Friday, April 29, 2011

I don't have any music worth sharing to end the week but I thought I would bring you something music related at least. This is a rare interview of Tupac Shakur while he was in prison back in 1994. I can never get enough 2Pac and I know a lot of you out there feel the same way so enjoy...

"Get Smoke Like That Blunt" - Dude Tries To Freestyle While High (HILARIOUS)

When I first watched this video, I was going to bail because it didn't seem that funny but I almost lost my shit about halfway through. Just give it a chance. It's well worth it.  Some people just shouldn't smoke weed...

Royce Da 5'9 Feat. Eminem - "Writers Block" (NEW ISH)

DAMN! Now this is some hot ass shit! Royce Da 5'9" stepped his game up immensely on this one to go toe to toe with Eminem. It's not like he wasn't already one of the best and most underrated rappers in the game but he took it to another level with this one. You can just hear the energy and anger in his flow. Shit was tight! I heard this on Shade 45 last night on the way home from work. This was an instant windows down, block rocker with the volume turned all the way up. Hot shit!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: Eric B. & Rakim - "Don't Sweat The Technique"

I was in the mood for a little Rakim for my Thursday Throwbacks post so I thought I would hit you off with "Don't Sweat the Technique". I could probably throw Eric B. & Rakim tracks up for about 3 straight months because they have so many classics. A few of their beats are a little dated but Rakim's rhymes and flows were a million miles ahead of anyone else at that time and it's still better than 95% of the rappers out right now. Dude was and still is one of the best rappers of all time. So sick.

Nerd Rapper Prince EA Kills It with Impressions of Eminem, Jay Z, Drake & 2Pac (NICE)

This kid is pretty legit. The whole nerd thing he's got going on might be a front but I don't really care. You have do some weird shit to get noticed these days but as long as you bring the heat when you get down to rappin', I'm cool with it. He did a nice job with his impressions of Eminem, Jay Z, Drake & 2Pac while putting his own twist on each of them.

Here are the lyrics along with who he's impersonating, in case you couldn't figure it out.

Prince EA being himself:
Imma show what's in my head right now
To be direct, I'm a little stressed, yep, and upset right now
Mom dont talk about karma and how i'm blessed right now!!
If karma existed these bullies, they would be dead right now
See I been bullied on all my life, picked on and picked last
At Lincoln High today i cried and skipped class
they all laughed when I said that i could rap
but i can rap, I promise you THAT!!
So what if im a Nerd and I know the first 20 digits of Pi
i can rap better than the all of those rappers that they idolize
I said so what if im a nerd...I can rap...lets play a game...WHO AM I?
As Eminem:
My therapist says that im scared of commitment
and very-demented
ever since i told him I licked marinara off a venerial sickness
Kim, i dont care if u listen
u talking to Marshall Trick!
ill marry the BlairWitch And then Burry u with her
im very committed to charities
Last Week I performed whip my hair with Willow at a chemo-therapy Clinic
As Jay Z:
Its ya Boy Young Hov, in the building so necessary
youll see my videos and swear i got the devil in em (Hovy)
I just made another 7 trillion
me and B (Beyonce) sippin on them drinks with umbrellas in em
As Drake:
Last name Ever, First Name Greatest,
Middle name Blackberry, Shout out to my haters
Bring it back shot
young money all up in yo mouth.... Ring Pop
Me and Nicki getting married
and weezy is the preacher so i hope u bitches ready
cuz we gon pop bottles of moscotto gettin fetti
charlie sheen, charlie sheen yeah we winnnnnin No Confetti
ahhh ah
As 2Pac:
Kiluminati tried to finish me
15 years later you remember me?
Hail Mary still pouring out that henesy
West side till we die riding on our enemies!
I was appaled to set the record straight
We Outlaws, still them THUGS that they love to hate

As Prince EA:
But Im here to spit the facts
Its Prince Ea
i just proved that nerds can rap!

Danilo Gallinari Likes to "Take a Sheet" During Games (FUNNY)

This might be immature bathroom humor but I still think it's some funny "sheet". HA! See what I did there? Now that's comedy.

