Monday, May 18, 2009

Magic Beat Celtics in Game 7 to Win Series (DAMN IT)

Ugh.  WTF happened last night?  That was the worst case scenario and not what I was expecting to see during a Game 7 at home.  That was painful.  The Celtics got smashed by the Magic last night.  Plain and simple.  It wasn't even close at any point in the game and it was pretty much done after the first few minutes once the Magic went up 10 early.  It seems like the extremely long and crazy series against Chicago finally caught up with them.  The C's just looked tired and they had no energy or motivation.   WEAK.

I can't even get mad though because the C's went way further than I ever expected after finding out both Garnett and Powe were done for the season.  They were lucky to get past the Bulls in Round 1 and they probably should have lost this series a few games ago if it weren't for a few breaks, a little luck and a lot of heart.  I'm actually glad that they didn't win this series because now we don't have to worry about them getting embarrassed by the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals.  I think the Magic are in for a rude awakening and are going to get destroyed and possibly swept.  I don't think anyone can stop LeBron and the Cavs this year.  They just look too good right now.  After seeing the Lakers struggle in their series, I think they will win the Championshup fairly easily as well. 

It was a nice season for the Celtics considering all of the injuries and bad luck they encountered.  They played their hearts out and that's all you can ask.  Let's hope that KG, Powe and everyone else gets some rest and heals up quickly so that they are ready for next season.  I expect them to compete for another Championship in 2010 and be as competitive as ever.

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