Friday, May 29, 2009

The Best Streetball Pass I've Ever Seen (SICK)

This pass is completely illegal because it's basically a double dribble and a kick ball all in one but if you can pull this off during a game on the playground you will officially be the Muthafuckin' man!  This dude has it down to a freakin' science!  That is some serious creativity.  SICK!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The FIRST DJ Battle Ever (FUNNY)

This is super random but it cracked me up for some reason.  This is definitely one of the first DJ battles ever.   I have no idea what this video footage is from but it's fantastic.  If I was born 40-50 years earlier, that would definitely be me spinnin' some beats on the hand cranked turntable.  Those dudes were killin' it!  HA HA.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Girl Can Beatbox Better Than You (SURPRISING)

DAMN!  This girl is way better than I expected.  She's just chillin' in the back seat of a car beatboxin' like it ain't no thang but she's got some serious skills.  I like her ability to recreate popular songs that you can actually recognize and she even adds in some vocals. Be on the lookout for her rendition of Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right".  That was dope!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tonium Pacemaker Pocket Sized DJ System/MP3 Player (SICK!)

This thing is SICK!!!  I cannot wait to get my hands on the Pacemaker and start DJ'n on the go.  I can't believe this thing exists!  

The Pacemaker has been around for more than a year now but they just recently did an official US launch and I am really getting fired up about it.  I've wanted to purchase this MP3 player on steroids for the longest time but it was only available overseas and with the exchange rate, it was well out of my price range (probably around $800).  Although the US price is still hefty at $499, it is well worth the money considering the technology inside.

The Pacemaker is an MP3 player in it's simplest description but it is much, much more.  This is a powerful portable DJ system.  You can mix and beat match tracks stored on the 60 GB hard drive as if you were using turntables and a mixer.  You obviously won't have the same flexibility but it's pretty damn close.  There is a built in two channel mixer, pitch bend, special effects, auto beatmatch and much more.  Ther is also a line out to plug in to an external stereo system.  NASTY!!!  

This thing would be great for testing out new mixing ideas or for putting together a playlist for a DJ set.  Since it's about twice the size of an iPod, you could easily carry it around with you all the time and break it out at a party if the music is wack or if you want to get the party started right.  I have been known to take over the music wherever I'm at so I can't wait to pull this out and amaze everyone with it's ridiculous capabilities.

You can record your mix onto the internal hard drive for listening/reviewing later.  You can also upload it to and share it with other DJ's and friends and get their feedback.  This is by far one of the coolest new gadgets that I've ever seen and I definitely will be buying the Pacemaker ASAP.  You can purchase it now at for $499.  SICK!

Tonium P666 Pacemaker Pocket-Sized DJ System, 60 GB

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding and Vacation Time

vacation Pictures, Images and Photos
Well, it's about that time.  I am no longer a single man.  CRAZY!!! 

I will be on vacation for the next week and half for my Wedding and Honeymoon.  I've scheduled a few random posts to go up during that time so there will be at least some new content to help you be even less productive at work. 

Please take this time to check out some of the older posts and feel free to hit me off with any ideas or videos at so I'm not completely out of the loop.

Wish me luck!
Ball and Chain Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, May 22, 2009

"That's What She Said" Moments from "The Office" (AWESOME)

I could watch this all day.  I can't believe that I still get a kick out of one of the oldest and lamest jokes ever but I crack up every time I hear Michael Scott say "That's what she said" on an episode of The Office.  I guess I am just a 12 year old at heart.  How can you not laugh at this?  It's too good!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"One Man Band" Beatboxer Kills It (UNREAL)

WOW!  This performance is freakin' INTENSE!  I don't think you can call this guy just a beatboxer because he is creating a full song right in front of you like he was a one man band.  Seeing him create each instrument/noise/sound effect and then looping it and adding it to the mix was unreal.  I've seen a few other people do this before but for some reason this one really caught my attention.  He also does a great job of singing and rappin' and even switching up the flows and voices to make it sound like different people.  That's some cool ass shit.

I don't even know this dude's name because it wasn't listed in the information section but if you know who this is, please leave a comment.  I'd like to find some more videos of this guy and find out more about him.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Celebrity Jeopardy from SNL (CLASSIC)

 Nice!  Another classic episode of Celebrity of Jeopardy from SNL.  I wish Will Ferrell was still on the show just so they could do this skit every couple of weeks.  It never gets old.  This one was as good as ever although Tom Hanks was kind of annoying and boring.  The guy playing Sean Connery was on point as always and was in the zone with the "Your Mother" jokes.  Classic!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Auto-Tune the News #3: Cuba. Afghan Friendship. 2-Party Woes. (FUNNY)

I don't know what it is about these "Auto-Tune the News" videos but they crack me the hell up every time.  Just when I think they might have finally flopped they suck me in with another catchy track.  They always start off  a little slow but definitely pay off by the end.  You'll randomly be singing the hook "You Got To Believe" and wondering where the hell you heard it then spend the rest of the day trying to get it out of your head.  It must take these guys forever to put these videos together. So good!