I guess Sheets are a new brand of energy strips that are hitting the market. Think of them as like Listerine strips but with some added energy ingredients. It sounds kind of sketchy but I'll probably give it a try.

They've created some clever ads like this one with Danilo Gallinari using the catch phrase "Take A Sheet". Love it! They've also done a bunch of quick spots with other athletes, rappers and celebrities like these below with LeBron, Doug E. Fresh, Amare Stoudemire and D.M.C.

Learn more about Sheets on their Facebook page:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabolous Ft Red Cafe - "Y'all Don't Hear Me Tho" (NEW ISH)

This is some hot shit off of Fabolous' new mixtape The Soul Tape. Is it just me or is Fabolous putting out some of the most consistent quality music in Hip Hop right now?  Dude disappeared a few years back and I thought his career was done but then he got rejuvenated like he was on that HGH or something.  Very impressive.

Listen to the full mixtape below or download on

Detroit Tiger Ryan Raburn Pulls a Canseco & Pushes Ball Over The Fence for a HR (THAT SUCKS)

I'm kind of surprised this doesn't happen more often with balls that are close to the wall, especially during day games where the sun can be pretty brutal. I feel bad for Raburn because he is going to be ripped on in every stadium he goes to now but at least it wasn't as bad as the classic Canseco play where the ball bounced off his head and went over the wall for a HR.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Okafor and Ariza In Game 5 (RESPECT)

I hate writing this post more than any other because I am about to give Kobe Bryant some props for his performance last night. Even though he only had 19 points, he helped lift the Lakers to a Game 5 win over the Hornets after questions about his banged up ankle for the past few days. These two dunks were not only NASTY but they woke up the struggling Lakers and got the home crowd fired up and back in it.

Kobe is getting older and doesn't throw down these type of dunks that often anymore so when you factor in the injury, it's pretty incredible that he was able to get up like that. I can respect a nice performance and a few nice dunks even if it's done by a Laker and more specifically, Kobe Bryant. Things will change real quickly if they meet up in the Finals though...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hip Hop Violinist Remixes Waka Flocka, Roscoe Dash, Kanye West, Trey Songz, Usher, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & More (DOPE)

I don't have much to say here other than this is some hot shit!  I'm always a fan of well done Hip Hop remixes using the violin.  We need more of this in Hip Hop!

A Close Look at the Nike Air Jordan VII "Year of the Rabbit" & Air Jordan V Midnight Navy-Varsity Red (SNEAKGEEKZ)

Here's an up close look at the upcoming Air Jordan VII "Year of The Rabbit" and Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red from This dude always gets the heat early. I am defintiely jealous.

The Air Jordan VII "Year of The Rabbit" is obviously a slight variation of the original "Hare" Jordans so it will certainly be in high demand. These will drop on May 7th and will retail for $150.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red also has a very similar look to the original White/Black-Varsity Reds from back in the day but they switch out a dark navy blue for the black and also add some patent leather on the toe and heel. I'm not sure how I feel about the patent leather, especially on a mostly all white shoe but I will have to see them up close before I make a final decision to cop. I might have to get them just because they are so similar to the original. I have a pair but they are a little small and wicked beat. Time to re-up. These are set to release on July 2nd and would be a perfect shoe to rock at a 4th of July party. I would assume these will retail for around $150.
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Grizzlies Beat Spurs to Go Up 3-1 in Series; Plus Tony Allen's Grizzly Haircut (AWFUL)

How unreal is this? The #8 seeded Grizzlies are now up 3-1 on the #1 seeded Spurs. Who the hell saw that coming? I think basketball heads knew the Grizzlies were better than their record but I don't think anyone expected them to handle the Spurs so easily. The Spurs are getting old and Ginobli is injured but they still should at least be able to keep it competitive because of their experience and overall skill level.  I guess this goes to show that with the right matchup, anyone can win. The Spurs look really old and the Grizzlies are energized and playing out of their minds. The 4th quarter of that game last night was electric.  They look unstoppable right now.   

