Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos Part 1 & 2 (HYSTERICAL)

I already thought Cleveland sucked because of the Cavaliers but these two videos confirm that it might be hell on earth.  But hey, at least it's still better than Detroit!  I can't stop watching these videos.  They're like a really funny train wreck laced with heroin.

Part 1 Highlights:
"Who the Fuck still uses a pay phone"
"Here's the place where there used to be industry"
"This train is carrying jobs out of Cleveland"

Part 2 Highlights:
"Under Construction since 1868"
"It's so polluted that all our fish have AIDS"
"Don't slow down in East Cleveland or you'll die"
"Our economy is based on LeBron James"
"By a house for the price of a VCR"

HA HA.  Freakin' Classic.  I can't get this song out of my head now!  The guy who made these is a genius. 


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