Top High School PG John Wall Committs to Kentucky (NICE)

According to Slam Online, the nation's top high school point guard John Wall committed to the University of Kentucky last night.  Damn!  John Calipari is already starting to stack up the talent and he hasn't even been the coach for much more than a month now.

Wall is an explosive 6'4" PG with a great all around game.  He can absolutely sky as you can see by the incredible dunks, layups and blocks in the video above.  He also looks like he has a nice little outside jump shot which will only improve with time and practice.  He is already being compared to Derrick Rose and those comparisons will only intensify now that he will be playing for Calipari at Kentucky. 

Expect to hear this kid's name a lot next year during the college basketball season and NCAA tournament as he will most likely be the most high profile Freshman in the country.  Kentucky still has a lot of talent returning and it sounds like Jodie Meeks might pull out of the NBA Draft (which would be a good decision in my opinion).  The Wildcats sound like they might actually have a chance to compete for an NCAA Championship in Calipari's first season as coach.  That's crazy to think about now but it's definitely a possibility.  Kentucky will be very fun to watch next season.  I can't wait.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Steelers' James Harrison Rejects White House Visit For No Good Reason (IDIOT)

Wow.  This might be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.  James Harrison is either trying really hard to be funny or he has been hit in the head one too many times on the football field. 

"This is how I feel -- if you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don't win the Super Bowl. As far as I'm concerned, he [Obama] would've invited Arizona if they had won," said Harrison.

"At no point in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Magic Beat Celtics in Game 7 to Win Series (DAMN IT)

Ugh.  WTF happened last night?  That was the worst case scenario and not what I was expecting to see during a Game 7 at home.  That was painful.  The Celtics got smashed by the Magic last night.  Plain and simple.  It wasn't even close at any point in the game and it was pretty much done after the first few minutes once the Magic went up 10 early.  It seems like the extremely long and crazy series against Chicago finally caught up with them.  The C's just looked tired and they had no energy or motivation.   WEAK.

I can't even get mad though because the C's went way further than I ever expected after finding out both Garnett and Powe were done for the season.  They were lucky to get past the Bulls in Round 1 and they probably should have lost this series a few games ago if it weren't for a few breaks, a little luck and a lot of heart.  I'm actually glad that they didn't win this series because now we don't have to worry about them getting embarrassed by the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals.  I think the Magic are in for a rude awakening and are going to get destroyed and possibly swept.  I don't think anyone can stop LeBron and the Cavs this year.  They just look too good right now.  After seeing the Lakers struggle in their series, I think they will win the Championshup fairly easily as well. 

It was a nice season for the Celtics considering all of the injuries and bad luck they encountered.  They played their hearts out and that's all you can ask.  Let's hope that KG, Powe and everyone else gets some rest and heals up quickly so that they are ready for next season.  I expect them to compete for another Championship in 2010 and be as competitive as ever.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Punch Out! For The Nintendo Wii Available May 18th! (SWEET)

Awwww Snap!  The day is almost here for the release of Punch Out! for the Nintendo Wii.  I have been all fired up about this game since I first heard about it late last year.  The video above is a great real life re-enactment of the game.  It definitely had me cracking up with all of the great references to the original Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

I would play that game for hours on end until I could finally beat King Hippo, Piston Honda and all the other bastards that were impossible to beat the first time around.  That was way before the internet, so you had to bust your ass without cheats and codes at your fingertips.  You were lucky if you had a friend that had a subscription to Nintendo Power that could hook you up with the code to get to Mike Tyson.  How crazy does that sound now?

The Nintendo Wii is the perfect platform for the new version of Punch Out!  The graphics definitely look better but the gameplay is still simple enough and it makes perfect sense for the sensor controls.  I can't wait to get this freakin' game.  I'll be picking this up ASAP when it's available in stores on Monday, May 18th.

This is a great look at the game play and graphics with a little teaching from "Ya Boy" Doc Louis.  SICK!

Check out this video of the original Mike Tyson's Punch Out! for the NES.  This is a 33 minute video that runs through every boxer all the way up to Tyson.  Unreal!  This brings back some memories!

Celtics Lose a Tough One to Magic in Game 6 (DAMN IT!)