I'm pretty much rooting for them to win the series at this point because they are fun to watch and I would love to see them take out the Spurs because they are so F'n boring. They would be doing a huge favor for all basketball fans across the world.  I also like the fact that former Celtic Tony Allen has finally gotten his act together after a slow start this season.  He has been one of their key players and his playoff experience could be huge. He's still crazy as shit though. Just check out his new haircut with the Grizzly shaved in the back. WTF?!?!?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Snoop Dogg ft. T-Pain - "Boom" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I know the video for "Boom" has been out since March but I'm just really catching it for the first time now. The song has been getting more and more rotations lately and I'm starting to add it to my current favorites list so I thought I would post it up. Lots of booty in this one too. Not bad...

Boom (feat. T-Pain) - Single - Snoop Dogg
Boom (feat. T-Pain) - Single - Snoop Dogg

Doggumentary - Snoop Dogg
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

NBA Playoffs Top 20 Plays From the Weekend; Plus JR Smith's Sick Trickshot

I could go on and on about how the Celtics swept the Knicks and the fact that they still haven't won a playoff game since 2001 but I am going to stick to just showing the highlights from the weekend from across the league instead. I will save my breath for an opponent that actually puts up a fight.  I think it would have been a little more competitive had Billips and Stoudemire been healthy but I still think the C's would have closed out the series pretty easily.  Luckily, the Celtics will get some much needed rest while the rest of the league continues to fight it out to see who goes to the next round. 

Also, check out this clip of the Nuggets' J.R. Smith doing a nice QB drop step from the other side of the court that ends up going in the hoop on the far end. Sick!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dj Quik - "Luv Of My Life" (OFFICAL VIDEO)

Here's some smooth west coast shit from DJ Quik to end the week off right. This is that G-Funk that's been missing from the game for awhile. It's good to hear Quik is still making quality music for all of the older Hip Hop heads that can actually appreciate it.

DJ Quik's new album The Book of David is out now.  I'm gonna have to check that out.  I can almost guarantee it's hot from start to finish. 

The Book of David - DJ Quik
The Book of David - DJ Quik
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'Rise of the Planet Of the Apes' Official Trailer (LOOKS SICK)

Damn. I had no idea this movie was even coming out but I have to say, I am pretty excited about it. Hopefully they don't screw it up because this could be good. I'm kind of obsessed with the "original" Planet of the Apes featuring Mark Wahlberg from 2001. It's on TV all the time and I always find myself watching it even though I've seen it at least 100 times by now. There's something about it that just draws me in.  I always get pissed when it ends too because I feel like it had so much potential for a sequel but it still hasn't been made.

At least with this prequel, we get to see the actual "Rise of the Apes" and how all of this madness happened. This has some serious potential with the story line and especially with all of the advancements in special effects that have been made over the past 10 years. I will be very pissed if this ends up sucking.  Try not to screw another one up, Hollywood...

Fat Dude Gets Down to "It Takes Two" During Heat/Sixers Game (HYSTERICAL)

Wow!  That's how you do it right there!  Dude absolutely killed it during a timeout of the Heat/Sixers game last night.  I have to think this was a set up by the Sixers Marketing Team but even so he made the most of it while getting down to Rob Base & DJ Ez-Rock's "It Takes Two".  He hit all of the classic dance moves and then topped it off with some body paint(?) on his fat belly saying "Go Sixers!" Awesome. He is LITERALLY the Sixers' biggest fan.

NBA Playoff Highlights from April 21st (LEBRON'S TRIP PASS)

I can't believe the Pacers let another game get away from them. They could easily be up 3-0 right now on the Bulls but instead they are down three games and facing elimination while building up Chicago's confidence along the way. Not cool! I would love to see the Bulls knocked out early but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen.

This play by LeBron was pretty nasty. He made a nice move and then as he tripped, he still had the sense to hit Wade for an open pass. As much as he annoys me, he still impresses me with plays like this on a regular basis.

