Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Ish - 50 Cent vs. Taco Bell, Diddy vs. Obama, Hot Chicks & More!

I found lot's of random links and stories this morning so I figured I would just put them all in one post since I'm lazy and want to leave work early.

1) 50 Cent sues Taco Bell for using his name in a promotion (aka publicity stunt) in which they challenged him to offer up his own rap for their Value Menu.  You might think Fiddy is being an ass because Taco Bell claimed it would send $10K to charity but if you look into it further, he is just protecting his "brand".  They used his name without his permission and are just trying to take advantage of his popularity without compensating him.  That's bullshit.  Fifty shoudl win this case easily, in my opinion.


2) Sean "P. Diddy" Combs compares himself to Obama while promoting his new fragrance, "I Am King".

"The billboard portrays Sean "Diddy" Combs dressed in a sleek, white tuxedo, with an image of his new men's fragrance, I Am King. Impeccably put together, he is the ultimate man of power. He is daring and mysterious, refined and sexy."  

Slow your roll there, Diddy.  That is arrogant, even for you.  

3) Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies is challenging fans to beat him in a game of Guitar Hero.  He claims he is hands down the best GH player in the NBA.  He looks pretty decent in this clip.

4) No idea how I found this site but it has a great article about the increase in super hot women athletes lately with some fantastic pics of some of these smoke shows.  Well worth a quick look.  That's some serious booty!!!

5) Baconnaise is a new spread that combines too awesomely bad for you yet extremely tasty products; Bacon and Mayonnaise.  This just looks unreal.  I wish I could buy stock in this company right now because there is no reason why this will not skyrocket in popularity with fat people (and myself) over the next few years.  They also offer a LIGHT version but I am still trying to figure out why.  That's like getting Diet Coke with your Triple Whopper.  What's the F'n point, fatty?

6) I can't understand a word of this video but you don't really need to since it's all about this hot ass chick dancing like a slut and becoming a porn star.  Her stage name is Samira Summers but her real name is Eva Roob and she was a professional soccer player just a few years ago.  I guess those checks stopped coming in.  It is a global recession and all.  You gotta do what you gotta do!

7) Check out these knuckleheads.  Nothing special here but the typical Jackass type shit but I did find it amusing that a bunch of donkeys would not only film some clown trying to jump through a basketball hoop from the roof but also taped it with TWO cameras.  I will beat the shit out of my kids if they ever act like these tools.  What a bunch of losers.  It was pretty funny though.
null - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nike Zoom LeBron VI "Big Apple Edition" Hits NYC Tonight at the Garden

Just what we needed!  Another "sign" that LeBron James loves NYC and will end up there as a free agent in 2010.  It's no secret that King James is a big fan of the New York Yankees as he rocked their fitted at a playoff game IN CLEVELAND two years ago. He could also become the global icon he wishes to be if he makes his way to the city because of all the endorsement deals and extra pub he would receive by being in the craziest city in the world.

The New York Knicks are no dummies starting to realize that it would be in their best interest to make moves to get him at all costs and they have started to clear cap room by trading away Zack Randolph and Jamal Crawford in the past week.  They are totally cool with throwing in the towel for the next two seasons if it means getting one of the best players in the L today.  You could even make the argument that he could end up being one of the best players of all time and what better place for him to spend his prime (yes, he has not even reached that yet) than in the basketball mecca of the world, NYC. 
LeBron always tears it up when he makes a trip to the Garden and last year was no exception.  He dropped 50 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists and had the people of NY chanting MVP by the end of the game.  The kid loves the big stage.  He has rocked a special edition Zoom LeBron for the past two years for his annual trip to the city.  This year he will be showcasing a Big Apple Zoom LeBron VI in a bright red colorway to match the city's nickname.  I usually don't like the super bright, all once color shoe but these are pretty hot.  Look for him to drop about 70 tonight on a depleted Knicks squad since Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas probably won't be active due to a failed phsyical by Mobley.

 I'm a little confused as to whether these will be a general release or if he will wear them for another game in NYC but I think he also has another special edition to commerorate last season's killer game with the Yankees inspired colorway below.  As you will see, he has 50-10-8 in the tongue and 5/5/2008 on the side to commemorate the actual game.  Why didn't they do this on the Big Apple's?  I have no idea.  Either way, they are both nice as hell. 