That was a tough one to watch last night.  I felt like the Celtics had this game in hand being up by 9 at one point but the Magic stormed back and showed some heart for the first time in this series.  The C's have stolen a few games during this series but the Magic definitely took this one back to stay alive and reach a Game 7.   Turnovers and the inability to hit big shots are what really killed the Celtics in this loss.

The Celtics had shooting trouble all game, specifically from Ray Allen and Eddie House. Neither could seem to get a good open look and when they actually did get a few, they weren't capitalizing.  Pierce heated up towards the end of the game but he wasn't getting many good looks because of double teams and more of a focus on him defensively.  He still did the typical "force it up and pray" tactic that we are very used to seeing at the end of a close game but he was hitting the shots again so I can't get that mad.   It's still super frustrating and stressful to watch.

Big Baby was in foul trouble all game and couldn't get going offensively.  Perkins looked OK in the first half but then he reverted back to his timid and clueless play of a few season ago in the second half where he would travel, make bad decisions, stupid fouls and just basically suck overall.  He was a key factor in the Celtics losing this game because all of his awful plays and turnovers came at the worst possible times.  It was very irritating watching him get called for a travel when he had an easy layup or dunk but would feel the need to dribble and let the defense recover instead of going straight up with it and possibly getting fouled.  Every time he starts playing great and I think he finally "gets it", he does some stupid shit like this.  I have no confidence in him whatsoever.  I can't take it anymore.

Game 7 is going to be tough but I think the Celtics will prevail.  They always get a boost when playing at home and I think Ray Allen will wake up from his shooting coma and go off for about 25-30 points.  He has to step up if the C's want to make it to the next round.  There just isn't enough left in the tank for the other secondary guys like Big Baby or Eddie House to take on the scoring load.  The Magic look like they have figured them out defensively.  If Allen can get it going, he takes the pressure off everyone else and they will end open more often which also makes the offense flow that much easier. 

I don't like the fact that it had to go to seven games AGAIN but I am a little excited since I have tickets to the game.  I just hope I don't get disappointed after investing all of this time and energy into a playoff season that I thought was going to end a long time ago without KG.  Let's do this Celtics!  COME ON!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MVPs: Kobe & LeBron - Chalk & 3 Rings; New Nike Commercials (FUNNY)

Nike did a great job with their new commercial for the NBA Playoffs which I think is officially titled "MVPs - Kobe & LeBron (Chalk)".  That's kind of a wack title but whatever.  It's still funny as hell.

They nailed the personalities of the two players perfectly.  I love how LeBron is in his uniform, running around all fired up, talking to himself and throwing around talcum powder like he's Tony Montana in Scarface while Kobe seems generally uninterested and is more concerned with how he looks in his designer outfit.  Classic! 

UPDATE: I saw another version today called "3 Rings" which aired during the Celtics game.  I thought it was pretty funny and it definitely caught my attention.  I think this one might even be slightly better because Kobe gets a little more personality and starts to piss off LeBron with all of his talk about his championship rings.  I love it when LeBron gets all frustrated and is like "Why do we live together?".  Ha Ha.  Good question.

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone Now Available but WiFi Only (FINALLY)

I've been waiting for the SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone for over 2 years now and it's finally here.  The problem is, I'm not as excited as I thought I would be once it finally available.  The iPhone SlingPlayer works great, looks awesome and is one of the coolest things you could ever buy for your iPhone.  Even though it's a $30 App, it's well worth the money if  you are looking for a way to watch live TV on your iPhone and already own a SlingBox at home.  This gives you yet another way to use your SlingBox from anywhere.  Well, almost anywhere...
The main problem is that it's WiFi only.  WTF?!?!  Are you kidding me?  It's like I just bought a Ferrari with a Honda engine because the dealer doesn't want anyone to drive over 70 or something ridiculous.  This is definitely not Sling Media's fault since the SlingPlayer Mobile already exists for many other smartphones and can run on almost every 3G network.  They were at the mercy of Apple and AT&T.

This can partially be blamed on Apple since they have the final say on all Apps in the iTunes store but most likely, AT&T demanded Apple and SlingPlayer set the app to WiFi only.  AT&T probably requested this because they know their 3G network sucks and that if thousands of people downloaded this app and used it on 3G on a regular basis, it would cripple their network and give them even less reliability than normal (if that's even possible). 

This is SO ANNOYING!  Hopefully this opens up to 3G support at some point down the road through an update but I'm not holding my breath.  This is still a great App and I think it's worth the $30 but it's going to be tough for a lot of people to justify that price point without being able to use it anywhere outside of their home or office or maybe a Starbucks.  There are plenty of free WiFi spots available throughout larger cities but it's just not the same as being able to walk or drive anywhere and be able to watch TV continuously. 