This putback by Wade was nice too.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: Poor Righteous Teachers - "Word Iz Life"

I still don't understand how "Word Iz Life" isn't more well known. When I ask people about it or just Poor Righteous Teachers in general, I usually get a blank stare back. Poor Righteous Teachers were definitely more of an underground group but they did have some commercial success with this one and "Rock Dis Funky Joint" among others. It just drives me nuts when dope songs like this don't catch on but at the same time, I can keep it to myself as my own little hidden gem that most people don't know about which can be cool sometimes.

I would send you a link to download on iTunes but they don't even have the album!  Damn.  At least check out "Rock Dis Funky Joint".  That's an old school classic.

Rock Dis Funky Joint - Profilin' - the Hits
Rock Dis Funky Joint - Profilin' - the Hits

Random Baseball Clips: Trick-Play Pickoff Move & Ninja Slide (NOT BAD)

These two clips don't need much explanation but I will add in my two cents. This first video with the trick play pickoff move is pretty incredible. Not only do you need everyone in the field to be on the same page but you also need perfect execution, along with a runner dumb enough not to look for the ball. Also, once you use this play, you can't go back to it, at least for awhile. You can safely say that every one of their opponents is going to be aware of this play now that the video has gone viral.

This second clip of the kid hopping over the catcher isn't exactly unique since we've seen it done before but what made it cool was the kid's ability to pop up from a slide and have enough momentum to immediately jump and catch enough height to clear the catcher. The degree of difficulty was ridiculously high on that one. Good stuff.

Snoop Dogg Gets Custom Made adidas Originals; Plus the Blast by Colt 45 Photo Shoot ft. Estevan Oriol and Rosa Acosta (COOL)

Snoop has been in full force promoting the new Blast by Colt 45 drink. If you haven't heard, it's basically a Four Loko rip off except without the caffeine. Even though it might not be as big of a viral hit because it doesn't fuck you up as much as Four Loko, I'm sure it will find some success because of their association with Snoop.

The video above is a behind the scenes look at the Blast photo shoot featuring the fine asses of Estevan Oriol and Rosa Acosta. Below is a somewhat related video of Snoop at an event that looks like it's promoting a little bit of everything. He got his own custom shoe from adidas with a matching Dogg House shoe box, and he also performed in front of a few lucky people who were drinking Colt 45 products.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Optimo 55's "I'm Gipper" Video From Tosh.O (BADASS)

I'm assuming you already know about the kid who got hit by the ice cream truck dancing in the middle of the street but in case you don't know the deal, click here.

Now that we are all on the same page, you can enjoy the video Optimo put together with Tosh.O for his song "I'm Gipper". This shit is ridiculously badass and funny at the same time. The ending is the best part because it brings his two worlds of viral video and Hip Hop together as one. Any time you can get Daniel Tosh in your music video, you know you have a winner.  That's instant views right there. 

And by the way, this song is legit. You can download it on iTunes if you agree:

Im Gipper (feat. Dipmane) - Single - Optimo 55

Im Gipper (feat. Dipmane) - Single - Optimo 55

Celtics Steal Another Win Against Knicks in Game 2 (MELO GOES OFF FOR 42 PTS.)

Well, that was interesting. I almost had another heart attack watching the end of Game 2 but at least the Celtics pulled off another win. They really have no business winning either of these games based on how they've been playing but I'll take it. Something is just off and if the C's don't wake the F up, they are in for a rude awakening for Game 3 & 4 at MSG. That place is going to be on fire and if they aren't ready for it, the C's could get blown out in either game and could easily coming back to Boston tied 2-2. Wake up!!!

At least the C's had a big lead in Game 2 at one point unlike Game 1 but they quickly pissed that away at the end of the 3rd quarter and let Carmelo Anthony take the game over. He almost won the game by himself with Amare and Billups out. He threw up 42 points and 17 rebounds and it seemed like he couldn't be stopped. I don't know how the Celtics didn't take advantage of the Knicks thin bench and lack of height.

I have no idea why Big Baby Davis was in the game for so long either. He was playing horribly and was getting torched by the quicker and more athletic Knicks front court. Doc is a fool for not bringing Jermaine O'Neal back in the game for some rebounding and defense. He would have kept Carmelo out of the paint a little more and he certainly would have had some rebounds. The Celtics were just slapping at the ball instead of grabbing it and allowed the Knicks at least 3 or 4 extra possessions in the last 2-3 minutes which almost allowed the Knicks to pull off the win.

