Friday, May 1, 2009

Amazing Basketball Shots From Some Dudes (NOT BAD)

I'll take you into the weekend with a cool hoops related video someone sent me last week.  Obviously it took these guys multiple shot attempts to make each one but it's still a nice compilation of some very creative shots.  I'm willing to bet it took them at least 3 weeks to get all of them on camera. 

You gotta love the extreme excitement from the bearded dude with a cast.  He might want to think about getting a size larger for that Texas A&M T-shirt though.  The Extra Smedium just isn't working, homey.

If we had small and affordable video recorders back in the day like kids do now, I am sure I would have done something very similar to this in middle school or high school.  My buddy Dave and I used to take shots from across the street or off the roof and anything else we could think of that was completely ridiculous.  I wish we had the clip from my 12th birthday party where he tossed 2 shots in a row from about 50 yards away using a Nerf Turbo football.  I guess that probably doesn't sound very cool in text but believe me, it was pretty cool back then.  HA HA!

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