I've already noticed that this App is getting an average of 3 stars in the review section even though it's definitely a 5 star app had it worked with 3G as well.  I am both super excited and disappointed at the same time.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  I am kind of used to it at this point...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Celtics Steal Game 5 from the Lazy and Heartless Magic (HOLLA!)

That was another awesome win by the Celtics last night!  Once again, they had no business winning that game but they had more heart and determination than the Magic and that is what mattered in the end.  They literally stole that game by playing better defense and hitting some big shots in the last 5 minutes.  The Magic looked unmotivated and were completely out of sync during that time.  Dwight Howard only touched the ball 3 times and no one else could hit a shot to save their life.   The C's saw their window of opportunity and they seized it.  That was classic Celtics basketball in the 4th quarter.

The thing that got the Celtics going was the outstanding play from Stephon Marbury.  He scored 12 points in the 4th quarter and completely rejuvenated the Celtics offense to the point that they had a chance to win this game.  We've been waiting for that from Marbury and it finally came at the perfect time.  He looked confident and was looking for his shot which is what the C's really needed at that time.  They also received another great offensive game from Big Baby Davis and a HUMONGOUS shot from Ray Allen to help win this game.  UNREAL!

It sounds like the wheels are really starting to fall off the Magic's already shaky team bus.  After the game, Dwight Howard said in a note so subtle tone "I would just say it’s tough to win all season when you play inside-out with people who got you off to a good season. I think I’m capable of scoring in the post. I don’t want to say it’s all about offense. But when you have a dominant player, let him be dominant."  

He even took a direct shot at coach Van Gundy: “The coaches have to recognize what’s working on the floor. Stick to it. Even if it’s half your starters on the floor. Not just the guys you have put the most trust in. You have to have trust in everybody.  We moved the ball, we ran, got easy shots, and our coach has to recognize when he was a certain group out there and they are getting the job done and we have to leave those guys on the floor. We are going to make mistakes, but I think you have to go with what works."  DAMN! 

There is just no way in hell that Van Gundy will be coaching in Orlando next season unless they can win this series.  There is no way in hell that will happen now.  The way these unmotivated clowns are playing, it will be over on Thursday night after the Celtics destroy them on their home court.  I just don't think they have the heart to take this series to 7 games and I don't think they even want to at this point.  The Magic have already given up on this series and their coach.  It's sad but I really don't care.  All that matters is another Celtics win!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Baby Apologizes to Fat Kid He Pushed by Accident After Buzzer Beater (WEAK)

People are too freakin' sensitive these days.  Some douchebag Magic fan and father of a fat kid, Ernest Provetti demanded an apology from Glen "Big Baby" Davis after he bumped into his son following Davis' game winning shot in Game 4.

I'm sorry.  Is there an invisible wall I didn't know about?  The kid is almost standing ON THE FREAKIN' COURT.  It should be understood when you sit that close that there is a chance you might be in contact with the players.  How about pull your head out of your ass and be aware of your surroundings instead of having your back to the game, Fatty. 

Big Baby was nice enough to apologize but even he was a little confused as to what he was really apologizing for: "You know what, I’m a big guy," Davis said. "And sometimes I can’t even feel when I’m sitting on the remote. So imagine if my emotions are going wild and I’m running by somebody and I don’t feel it. So if I’ve hurt anybody or if I’ve done any harm to anybody, please forgive me. Because my intentions were harmless."

It turns out that Provetti has retracted his demand for an apology but I guess he already got it from BBD anyway.  The dude's Facebook page was blowing up with negative messages and he was getting blasted in the media and internet.  Serves him right.  It's too late now, though.  He just got his son beat up at school for being a little bitch and having a sissy father. What an idiot. 

On a somewhat related note, did anyone catch Dwight Howard after Big Baby's shot?  He was all pissed off and compalining like a little girl, waving at the Celtics to “get off our court” or something along those lines.  I found out later that he was upset at the “length of their celebration”.  Are you f’n kidding me?  The Celtics just hit a buzzer beater from an unlikely source in a game they probably should have lost. Had the Magic actually hit some shots and closed out the C's when they had a chance then it wouldn't be an issue.  Are the Celtics just supposed to walk off the court quietly like this was a golf match?  Get a grip Howard.  It's the playoffs.  You celebrate every win.  Especially game winning shots.   

The Magic are definitely a bunch of sissies.  That is why I think the series is now going to end in 6 games instead of 7.  The C’s are going to bitch slap the Magic tonight in Boston and knock any sense of confidence out of their heads.  Ray Allen is going to go off for 35 points and there will be no doubt as to who has the momentum after tonight's game.

Also, if you didn't catch the feature on Glen "Big Baby" Davis on SportsCenter last night or this morning, then check it out below.  It's a great story about Davis' life, including his troubles growing up with a drug addicted mother and his first encounter with Shaquille O'Neal.  The dude PINNED Shaq in a wrestling match as a fat but strong 15 year old!  BEAST!