I just don't get why you wouldn't take advantage of your height if you know the other team has no big men to match up. Doc always reacts to the other team instead of doing what is best for his team which is using the best talent available. He's trying to play chess when all he needs to do is play checkers. Keep it simple Doc! You aren't that smart.

I also don't know why Carmelo made this pass at the end of the game because he should have been taking the last shot, even if it was forced. The way he was playing, there is a much better chance of him throwing up a bomb and it going in than Jeffries scoring on Garnett. KG stepped up and made a great defensive play to save the game. THANK GOD.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Asher Roth - "Gotta Get Up" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Here's some new hot shit from my boy Asher Roth. Dude sounds more and more like Eminem with every new song but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, whiteboys don't have much variety in their voices. We all pretty much sound the same once you break it down because we lack that bass. Oh well. As long as you can flow, that's all I care about.

2-Year-Old Waking Up In Car Seat & Jammin' To Waka Flocka's "It's A Party" (FUNNY)

Waka Flocka songs are pretty much all hot garbage but I'll deal with one of them in this instance since this clip was kind of funny. I could see how this song could be interesting to little kids and babies. It's super repetitive and has a flow similar to a nursery rhyme. And that's not a compliment...

SNL's Jay Pharoah Impersonates Obama, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Katt Williams, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and More (ON POINT)

Wait a minute. SNL is still on? Who knew. I haven't seen that show in years, although I do catch an occasional funny clip that goes viral. I might have to start watching again though because this dude Jay Pharoah is legit. His impersonations are ridiculously on point and he seems like he's funny as hell.

Here is another one where he impersonates Will Smith, DMX, Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker. Dude is ridiculous!

I have to retract my previous statement that I never watch SNL though because I actually recognize this clip of Jay Pharoah doing a killer Denzel Washington impersonation. Respect.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wiz Khalifa ft. Chevy Woods - "Taylor Gang" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I'm loving this video for Wiz Khalifa's "Taylor Gang". It's just Wiz and his boys getting smoked out and high as a muhfucka. Classic shit.

Don't expect to see this on TV ever in your life. If it did, it would be so blurred out you might as well be watching static. It's still a dope video for a dope song though...

Jermaine Dupri & Da Brat - "Look At Me Now" Freestyle (SICK)

Wow. Da Brat freakin' murdered the "Look at Me Now" track. She's right up there with Busta's speed on the original. Very impressive. I could have done without Jermaine Dupri's verse but at the same time, it's cool to hear them back together again. It's been too long.

Also, I have no idea why Allen Iverson was in the beginning of the video but he looked high as hell.  That whole sequence was pointless.  I couldn't even hear what they were saying...

Highlights From The 2011 McDonald's All American Slam Dunk Contest (DECENT)

I know the McDonald's All American Game and dunk contest happened a couple of weeks ago but I kept forgetting to look for the highlights until just now. There wasn't anything too groundbreaking but there were some solid dunks from Austin Rivers, Marshall Plumlee and LeBryan Nash. All of these dudes are solid players though and should make a big impact at the college level next year.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks on a Friday: Mad Lion "Take It Easy"

I forgot to post a Thursday Throwback yesterday so I figured I would make up for that by ending the week with an often forgotten classic. Mad Lion's "Take It Easy" still goes hard. That beat is tough and the sample for the hook is catchy as shit. Combine that with Mad Lion's ruff rude bwoy style and you have a nasty mix of Hip Hop and Reggae.

I wish Reggae/Dancehall artists would flow over Hip Hop beats more often.  Not the club shit but the hard joints like this one.  There's just something about it that draws you in and sounds dope as shit. Here are a few other joints from Mad Lion including "Shoot to Kill" and "Own Destiny" from the New Jersey Drive Vol. 2 Soundtrack.

Blake Griffin's Top 5 Dunks of The Year (DIESEL)

I think I've posted all of these Blake Griffin Dunks at some point during the year but it's nice to have them all in one condensed highlight real. Dude put in work this year. That's for sure.

