Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tonium Pacemaker Pocket Sized DJ System/MP3 Player (SICK!)

This thing is SICK!!!  I cannot wait to get my hands on the Pacemaker and start DJ'n on the go.  I can't believe this thing exists!  

The Pacemaker has been around for more than a year now but they just recently did an official US launch and I am really getting fired up about it.  I've wanted to purchase this MP3 player on steroids for the longest time but it was only available overseas and with the exchange rate, it was well out of my price range (probably around $800).  Although the US price is still hefty at $499, it is well worth the money considering the technology inside.

The Pacemaker is an MP3 player in it's simplest description but it is much, much more.  This is a powerful portable DJ system.  You can mix and beat match tracks stored on the 60 GB hard drive as if you were using turntables and a mixer.  You obviously won't have the same flexibility but it's pretty damn close.  There is a built in two channel mixer, pitch bend, special effects, auto beatmatch and much more.  Ther is also a line out to plug in to an external stereo system.  NASTY!!!  

This thing would be great for testing out new mixing ideas or for putting together a playlist for a DJ set.  Since it's about twice the size of an iPod, you could easily carry it around with you all the time and break it out at a party if the music is wack or if you want to get the party started right.  I have been known to take over the music wherever I'm at so I can't wait to pull this out and amaze everyone with it's ridiculous capabilities.

You can record your mix onto the internal hard drive for listening/reviewing later.  You can also upload it to Pacemaker.net and share it with other DJ's and friends and get their feedback.  This is by far one of the coolest new gadgets that I've ever seen and I definitely will be buying the Pacemaker ASAP.  You can purchase it now at Amazon.com for $499.  SICK!

Tonium P666 Pacemaker Pocket-Sized DJ System, 60 GB


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