Beatboxin' From the UK's Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman (DOPE)

I've been coming across some sick Beatbox routines lately and this one is no exception.  This was a performance by Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman at the Google offices in London.  I've never heard of either of these guys before watching this video but it's probably because they are more well known in the UK.  They are definitely on my radar now. 

Nathan "Flutebox" Lee was nasty!  Combining a flute and beatboxing sounds a little fruity at first but it actually turned out dope.  It's one of the coolest and most original beatbox routines I've ever seen.  Lee and Beardyman also did a great collaboration towards the end of the video that blew my mind.  If you close your eyes, you would almost think they had a full backing band.  UNREAL!

This is just another reason why working for Google is pretty cool (other than being able to make a ton of money and getting lots of free perks).  My company doesn't even provide free coffee.  WTF!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Motherlover" by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg (SNL Skit)

YES!!!  My favorite old school R&B duo is back!  Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg bring the HEAT once again with the timely "Motherlover" music video from SNL this past weekend.  This isn't as good as "Dick In The Box" but no one would really expect that.  That was a once in a lifetime thing that can never be topped.  Pure perfection. 

I like that they've branched out with some new songs and concepts.  I would love to see these guys release  more tracks or even do an album together.  I would definitely buy that ish!  And I don't buy any music these days...

Celtics Beat Magic in Game 4 with Big Baby Buzzerbeater (NICE!)

BIG BABY!!!  You are the F'n man!  He hit a great shot with about 30 seconds left to tie the game and then hit a buzzer beater to win the game!  UNREAL!  Who expected BBD to be the guy who saved the game for the Celtics?  Probably no one but himself.  This kid just keeps getting better and better and has some serious BALLS!

The Celtics really had no business winning this game considering how they played in the last 6 minutes.  They didn't even hit a field goal during that time until Davis hit that first jumper with 30 seconds left.  They let up a 9 point lead and let the Magic steal the momentum which is never a good idea when on the road.  If the Magic could actually hit a few more shots themselves during that time, they could have put the game away.  It was definitely an ugly and super stressful few minutes at the end of the game.

Once again, the Celtics relied on the awful 2 minute offense of give the ball to Pierce and watch him force up a shot that they almost always use at the end of a close game.  I don't understand why they change their offense to run this garbage.  He almost always takes that shot regardless of whether he is open or not.  I can't get mad because he usually makes it but I would like to see something different once in awhile.  Luckily, he had enough sense to see the double team and kick it to Big Baby for the open jumper this time around

What the hell happened to Ray Allen by the way?  He was basically invisible.  If the Celtics can win a close game like that without Allen playing any big role at all then I will take that all day.  I think the C's just stole the momentum in this series back from the Magic.  Going back home for Game 5 is HUGE for the Celtics.  I really expect them to win by about 10+ on Tuesday night. 

Once again, we have another intense series that is stressing me out and giving me grey hairs and stomach problems.  Good Times!

Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate Throws Horrible First Pitch at Mets Game (AWFUL)

Holy shit!  That has to be one of the worst first pitches at a baseball game that I've ever seen. Baba Booey from the Howard Stern Show almost took out the umpire and about 5 other people that weren't even near the plate!  If you have supposedly played baseball all of your life, how is it possible to suck this bad?  It's gotta be intense but come on.  Just throw the ball! 

They are discussing this awful excuse for a pitch right now on the Howard Stern Show and are giving Gary hell for throwing like a girl and completely sucking ass.  Gary has been talking about throwing the first pitch for weeks now and you almost expected him to do this.  He started getting nervous and thinking about it way too much and he even got a pitching coach like an unathletic tool would do.  How did that work out for you, Gary?  PATHETIC!

Friday, May 8, 2009

LOST: The Drum and Bass Remix (COOL)


This song and video probably took forever to put together but it must have been worth it because the final product is DOPE!  This is a great idea and I'm actually surprised no one thought of this sooner.  Music and sound are a big part of LOST so it only makes sense that something would be made to combine it all.

Amazing Playoff Moments: Larry Bird Steals the Ball (CHILLS)

WOW!!!  What a great commercial.  I haven't even seen this on TV yet but I'm sure it will start airing soon.  That was just plain AWESOME!  The original highlight by itself is fantastic but this new remix actually brings something to the table which I was not expecting at all.  It's amazing what they can do with video editing technology these days.  This looks SO GOOD!

LeBron and the Cavs Destroy the Hawks (SICK HIGHLIGHTS)

I didn't catch the Cavs/Hawks game last night but I did see the highlights this morning and all I can say is, DAMN!  They absolutely DESTROYED the Hawks and LeBron had some of the best plays of the NBA Playoffs so far.