Rondo Opens Up About the Perkins Trade on The Association (INTERESTING)

If you're not currently watching The Association on ESPN then you are really missing out on a great behind the scenes look at what it's like to be in the NBA or just be a professional athlete in general.  Even if you're not a Celtics fan, you will almost definitely find the show interesting.  

It was nice to see Rondo open up about the Perkins trade and finally show some emotion in this latest episode. He's usually a robot and holds everything in so it was refreshing to see him talk about his feelings. I have to think that was part of the reason he went in a slump right around the same time this was most likely filmed.  He doesn't seem like the type of dude who has a ton of friends so it was probably pretty devastating to see his best friend being shipped out after all of these years hanging out together.  

Here's a few funny deleted scenes as well. Big Baby f'd up those Flint Grey Air Jordan XIII's by spilling some food on them. The funny thing is, it looked like baby food too.  Is that ironic?  I can never get that right.  Anyway, stop eating so much food, dude! You are ruining some classic J's because of your inability to keep that shit in your mouth.  Not cool.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

White Girl Spitting Busta's Verse from Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" (IMPRESSIVE)

I don't have much to say here other than DAMN! That was impressive as shit! Chick was kind of hot too. You can't ask for much more...

Blake Griffin Goes Off on The Grizzlies (BEAST MODE)

Blake Griffin went all Beast Mode on the Grizzlies last night and ended the regular season off right. The nastiest dunk by far was the one handed alley oop above. Dude went back for that one and still threw it down with power. So nasty.

It's too bad these are the last dunks of the season that we will see from Blake Griffin since the Clippers didn't make the playoffs but he certainly provided us with plenty of nastiness all season long.

Jeff Green Dunks on His Own Head (NO GOOD)

I was watching the Celtics game half-assed last night since they were resting the starters and I ended up missing this crazy play. Jeff Green caught a nice oop from Big Baby and threw it down but it didn't count because it bounced off his own head before it made it all the way through the net. It's one of those weird rules that you forget about because it rarely ever happens and when it does, it still doesn't make any sense. It's kind of funny to think that the ball can go all the way through the rim but if it doesn't clear the net, it still doesn't count as a made basket...

Mickey Mouse Owns Some Breakdancing Kid During Dance Off (YOU GOT SERVED)

Awesome freakin' video right here. I love it when I stumble across something so randomly awesome. Not only was the dude in the Mickey Mouse costume cool enough to do a dance off with this breakdancing kid who was pretty nasty but he actually ended up owning him with a flurry of moves that would be hard enough in street clothes, yet alone a mascot costume. I thought the kid was going to win until the very end when Mickey broke out the split and then the hand stand freeze. RIDICULOUS!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

adidas Originals - adicolor x Dwight Howard ft. Childish Gambino's "Freaks & Geeks" (AKA DONALD GLOVER FROM 'COMMUNITY')

Yes, you heard me right. The soundtrack to this new adidas commercial featuring Dwight Howard is from the one and only Donald Glover from Community. WTF?!?! I had to double check that to make sure it was right. I had no idea he rhymed. And his shit is actually decent! Who knew.

I guess he actually has a decent little following going for himself too. He goes by the name Childish Gambino which he came up with using a Wu Tang Clan name generator. Wow. That's pretty random and kind of awesome. This is on par with finding out that one of your best friends from college or work is actually a twin. It just freaks you out. Considering I was a fan of Glover's work on Community, this completely caught me off guard. I have to admit he's got a decent flow too. He's rapping about some crazy weird shit but I actually like it. At least he's being himself and doing something different.

Here is the full video for "Freaks & Geeks". It's simple but kind of cool.

Shout out to for putting me on to this.

Giant Air Max Burger - 'Air Mett 90' (TASTY)

AIR METT 90 from Sneaker Freaker Germany on Vimeo.

Wow! How freakin' sick is this? Actually, maybe sick has a double meaning in this instance because I'm not sure I would want to eat this mega sized meatloaf concoction. Although, I take that back because this does look kind of tasty. I think I just wouldn't want to mess up the art more than anything else.

