Monday, May 11, 2009

Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate Throws Horrible First Pitch at Mets Game (AWFUL)

Holy shit!  That has to be one of the worst first pitches at a baseball game that I've ever seen. Baba Booey from the Howard Stern Show almost took out the umpire and about 5 other people that weren't even near the plate!  If you have supposedly played baseball all of your life, how is it possible to suck this bad?  It's gotta be intense but come on.  Just throw the ball! 

They are discussing this awful excuse for a pitch right now on the Howard Stern Show and are giving Gary hell for throwing like a girl and completely sucking ass.  Gary has been talking about throwing the first pitch for weeks now and you almost expected him to do this.  He started getting nervous and thinking about it way too much and he even got a pitching coach like an unathletic tool would do.  How did that work out for you, Gary?  PATHETIC!

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