The two hand reverse in traffic, the no look behind the back pass to Wally Swegihskdlghklsdhfgiack (for a dunk?) and the insanely deep "jumper" from one step inside half court were all insane.  LeBron also caught a nice "no look" alley oop from Mo Williams on the break which was pretty sick but looked way too easy.  The kid is nice.

I'm obviously a huge Celtics fan but I don't think anyone can beat the Cavs right now.  They are just playing with too much confidence.  Their chemistry is unreal and LeBron cannot be stopped in any way.  You can't even slow him down at this point.  He will just run you over or jump over you.  He is an absolute FREAK.

Good luck to anyone who gets them in the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals.  They might be unstoppable.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"I Kill People" by Jon Lajoie (AWESOME)

YES!!!  Another classic "music" video from Jon LaJoie (aka MC Vagina) has finally arrived!  This might not be his best work but it's still freakin' awesome.  I feel like he's an actual Rap Artist now because I always want to hear some new material from him.  He even has an album now!  DOPE!

Shoot, I'd even go so far as to say that his blatantly funny and obscene rhymes are better than most of the crappy Hip Hop I hear these days.  At least I actually care what this dude is saying which I can't say is the case with other rappers.   

If you are new to Jon Lajoie, I suggest you check out his channel over at YouTube.  You will not be disappointed.  Here are two old school gems that you may have already seen in the past.  They never get old and I think they are getting funnier with age.


Celtics Smoke Magic in Game 2 and House Goes Off For 31 Pts. (SICK)

Now that's what I'm talking about!  This is exactly what the Celtics needed to do to get their confidence back and send a message to the Magic.  The C's are not going down without a fight in this series and I think they actually have the upper hand right now going down to Orlando.

This was a great game to be at even though it was a blowout.  There have been so many close games lately that the C's and their fans could use a game like this to relax and have a little fun.  This wasn't your typical blowout either.  Pierce only played 16 minutes because of foul trouble and Ray Allen wasn't shooting as much as he had in the past few games.  He still ended up with 22 points but it was a very quiet 22, if that is even possible.

Rondo was once again the catalyst for the C's and controlled this game from the opening tip off.  He had ANOTHER triple double with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 18 assists.  That's just plain nasty!  He played some great D, was getting the ball to the guys that were hot and also had a few dunks to get the crowd hyped.  The dunk that he had in the second half where he took off from just inside the first circle was INCREDIBLE!  The roof almost came off the Garden.  There was no way they were letting the Magic get back in the game at that point.

Another huge factor in this game was the shooting from Eddie House.  He was on FIRE and playing out of his damn mind.  Everything he threw up went in.  He ended up with 31 points and was 11 for 14 from the field and 4 for 4 from three point range.  INSANE!!!  He was pissing off the Magic so much that Rafer Alston ended up slapping House in the back of the head like a little bitch would.  That is some bush league ish!  House didn't say a damn word (for once) to provoke him either.  He was just doin' work!  Alston claims House elbowed him but they pretty much just ran into each other running down the court (at the most).  

I love that the Celtics are already getting in Orlando's heads.  Most of the guys on their team are still very new to the playoffs and have a lot to learn.  The Celtics might be old and tired and have a depleted roster but they have experience and a Championship to defend.  They will not give up and will fight to the death.  I am starting to feel like this series might not end up being as close as I originally thought.  I forgot how little heart this Magic team actually has and that will be a huge factor in the remaining games.  Let's hope the C's can carry this momentum into Orlando and steal a game or two down there.  I have tickets to Game 7 but I would really love it if I didn't even have to go!   

Quick Game 1 Recap:
I didn't even write a post about Game 1 because I was so disgusted and disappointed.  I had a feeling they would be tired from the crazy Chicago series but I didn't expect them to go down by 30 points.  The messed up part was the fact that they actually had a chance to win the game and they actually gave it away in a sense.  They were only down 4 points with a few minutes to go and Rondo made a terrible pass to Allen and the Magic ended up scoring and pulling away.  That was the momentum killer and the game was a wrap.  Here's the video recap for the hell of it:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sick Beer Pong Shots (MONEY)

If you already thought you were good at Beer Pong/Beirut, think again.  You officially need to STEP YOUR GAME UP.  Just take a look at these ridiculous shots that some college kids put together in this video.  Whether or not these shots are real and not edited is still in question but it's still entertaining as hell.  There had to be a lot of weed and wasted time that went into this unreal collection of shots.  

That's how it's done, suckas!