T.I. and Shawty Lo Posse Fight at the Dirty Awards? WTF?

First off, WTF are the Dirty Awards?  I mean, you are just looking for trouble to start with an "awards" show with that name.  Everyone trying to prove how "Dirty" they are and shit.  You couldn't come up with something more creative?   I can't believe that this is the 4th year of the show and it's put on by Radio One.  What the hell is this garbage?  I am surprised a fiasco like this hasn't happened in the past.

Can we just stop with all of these Hip Hop award shows already?  It's like Rap's version of WWE's Survivor Series or something.  If you put all of these knuckleheads together in one place and allow them to get boozed up and weeded out of their minds, there is bound to be some trouble.  They should just rent an inflatable dome and remove all chairs, tables or any other inanimate objects that could be used to crack over another individuals head.  At least that would force these clowns to fight with their fists for once.

I also can't believe they were able to land such big names as T.I. and....Shawty Lo?  Who is that you say?  Exactly.  This dude is a full 40 oz. of wack juice.  I still can't get over the fact that one of the wackest beefs of all time is still going on between these two.  I think it's safe to say that Rap Beefs are about as cool as tight jeans and fohawks.  Enough already.

I heard this "beef" aka bitch ass behavior started when Shawty Lo offered himself up for a verse on one of  T.I.'s new tracks to which he promptly responded, "NO DICE!  I'm all set little homey."  I guess Shawty Lo felt disrespected and decided to start talking trash on every freestyle and mixtape track he could find.  T.I. is too big for some dude who sounds like he's 12, can barely rhyme words together and has to pause 3 seconds between lines just to complete a sentence.  He also used to be part of one of the worst groups of all time D4L so any ounce of credibility he had was instantly stripped for making me almost rip my ears off after enduring almost 6 months of radio and club play for the shitty song "Laffy Taffy".  I think T.I. can find his own guest artists, thank you very much.  Does Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne ring any bells, Shawty?  You know, like rappers people have actually heard of and shit. 

So I guess this incident all started when one of T.I.'s crew tossed a chair onto the stage while Shawty Lo's crew was performing a diss verse towards Grand Hustle or some shit.  So of course, both sets of posses of about 50 people each decide that it's a good idea to just start fighting on stage.  That always works out well.  The rest of the awards show was promptly cancelled after everyone got hit with billy clubs and pepper spray.  Good times all around. 


Monday, November 24, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel: Which Obama Jokes are Racist?

You gotta love how Jimmy Kimmel has the balls to go where other comedians and more specifically other late night talk shows will not go.  I wish I could actually stay up late enough to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live because every clip I have ever seen has been hysterical. 

Instead of trying to guess what people will consider "racist" with soon to be President Obama, he took it to the streets and hit up a local barbershop.

- All of the guys in the barbershop are ripping on Obama for his "hands up" dancing on Ellen. 
Jimmy Kimmel: "He's kind of a black nerd like Erkel." (silence).  "OK, maybe he's more like Carlton on the Fresh Prince." 
Guys in Barbershop: "Ya, ya.  That's cool." 
- About Michelle's Butt:  "She's got a FATTY!!  The First Lady with a Butt."
- Putting rims on Air Force One - OK.
- Assigning Dr. Dre as Surgeon General - That's Cool. 
- Getting Pit Bull puppies for the girls - Jimmy almost got his assed kicked...

Kanye West's New Album "808's & Heartbreak" In Stores TODAY!

Kanye's album "808's and Heartbreak" dropped today (a day early because of the short Thanksgiving week) and I just finished listening to it for the first time.  I have to admit, it's pretty damn good.  Actually, this is an AWESOME album.

Be warned that this is not the typical Kanye West Hip Hop album.  Actually, there's really nothing Hip Hop about it at all.  I would actually call this a Pop/Rock/Alternative album if I was going to put a label on it but I don't really like doing that.  I would just call it a GOOD ALBUM.  Period.  If you don't like change from your favorite artists or don't like rappers experimenting then this might not be for you.  If you're willing to free your mind a bit and be open to something new then it might be worth a listen.

