Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Baby Apologizes to Fat Kid He Pushed by Accident After Buzzer Beater (WEAK)

People are too freakin' sensitive these days.  Some douchebag Magic fan and father of a fat kid, Ernest Provetti demanded an apology from Glen "Big Baby" Davis after he bumped into his son following Davis' game winning shot in Game 4.

I'm sorry.  Is there an invisible wall I didn't know about?  The kid is almost standing ON THE FREAKIN' COURT.  It should be understood when you sit that close that there is a chance you might be in contact with the players.  How about pull your head out of your ass and be aware of your surroundings instead of having your back to the game, Fatty. 

Big Baby was nice enough to apologize but even he was a little confused as to what he was really apologizing for: "You know what, I’m a big guy," Davis said. "And sometimes I can’t even feel when I’m sitting on the remote. So imagine if my emotions are going wild and I’m running by somebody and I don’t feel it. So if I’ve hurt anybody or if I’ve done any harm to anybody, please forgive me. Because my intentions were harmless."

It turns out that Provetti has retracted his demand for an apology but I guess he already got it from BBD anyway.  The dude's Facebook page was blowing up with negative messages and he was getting blasted in the media and internet.  Serves him right.  It's too late now, though.  He just got his son beat up at school for being a little bitch and having a sissy father. What an idiot. 

On a somewhat related note, did anyone catch Dwight Howard after Big Baby's shot?  He was all pissed off and compalining like a little girl, waving at the Celtics to “get off our court” or something along those lines.  I found out later that he was upset at the “length of their celebration”.  Are you f’n kidding me?  The Celtics just hit a buzzer beater from an unlikely source in a game they probably should have lost. Had the Magic actually hit some shots and closed out the C's when they had a chance then it wouldn't be an issue.  Are the Celtics just supposed to walk off the court quietly like this was a golf match?  Get a grip Howard.  It's the playoffs.  You celebrate every win.  Especially game winning shots.   

The Magic are definitely a bunch of sissies.  That is why I think the series is now going to end in 6 games instead of 7.  The C’s are going to bitch slap the Magic tonight in Boston and knock any sense of confidence out of their heads.  Ray Allen is going to go off for 35 points and there will be no doubt as to who has the momentum after tonight's game.

Also, if you didn't catch the feature on Glen "Big Baby" Davis on SportsCenter last night or this morning, then check it out below.  It's a great story about Davis' life, including his troubles growing up with a drug addicted mother and his first encounter with Shaquille O'Neal.  The dude PINNED Shaq in a wrestling match as a fat but strong 15 year old!  BEAST! 


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