Tube Top Pilates From (AWESOME)

I'm not going to say a damn thing.  Just watch and thank me later.  NSFW...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eminem Ft. Dr. Dre - "Old Time's Sake" Audio (DECENT?)

I actually kind of like this track but it's more for the beat than Eminem's lyrics.  Dre actually switched his style up for once which was cool but Em is still using that corny, F'd up accent thing like he is a 10 year old talking about poop and farts.  I think he's been hanging out with his daughter too much on his time off because he can't even rap normal anymore.  I don't know WTF is going on.

It's actually starting to piss me off now and it's almost sad.  I was looking forward to the new Relapse album but I am seriously contemplating whether or not to actually buy it now.  Every song I have heard so far has been average at best (except for maybe "Crack a Bottle") and any that had potential have been ruined with Em's awful accent/flow thing.

Even the lyrics have been subpar or just plain boring.  I don't understand what the hell is going on with this dude.  It's watching one of your favorite athletes deteriorate in front of your eyes at a rapid pace and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  You just hope they can snap out of it at some point or at least have one or two good seasons before all is said and done.

Actually, it's a lot like what is happening right now to David Ortiz with the Red Sox this season.  He hasn't even hit a Home Run yet this season and his power is almost non-existent.  He looks like a 40 year old past his prime even though he is supposedly only 34 and should still have a few good years left (just like Eminem).

Damn.  I better stop writing  about this before I get even more depressed.  
David Ortiz Pictures, Images and Photos

UPDATE:  It seems like I'm not the only one questioning the whole accent thing.  Tim Westwood from the UK recently interviewed Eminem and asked him about it.  Em seems to know he's doing it but claims it's subconscious and doesn't know where it's coming from.  I think he needs to find out so he can get rid of it ASAP.

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos Part 1 & 2 (HYSTERICAL)

I already thought Cleveland sucked because of the Cavaliers but these two videos confirm that it might be hell on earth.  But hey, at least it's still better than Detroit!  I can't stop watching these videos.  They're like a really funny train wreck laced with heroin.

Part 1 Highlights:
"Who the Fuck still uses a pay phone"
"Here's the place where there used to be industry"
"This train is carrying jobs out of Cleveland"

Part 2 Highlights:
"Under Construction since 1868"
"It's so polluted that all our fish have AIDS"
"Don't slow down in East Cleveland or you'll die"
"Our economy is based on LeBron James"
"By a house for the price of a VCR"

HA HA.  Freakin' Classic.  I can't get this song out of my head now!  The guy who made these is a genius.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Celtics Defeat Bulls in Game 7 & C's/Orlando Preview

I'm a little delayed on a recap of Game 7 of the Celtics/Bulls series because I am still recovering from my bachelor party this past weekend.  It was nice to be able to celebrate a Celtics win instead of drinking away my sorrows.  Either way, I was getting drunk so I guess it all would have worked out regardless.  

Right from the beginning it seemed like the refs were doing their best to screw the Celtics in every way.  There were at least 5-6 extremely questionable calls in this game.  Two in particular were so suspect that I thought that maybe there was another fix in place like the 2002 Kings/Lakers Game 6.

For some reason, the refs absolutely loved Kirk Hinrich and let him get away with murder.  He was molesting Paul Pierce on defense constantly and he only got a technical for starting with Rondo after he was the one that initiated the drama in Game 6.  But nothing beat the play where Pierce and Hinrich got caught up in a loose ball near half court.  There may have been brief contact going for the ball but that is almost always allowed since no one had possession of the ball.  Hinrich gathered the ball cleanly took a good 3 or 4 steps over half court and then tripped over his own feet.  Pierce was a good 5 yards away yet they called him for the foul.  It was one of the more ridiculous calls I have ever seen in an NBA game. 

The other sketchy foul came with a technical foul called on Kendrick Perkins after he got tangled up with the hated Brad Miller.  Miller initiated the contact and Perkins' arm got caught up caught up going for the ball.  It might have been a foul on him but they gave him a technical even though he didn't even say a thing and just turned around in pain because it was his bad shoulder that popped out.  I wish I had replays of these two incidents because they were absolutely absurd.  I hope someone puts them up on YouTube because they were ridiculous.

Luckily the Celtics were still able to pull off the win even with all of that garbage.  Now we are on our way to Game 1 of Round 2 against the Orlando Magic.  I am a little worried about the legs of the Celtics since they almost played an entire extra game due to all of the Overtimes in Round 1.  Hopefully staying at home allowed them to get some extra rest and be ready for the start of this series.

I think the C's actually match up well against the Magic a most positions.  Rondo is definitely better than Rafer Alston although Alston can get hot and distribute the ball after he gets to the hoop.  Rashard Lewis will be matching up against Glen Davis and Pierce at times.  I think he has the offensive advantage since he is much taller and can also shoot from deep.  This could be a closer matchup if Davis can stay hot with his shooting and play some aggressive D on Lewis and use his wide body to his advantage.