Here are a few general details about this record that you need to know.  Kanye uses the Auto-Tune/Vocoder effect A LOT.  I mean like every single song.  Surprisingly, it doesn't get that annoying.  Some songs use the effect more aggressively than others but you know it's there every song since Kanye can't really sing without it.  Somehow, it just works though.  It's hard to explain but it actually made sense for the type of songs he was making this time around.  It almost accentuated the pain and emotion that he was expressing in the lyrics.  Does that even make sense?  This album review actually describes that same thought in more detail.  It's a really detailed read and it's worth reading as you are listening to the album to help you understand each song a little bit more.

Another major change is the lack of the typical Kanye beats.  Although the album implies the 808 drum sound which is used in a ton of Hip Hop tracks, the album actually uses it in a very unique and different way.  Although you can hear traces of a Kanye "beat" in a few uptempo tracks, there is something more creative and intense that keep it from being considered just "Hip Hop".  There's just way more depth and emotion and you can FEEL what he is trying to express.  It seems like he wants to be something bigger than being known as a rapper or producer.  Dude is trying be a Pop Star in the biggest sense. 

I still hope he makes the typical Kanye album once in awhile but I'm feeling what he was doing here.  Nobody takes any risks these days so it's refreshing to hear something coming out of leftfield from one of the biggest artists today.  Keep doing your thing, Yeezy.  I'll keep listening and supporting the MUSIC.

Kanye performing Heartless at last night's AMA's: 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nike Air Max P2 V Part 2 - Black Colorway (Paul Pierce Signature Shoe)

I gave you the first look at Paul Pierce's signature shoe the Nike Air Max P2 V just a few weeks ago.  As I mentioned in that post, I wasn't a huge fan of the new style or colorway.  I thought they looked kind of cheap and low quality.  Now that the Celtics have had a bunch of away games, I've been able to catch a few looks at the Black colorway and I have to admit, I like them a lot. 

I don't know why they are so much better in this colorway but they look really solid with the black, white and green highlights.  It looks like that they are using a higher quality leather on the black but I am just guessing by what I can see here.  I could be making that up.  I haven't been able to find any solid closeups but I will definitely post them up if I do.  I've never been so back and forth about a sneaker before. 



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hot Denver Nuggets Cheerleader Gets the Perfect Slow-Mo Treatment

Wow.  I am almost speechless.  This might be one of the best YouTube videos EVER!  I don't think you can come up with a better way to combine sports, hot chicks and bouncing boobies.  I dare you to find me one that's better without being labeled porn.

Kudos to the video editor broadcasting this game.  He definitely knows his target demographic.  He must be one horny bastard too!  Hearing the announcers get all flustered was the SECOND best part of this video: 

"A festive atmosphere here at the Pepsi Center." 

That's an understatement!  The funny thing is, I didn't even know they were announcers until about the 40th viewing.  Good lord she's hot!!!

Snoop Dogg On ESPN's Around The Horn

Snoop Dogg was on Around the Horn the other day and although it was slightly awkward with old and clueless panelists trying to be hip, it was still decent and semi-entertaining.  It was cool to get Snoop's opinion on LeBron potentially going to the New Jersey Nets and link up with his boy Jay-Z, once he becomes a free agent.

Snoop is a huge sports fan and he always has something fairly intelligent to say about what's going on in the sports world.  I bet he could pull off a sports talk type show that was an interesting hybrid between the Hip Hop and sports worlds.  There are so many parallels between the two because Rappers & Actors want to be Ballplayers and BallPlayers want to be Rappers & Actors.  There's no reason why that couldn't work if done with the right personality.  Snoop definitely fits that bill.  Give me some credit if it ever happens, Snoop!

I think my favorite part of the video didn't even involve Snoop.  It was when they cut to Woody Paige and you could see his chalkboard in the background with "Scoop Woody Dogg". As cheesy as that is, it cracked me up for some reason. You gotta appreciate the effort from that guy. He's a wackjob but he can be funny once in awhile too.

5-Year Old Girl Dribbling Star - Sick Handle!

This was posted up on Ball Don't Lie on Y! Sports the other day so you may have already caught this but I just had to put it up.  This little girl is nasty!  I've definitely seen little kids that can probably do a little more with the rock or have a cleaner routine but it's not even worth getting into that.  She is good, period.  The fact that any 5-year old can do this yet alone a little girl is pretty crazy.  I'm not saying that girls can't ball but it is rare that you see a girl this young that's crazy about basketball.  She must be addicted to dribbling all day.  Sometimes little kids find just one thing that they are crazy about and just kill it with repetition but in this instance it's something that could be useful to her as she continues her hoops "career".   

