Friday, May 15, 2009

Punch Out! For The Nintendo Wii Available May 18th! (SWEET)

Awwww Snap!  The day is almost here for the release of Punch Out! for the Nintendo Wii.  I have been all fired up about this game since I first heard about it late last year.  The video above is a great real life re-enactment of the game.  It definitely had me cracking up with all of the great references to the original Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

I would play that game for hours on end until I could finally beat King Hippo, Piston Honda and all the other bastards that were impossible to beat the first time around.  That was way before the internet, so you had to bust your ass without cheats and codes at your fingertips.  You were lucky if you had a friend that had a subscription to Nintendo Power that could hook you up with the code to get to Mike Tyson.  How crazy does that sound now?

The Nintendo Wii is the perfect platform for the new version of Punch Out!  The graphics definitely look better but the gameplay is still simple enough and it makes perfect sense for the sensor controls.  I can't wait to get this freakin' game.  I'll be picking this up ASAP when it's available in stores on Monday, May 18th.

This is a great look at the game play and graphics with a little teaching from "Ya Boy" Doc Louis.  SICK!

Check out this video of the original Mike Tyson's Punch Out! for the NES.  This is a 33 minute video that runs through every boxer all the way up to Tyson.  Unreal!  This brings back some memories!

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