Thursday, May 21, 2009

"One Man Band" Beatboxer Kills It (UNREAL)

WOW!  This performance is freakin' INTENSE!  I don't think you can call this guy just a beatboxer because he is creating a full song right in front of you like he was a one man band.  Seeing him create each instrument/noise/sound effect and then looping it and adding it to the mix was unreal.  I've seen a few other people do this before but for some reason this one really caught my attention.  He also does a great job of singing and rappin' and even switching up the flows and voices to make it sound like different people.  That's some cool ass shit.

I don't even know this dude's name because it wasn't listed in the information section but if you know who this is, please leave a comment.  I'd like to find some more videos of this guy and find out more about him.

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