I'm sure her Dad is addicted to hoops and was hoping for a boy but he made the best of it and taught his daughter how to play basketball as soon as she could walk.  I will definitely do the same thing if I have a girl much to the chagrin of the Pre-Wife.  There is no way in hell that my little girl won't be a Tom Boy playing every sport imaginable and rockin' sweet Nike sneakers and matching windsuits and such.  I'm fine with compromising on pink but she is still getting the baby Jordan's!  Did you catch Milan's outfit in this video by the way?  Fantastic.  She's too cute in the little Nike basketball shoes, long ass shorts and a little tanktop.  Love it! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NEW ISH! - Sean Paul's New Single "Girls" is FIRE!!! (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Sean Paul's new single "Girls" will definitely be blazin' up the dancefloor in the next couple of weeks.  I think this just officially dropped yesterday so this is FRESH. I only saw a few videos on YouTube with low play counts so I don't think too many people have heard this track yet. 

I haven't heard a dope Reggae/Dancehall track like this in a long time or basically since the last time Sean Paul released an album.  It seems like they go in waves every six months or so.  You'll hear a ton of Dancehall hits from people you've never heard of all using the same dubplate and then all of a sudden Dancehall disappears from radio for months at a time.  It's kind of strange.  I'm sure there are a few out there that have been bubbling for the past few months but it seems like Sean Paul always gives it that extra fire that takes it to radio/club hit level.  He has that commercial appeal that no other "DJ" has right now.  He's just a megastar that has crossed over all genres and boundaries.  Gotta give him his props because he's definitely earned it.   

More FIRE!  More FIRE!!!  Bo Bo Bo!!!

FREE DOWNLOAD while the link lasts...

Apple iTunes

LeBron's Free Throw Line Dunk & Nike Zoom LeBron VI

Well, it's not quite from the free throw line since he is just a step inside but honestly, who else could come this close to a free throw line dunk DURING A GAME? Not only did LeBron throw it down with ease but he also HAMMERED it down and had room to spare. I feel like he could have made it had he taken off from the middle of the circle. Kid is ridiculous. King James is absolutely tearing it up this season too. I am sure we are going to see a 60 point game or a quadruple double at some point this season. Monster!

While we're talking about LeBron, let's take a quick look at the Nike Zoom LeBron VI.  These are definitely solid and continue the style cues of past Zoom LeBron's but I'm not completely sold on these yet.  They might be a little too bulky and boot like for my liking but I bet they would be great to ball in.  I have a feeling they will grow on me as I see them more and more:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kicks Clasics - Converse Weapon '86 Returns

Oh hell yeah!!!  I never thought that Converse would drop the original Weapons one more time but it's happening in Spring '09.  I've seen a few random versions of the Weapons over the past few years with crazy bright colors or just color combos that I wasn't feeling in general and just never had the urge to pick some up.  I think I almost bought a pair on sale at Marshall's for like $20 that were all bright green.  They would have been hot for a Celtics game but they were super obnoxious.  I should have pulled the trigger in retrospect but I only have so much dough to go around for my sneaker addiction.

Now that they are dropping the OG colorways that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rocked back in the day, I think I can safely say that I will be coppin' and rockin' both of these hard next spring.  Even though I hate the Lakers, I will probably pick up a pair of the Yellow and Purple joints just because they look so dope.  I always thought they were just a little better than the Black and White Bird's (ducking lightning bolt from the basketball gods) because they had so much more color and style to them.  It just wasn't right to rock Magic's version back in the day in Boston, though.  It actually never even crossed my mind.  IF you could even find them locally, you would have gotten your ass kicked for trying to wear those in Beantown.  I was too loyal to my team to pull that ish.  

I am looking forward to going in to the store and being able to pick up these classics once again and take a trip down memory lane. 

It doesn't get more classic than these two commercials:

Garnett Was Suspended for This? WTF?!?!

