unedited version. This looks funny as shit! Can't wait.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bar Refaeli Playing Tennis in her Underwear (HELLO!)

This is exactly what you thought it would be and maybe more. WOW.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blake Griffin Posterizes Gasol TWICE (GASOL IS A BITCH)

Here's some more Blake Griffin insanity and this time he owned the little bitch, Pau Gasol not once but TWICE in the same game. You would think Gasol would just take it like a man on the second one after he had already been humiliated but instead he started whining and complaining to the ref like the bitch he is and made himself look even dumber. I cannot stand that sissy. He is one of the most hateable players in the NBA. What a douche. Here's posterization #2:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fresh Prince In Paris ("Ni**as In Paris" Video Remix)

Sick! This must have taken hours to create because the timing is perfect in each video clip. You really can't go wrong with anything related to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Instant Classic!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Highlights From The 2012 NCAA College Slam Dunk Dunk Contest

I didn't get a chance to post these highlights last Friday but it's better late than never, especially with this year's contest. As always, the College Dunk Contest always ends up being better than the NBA Dunk Contest. Most of these kids probably won't make the league and they really have nothing to lose so they go all out and try and make a name for themselves. The pros either don't try hard enough or we don't get the best dunkers because they don't want to get hurt or run the risk of embarrassment. I think the NBA just needs to let in all of the best dunkers from around the world, regardless if they are in the league or not. That would be crazy entertaining and it would kind of be the World Championship of Dunking which would give the winner crazy bragging rights for at least a year. Just my two cents...

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