Thursday, May 14, 2009

MVPs: Kobe & LeBron - Chalk & 3 Rings; New Nike Commercials (FUNNY)

Nike did a great job with their new commercial for the NBA Playoffs which I think is officially titled "MVPs - Kobe & LeBron (Chalk)".  That's kind of a wack title but whatever.  It's still funny as hell.

They nailed the personalities of the two players perfectly.  I love how LeBron is in his uniform, running around all fired up, talking to himself and throwing around talcum powder like he's Tony Montana in Scarface while Kobe seems generally uninterested and is more concerned with how he looks in his designer outfit.  Classic! 

UPDATE: I saw another version today called "3 Rings" which aired during the Celtics game.  I thought it was pretty funny and it definitely caught my attention.  I think this one might even be slightly better because Kobe gets a little more personality and starts to piss off LeBron with all of his talk about his championship rings.  I love it when LeBron gets all frustrated and is like "Why do we live together?".  Ha Ha.  Good question.

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