I didn't catch the Celtics game on Saturday so I am a little behind the curve in finding out about the "incident" involving Kevin Garnett and Andrew Bogut.  I am pretty sure I never would have heard about it had KG not been suspended for this garbage.  Are you kidding me?  This happens all the time during an NBA game.  Shaq just leveled Rodney Stuckey and he only got fined.  That was a REALLY hard foul and a hell of a lot worse than what KG did. Compare this to the KG video above and they're not even close.  I guess Shaq got the fine for arguing with the refs and not for the actual foul.  Wow.   
There has to be something more to this or the league is just getting really soft.  Maybe this is a way for them to get back at KG for taunting Jose Calderon a few games back.  They must have seen the replay and got pissed about how much attention it was receiving through blogs and YouTube.
The higher ups in the NBA offices need to relax a bit or they are going to change the aggressiveness of the game for the worst.  Everyone will start easing up on defense because they will be worried about a suspension or fine for just a hard foul.  Sometimes tempers flare, trash talk heats up and scuffles ensue.  This wasn't even a "fight" between KG and Bogut since there was barely any contact.  WTF?  The NBA just needs to take a bong hit and chill, yo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Scalabrine Needs to Shut The F Up

Dude!  Is this guy serious right now?  Brian Scalabrine must be bored with sitting on the bench collecting his millions for doing nothing because he felt the need to open his mouth today and say some stupid shit that no one cares about.  He is complaining abou fans ROOTING FOR HIM when he actually gets in a game (which is very rare these days).  What a freakin' tool.   It's gotten to the point where Celtics fans just start cheering SCAL-A-BRINI...CLAP, CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP as soon as he gets in the game.  I can't stand him because he SUCKS donkey balls but even I get a kick out of it once in awhile.  How can he feel like this is a serious issue?  

 It's almost like he is this year's version of Gino, the human victory cigar.  When Scal gets some PT, you know that the game is a wrap.  He just doesn't get it.  He said something about it "distracts from the team" and it "takes away from what we are trying to do".  Seriously buddy.  Get a grip.  No one cares about what you have to say and it ain't that serious.

It's just that he is a pale, uncoordinated redheaded white guy that plays once in awhile and is only on the team because his contract was a complete mistake but is too expensive to take off the books.  Is it such a bad thing that the mostly white crowd at Celtics games gets fired up when the pale kid gets in the game once in awhile?  I don't even think it's just because he is white at this point, though.  I think it's because he sucks so bad and that fans just feel bad for him.  It's like the autistic kid or Waterboy finally got in the game and you just can't help but root for him.

I feel like I could beat this dude in 1 on 1 if it wasnt' for his height advantage but even that doesn't seem like much of an issue.  He is so slow, I could probably cross him up at will to get to the rack and drain some jumpers in his grill.  I still can't get over the fact that he was able to bamboozle the Celtics into a ridiculous contract just a few years ago.  Thank god he will be gone soon.  It was cool when he was a funny dude that embraced the whole Average Guy persona and didn't take himself too seriously.  Now he is just a shitty basketball player that doesn't understand why he was popular in the first place.  Get over yourself buddy.  I am done with you and I hope that the other Celtics fans that cheer for you are done with you too.

If you've never had a chance to read my article from a few years back called Remy! Don't Shoot!
you should check it out when you get the chance.   Scal and Remy from Higher Learning (aka Michael Rapaport) were definitely separated at birth.  I would love for that chant to make a comeback, especially after these dumb comments. 


Google Mobile App for iPhone Now with Voice Search - DOPE!

This is definitely one of the coolest iPhone Apps that I've seen to date.  Although the Google Mobile App has been available since the inception of the App Store, it will be receiving a nice facelift in the next few days with the addition of voice recognition based search.   Voice recognition on cellphones has been available for awhile but most programs have sucked to date and they definitely didn't let you search the internet. 

If this ends up working even half as good as they show in this video tutorial, then I will be using this every day.  I have the Google App now but I barely use it since I tend to just go right to Safari to type in a search or access Google Reader.  As much as I love my iPhone, I wish there was a quicker way to search for things on the web though and this might fit the bill.  This will probably save a ton of time by not having to type out the search.  I know that sounds lazy but I have some big thumbs and I always tend to misspell words using the touch screen keypad.  Half the time I don't even realize I made an error until I have already done the search and then I have to start over.  It's not the worst thing in the world but it's still annoying.  Any shortcut I can take throughout the day to make my life easier will always be useful.