Turkgolu has been looking pretty good in the playoffs from what I've seen and he will be a tough matchup for Pierce because of his slight height advantage but I really think Pierce will come up big and on offense and defense against Turkgolu.  Ray Allen will completely OWN Reddick while Courtney Lee is out and he will still win the matchup when he returns.  He has been on absolute fire and has been playing some great defense.  I think he will continue his great shooting and could even have a couple more 40+ point games. 

The matchup I am most worried about is Dwight Howard vs. Perkins.  Perk has actually been playing really well for the past few months and had a great series against the Bulls even though he went back to his bad habits of bringing the ball down low on a rebound or dribbling when it wasn't necessary or turning the wrong way into the offense for an awful hook shot.  I think Howard is still overrated as a player and has yet to step up in big game situations or carry his team when it was needed.  I'm not sure he can really take over a game just yet and I think Perkins can body him up nicely down low on any of his limited post moves.  He will be difficult when he gets a pick for a back door alley oop and he is quick as hell getting down the floor so he will definitely beat Perkins on fast breaks quite a bit.  Overall, I would almost call this matchup a wash although I will give it to Howard because he is just a freak and will probably have a few 5+ block games.

I am looking forward to this series but I don't think it will be as nuts as Round 1.  I don't think anything could ever compare to that.  I am predicting the Celtics will win in 6 games.  LET"S GO CELTICS!!!

Asher Roth Ft. Cee-Lo - "Be By Myself" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This is the official video for Asher Roth's new single "Be By Myself" featuring Cee-Lo. I really like this track based on the first few listens.  It shows Asher's range and could potentially land him some new Cee-Lo/Gnarls Barkley fans as well.  Any time Cee-Lo is on a song it just puts me in a good mood.  That was definitely a great hook up.   

Releasing this track as the second single keeps Asher from getting pigeon holed into that one style of song like "I Love College".  This dude is not a one hit wonder although many people are already saying that about him because of that song.  I think he will be a lot like Eminem in the sense that he drops that one radio hit to get people to buy the album and then the rest of the songs will be more creative and original. 

I'm glad they let him do his thing and make the music he wanted because it will benefit him in the long run as an artist.  He's doing a nice job of making his album diverse without being random, if that makes sense.  I'm starting to think more and more that his album Asleep in the Bread Aisle is actually the album everyone was expecting from Eminem this year. I've heard most of the tracks from the Asher's album and they are all dope.  I  have yet to purchase the album but I think it's about that time.  I need some new ish to bump in the ride. 
ASHER ROTH Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, May 1, 2009

Amazing Basketball Shots From Some Dudes (NOT BAD)

I'll take you into the weekend with a cool hoops related video someone sent me last week.  Obviously it took these guys multiple shot attempts to make each one but it's still a nice compilation of some very creative shots.  I'm willing to bet it took them at least 3 weeks to get all of them on camera. 

You gotta love the extreme excitement from the bearded dude with a cast.  He might want to think about getting a size larger for that Texas A&M T-shirt though.  The Extra Smedium just isn't working, homey.

If we had small and affordable video recorders back in the day like kids do now, I am sure I would have done something very similar to this in middle school or high school.  My buddy Dave and I used to take shots from across the street or off the roof and anything else we could think of that was completely ridiculous.  I wish we had the clip from my 12th birthday party where he tossed 2 shots in a row from about 50 yards away using a Nerf Turbo football.  I guess that probably doesn't sound very cool in text but believe me, it was pretty cool back then.  HA HA!

Celtics Lose to Bulls in Game 6 in 3 OT's!!!! (UNBELIEVABLE!)

WOW!!!  I really don't have any words to describe how incredible Game 6 was last night.  I'm not going to give a recap or comment on anything that happened in this game because it's ot even worth it.  The highlights are all you really need.  Plus, I really don't feel like getting all fired up again since my head almost exploded from watching this game.

The only thing I will say is that the Celtics had this game won in regulation but Tony Allen pretty much let the Bulls back in it by taking some terrible shots and missing a fairly easy layup within the last 2 minutes  God I hate him!  WTF?!?!?!  Why does he even play?!?!?

If you didn't watch the game then I feel bad for you because you missed one of the greatest playoff games of all time.  The highlights will not do it justice but you will still get a feel for the madness and intensity.   Game 7 is going to be INTENSE to say the least. 

I am pissed the C's lost but at least it was an incredibly entertaining game.  This series is completely out of control.  I think it's safe to say that this is officially one of the best playoff series of all time.  UNBELIEVABLE!

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