It sounds like Apple dropped the ball on release of this super cool App though.  Google did a lot of press and promotion of it at the end of last week because they thought it was supposed to be available in the App store on Friday.  Now we are hearing that today is the day it will be released but I still haven't seen it in the available.  I've checked a few times and don't see the new feature available yet.  Weak ish Apple!  You are missing out on a big opportunity and the potential to increase iPhone sales since this App will be in very high demand and could cause a lot of people to finally switch over from a Blackberry or other competitors.  Get after it, suckas!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Random iPod Track of the Week - Fat Joe ft. Big Pun, Nas, Jadakiss and Raekwon "John Blaze"

I love it when Fat Joe's "John Blaze" pops up on my iPod because it gets my hyped every time I hear it.  The beat is just unreal with that booming bass and intense horn loop.  This has to be one of the best "possee" cuts of all time.  Every single rapper on this track was either in or close to their prime and each of them absolutely RIPPED the mic to shreds on their verse.   It also doesn't waste any time with a long chorus.  Just a few simple scratches of Method Man's "Johnny Blaze Ain't A Damn Thing Changed" and then right to the next first.  Sick.

This has to be one of Fat Joe's best tracks of all time but a lot of people don't know about it because it wasn't a huge commercial single.  This is when people were still making videos for the 3rd or 4th single from their album and didn't have to worry about commercial appeal.  This is just straight up 90's griminess.  This shit is hard!
Hottest lines: 
Big Pun -
"My crew puff lye, anyone test the Pun must die
Just give me one try -- 'Now you know you done fucked up right?'
Hah, you ain't got no wins in my casa
Que te pasa, you ain't even in my clasa"

"I'll appear in your dreams, like Freddie do, no kidding you,
Even if I stuttered I would still sh-sh-sh-shit on you"

Fat Joe -
"It's simple mathematics, you gotta love us
Cause Joey Crack plus gat equals a lotta dead motherfuckers"

Official Video w/ Shitty Echoing Sound Quality

Pats Lose to Jets 34-31 in OT Thriller - Sick Game!

It sucks to see the Pats lose but I have to admit that it was one of the best games of the season regardless of the outcome.  The Pats looked a little sluggish in the first half and it looked like the Jets might pull away early.  They just seemed to be the superior team at that time and went into halftime with a 24-13 lead.

The Pats definitely put it together in the second half and more specifically in the 4th quarter.  Cassel specifically looked really good.  He threw for 400 yards and 3 TD's and rushed for 62 yds.  It turns out that he is the only QB in NFL history to do that which is incredible!  Welker looked really solid as well with 7 receptions, 108 yds and a ton of big catches on third down or for much needed first downs.  Moss was getting worked all game long and was having trouble getting open.  Cassel missed him on a wide open bomb but overthrew him by a few yards.  That might have been a game changer right there.

The 4th quarter was insane as the Pats kept playing great D and got it done when really needed on offense.  Cassel looks like he is really comfortable right now and he is starting to show his athleticism with his running and ability to avoid the rush and still get off some solid passes. The best play of the game was by far the pass to Moss for the TD with 1 second left to put the game into OT.  Unfortunately the Pats lost the coin flip and just couldn't stop the Jets enough to keep them out of field goal range.  Favre had another great game and showed everyone that he still has the ability to lead a team down the field for a winning drive.  That's why the Jets picked him up and it's starting to pay off as they take over first place in the AFC East.  It sucks that the Pats lost but if it's going to happen at least it was exciting.

 Jets hold off Patriots for overtime win
Feely's field goal in OT gives Jets win over Pats
Enemy territory
NFL Game Center: Box Score

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chocolate News: Obama's "Change" Is Really Just a Sweatsedo?


I got the chance to catch David Alan Greer's new show "Chocolate News" on Comedy Central last night for the first time. It's definitely funny and edgy so it's worth a view when you have a chance.  I thought the intro/monologue was by far the funniest part of the whole show.  It turns out Obama's "Change" isn't quite what we all thought.  "You supposed to be GQ, not G-UNIT!!!".  Ha ha.  Good shit.

Click on the fake video player above to go directly to to watch.  I couldn't get it to Embed.  Weak.


Celtics Pull Off Another Sick Win vs. Hawks To End Their Unbeaten Streak

I wasn't able to find the best quality clips from the Celtics game last night which is a shame because this was a crazy one.  The previously undefeated Hawks (yes, you read that right) came to town on Wednesday night and they were on a mission against the C's.   This was an intense battle from the opening tip off.

We first saw signs of how good this Atlanta team could be when they guys played a great opening round against the Celtics last May and almost pulled off the upset in seven games.  I knew they got some confidence in that series but I wasn't sure how that would carry over in to this season.  Let's just say that it carried over and then some.  The Hawks are no joke.  They are going to compete with ANY team in the league this year and potentially be one of the top teams in the East if they can keep improving and stay healthy.  the lineup of Josh Smith, Mike Bibby,  Joe Johnson and Al Horford gets scarier every time I look at it.  All of those guys are REALLY good.  They even added a couple of solid vets in Mo Evans and Flip Murray and have a decent big dude in Zaza Pachulia.  Not bad. 

The game was intense for every single minute and the Hawks stayed within two points the whole time and carried the lead for awhile as well.  There were a few suspect calls throughout the game that kept the Hawks in it but you have to give them credit regardless.  They had a lot of foul trouble and were missing Smith and Pachulia to injuries but they still took it to the last possible second before Pierce pulled off ANOTHER last second winning shot.  How does he keep doing this?  P2 is on fire right now!!!

You can't ask for much more from the Celtics.  They just keep getting it done.  It was another playoff type game even though we are still in November.  It's crazy to say that but we've seen it alot lately and will continue to see this intensity all season long.  The Celtics have a target on their back as the defending champs and every team that comes to town is looking for blood.  If the Big 3 and Pierce specifically continue to play like this, it's going to be hard to stop them, no matter what. 

Paul Pierce’s shot ends rivals’ unbeaten run 
Encore! Pierce Drains Gamewinner To Sink Hawks 
Pierce leads Celtics to 103-102 win over Hawks 
All’s swell with Paul Pierce’s hot hand
Hawks learn from Celtics

Viva La Hova - Jay-Z vs. Coldplay Mashup Mixtape - RIDICULOUS!!!

My boy Young Gould in NY put me on to this new "Viva La Hova" Mashup Mixtape by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban just a few minutes ago.  Good lord this shit is fire!  I can't believe I have been sleeping on this for the last two weeks.  I suck. 

This is by far the best Mashup album since Danger Mouse's The Grey Album combining Jay-Z's Black Album and The Beatles The White Album.  Viva La Hova is a little different in that it combines Coldplay tracks/samples and Jigga's lyrics from multiple albums.  I actually like that concept because it gives them more flexibility in picking the right song combinations.  Shit is hot!

A lot of people hate on Coldplay since most of their songs and albums are very poppy-rock (I think I just made that up) but I've always liked them.  It's good music to just chill out to or put on in the background if you need to relax.  They even have a few decent uptempo type tracks that are cool even though they get played a bazillion times a day on the radio.  Granted they were the subject of one of the best jokes from 40 Year Old Virgin when they were doing the whole "You know how I know you're gay" thing but whatever.  Good music is good music. 

I IMPLORE you to download this album immediately.  You will not be disappointed.  Below are the links I have found so far.  You can also check the Viva La Hova official website for other download links if you have any problems with these.  It looks like they are updating them fairly regularly due to the popularity of it so far.  Holla!


The Source

Finally, here are a few clips of the tracks on YouTube so you can get a taste of what's inside:
Shameless Plug Alert:  My boy Anonimus did a "remix" track using Coldplay's Clocks almost 2 years ago now and I think the beat sounds a little better than the one they did above in the "Life of Clocks".  This video is posted to the right but I figured I would throw it in this post too since it's relevant and you might have missed it.  You decide which one you like better.  I'm leaning towards Nom but I'm biased... 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Katt Williams' It's Pimpin' Pimpin' DVD In Stores Now!

Do me a favor.  Purchase this DVD as soon as humanly possible.  If you have been freaking out about all of the crazy shit going on in the world and feeling down then you need to cop this immediately.  Katt Williams' will have you laughing your ass off for days once you pop this in.  I watched it yesterday and I just keep watching the same clips over and over again.  Dude just cracks me up.

He is by far the funniest comedian out right now.  I have been promoting the shit out of him to all of my friends that didn't know about him already and once they see a few of these clips they are officially hooked.  Peep some of the clips available on YouTube.  I also posted up the cartoon version of Gangsta Tigers last week.  If you don't lose it after watching this then you are a serious tool.  Peep game:

Site of the Week:

Nothing says 1973 quite like denim and helmet hair. is as basic as it gets with it's generic background template and lack of a real URL but I will let it slide in this instance because the content is solid.  I came across this site from a link to the "Great Olan Mills Photos" post they did more than a year ago.  I am pretty sure this concept originated as an email since I remember getting this exact Forward a long time ago but maybe this site was first.  Who knows.  Either way, it's freakin' fantastic.  I definitely have some family pictures like these when I was just a young tike in the late 70's wearing a sailors suit but there is no chance in hell they will ever see the light of day.  I promise you that.     

It seems like the obnoxious photo styles of yesterday are making quite the comedic comeback these days.  Just take a look at the post I did on Laser Backgrounds a few weeks ago.  Somehow this Olan Mills photo post got resurrected from the dead and made another round across the internet even though it was originally written in September '07!  I love when that happens.  Usually I receive things like this from my Mom or completely out of touch friends but this time it was actually from a fairly cool site!  I can't blame people though.  Classic material like this never dies.  Just take a look at some of these beauties below.  Be sure to check out the site for the extremely awesome commentary as well. 
That dude wore a tie for nothing.

This site also has a few other great "lists" you should check out when you get the chance.  One of the newer classics was The 10 Dirtiest Names in Sports.  Dick Pole and Rusty Kuntz were by far my favorites.  You can't make that shit up.  So good!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pierce Drops 22 Pts. In the 4th Quarter To Help C's Beat Raptors

NBA Highlights From November 10th

Last night was the first Celtics game I was able to attend this season and it was a great one.  Heading in to the game, I knew the Raptors were going to be tough but they were even better than expected.  I don't think anyone realized how much better they are this year even after a great 07-08 season.  They were one of the better young teams last season and although they lost to the Magic in the first round of the playoffs, they received that much needed post season experience.

With the addition of a currently healthy Jermaine O'Neal, the Raptors are definitely legit.  They should probably be one of the top seeds in the East if they continue to improve their chemistry with each other.  With a lineup of Bosh, O'Neal, Calderon, Moon and A. Parker, the Raptors can score with the best of them.  They also have a solid bench with some decent guys you've probably never heard of (Graham, Humphries and Solomon) and great scoring options in Jason Kapono and seven footer Andrea Bargnani.  Look out for this squad.  I'm telling you right now they are gonna cause problems for many teams.

Although the C's were awful and the crowd was bored for the first 3 quarters, this ended up turning into one of the best games they've played so far.  Garnett, Allen and Pierce were slowly rolling along getting some points here and there but it seemed like everyone was just having a terrible shooting night.  The Raps were crushing the C's all game and were even up by as much as 15 points at one time.  All of a sudden out of nowhere, the C's woke up and kicked it into 5th gear.  After a ridiculous 4th, they pulled off the win with a final score of 94-87.  Unreal.

You can just see the extra swagger and confidence they have this season after winning the championship.  They know that they can kick up another notch at any time and they have a level of intensity that no other team can match right now.  Garnett was extra cocky last night and was getting in Calderon's face, clapping and waving his finger like Dikembe Mutombo.  I don't know what that was all about but it was great.  You gotta love KG's fire!

UPDATE:  I found a quick clip of the KG taunt.  Dude is insane!

Pierce was unreal in the 4th quarter, scoring 22 of his 36 points and hitting big shot after big shot.  He started draining threes left and right, sick fade away jumpers and nasty drives to the hoop at will.  No matter what he did, the Raptors couldn't stop him.  This felt like a playoff game because of the intensity of the crowd and the quick shift in emotions from miserable to estatic in just a matter of  minutes.  It was even more impressive because the Garden was loud as hell even though it was fairly empty since it was a Monday night game.  We were all slapping five and getting fired up as the C's were coming back and it felt like we were right back where we left them last June.  Let's hope they can keep it moving like this for the rest of the season.

Let's Go Celtics!  Clap, Clap, CLAP CLAP CLAP...
NBA TV Top 10: November 10th
There's lots of highlights from last night's game in the Top 10 but most of them were of the Raptors for some reason.  I thought there were plenty of plays in the 4th quarter from Pierce that could have easily made this list.  The one play that did make it was #5 on the list and one of my favorites of the game.  It was Pierce's dish to Leon Powe for a nice two hand jam.  To skip to #5 of the video, CLICK HERE or go to the :55 second mark.


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