Anyway, this meat tray was created by Beef Brothers for the Sneaker Freaker Germany Issue 2 launch party. They used slabs of ground beef and onion, an air bubble stuffed with capers and a cheddar cheese Swoosh. Crazy! I've seen plenty of sneaker cakes but this one takes a little more skill, in my opinion. Very nice.
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Street Fighter 2 Scene from Family Guy (AWESOME)

I know this is a little late but I just caught Sunday's new episode of Family Guy last night so give me a break. It's still worth posting up though because it's pure awesomeness. Peter takes on Mr. Washee Washee in a fight, Street Fighter 2 style in this video which is almost a perfect tribute to the original.  It's too bad I'm not a 12 year old boy because I am very tempted to go out and buy the new Nintendo 3DS Street Fighter edition just because of this video.  Such a classic game...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nike x Foot Locker x Cool Kids "Get Fresh Air" Commercial (DOPE)

There's lots of heat in this video from both the music and sneaker side of things. Foot Locker presents this dope video with Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, DeSean Jackson and a special guest apperance by Ken Griffey Jr. in the kitchen. The Cool Kids also provide the soundtrack with some fresh new music.

I'm kind of feeling the Sesame Street type vibe with the live action and animation mixed together. That shit was tight!

Purdue's Carson Wiggs Kicks a 67 yard Field Goal During Spring Football (BOMB)

Good lord! That was a freakin' bomb! I've never heard of Purdue's Carson Wiggs but I guess he is a great field goal kicker with insane range. I officially know who he is now. He has kicked multiple 50+ field goals in his career and even had a 59 yarder last year. That is unreal for college and would still be nasty for the pros.

I know kickers don't usually go very high in the draft but if he has a good season this next year with a few bombs to put him on the national radar, he might have a chance of going pretty high. If you were a team in need of a kicker, why wouldn't you take him earlier than normal? It's probably less of a risk than most other positions...

Here's another angle that does this kick a little more justice:

Dwight Howard Destroys Sixers' Jrue Holiday On An Alley Oop Dunk (GROSS)

This shit wasn't even fair. Not only is Dwight Howard a monster but he can jump through the roof as we have all seen numerous times in the past. If I was Holiday, I would have just gotten out of the way but I give him some credit for trying to hang in there and at least make an attempt to stop him. Even he realized how dumb that was though and he just turned his head and walked away in disgust after he got dunked on. So nasty.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Even though he always seems to murder my Celtics and we may have to go against him in the playoffs, I am still a fan of Derrick Rose. His game is ridiculous and on top of that, he just seems like a good dude. He doesn't seem to have that same ridiculous arrogance that players like LeBron carry with them all the time which is refreshing.

Anyway, the move that he pulled off against the Celtics during last Thursday's game was insane. He crossed up Rondo like it was nothing and then took it to the hoop with an up and under on KG and Krstic. So nasty! When you see it in slow-mo, it's even that much crazier.

Here it is in original speed as well. Just as nice...

MLB 11 The Show Commercial Ft. J. Cole's "Blow Up" (COOL)

First things first. This game looks sick. I have MLB 10 The Show for the PS3 and although it's hard as shit, it's still a fun game so I'm sure I will pick up the new one for the updated rosters and other improvements.

You may have seen this commercial recently now that the MLB season is under way but I thought it was worth posting because of the use of J. Cole's song "Blow Up" as the soundtrack. I thought it was kind of cool considering how lame MLB is at times. Even though the song is a little old now, it took some balls to use it considering most baseball fans listen to mostly country and rock. At least they are embracing the fact that gamers are little more open to Hip Hop.

Here's the full version of J. Cole's "Blow Up" in case you've never heard it or just want to hear it again. "Bitch, I'mma bout to blow up!!!"

Chris Webby - "Can't Deny Me" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Here's some new hotness from Chris Webby called "Can't Deny Me" off of his mixtape Best In The Burbs. The beat and hook is what really got me locked in on this one.  It's another classic produced by the severely underrated Statik Selektah. Hopefully these two link up more in the future because this shit sounds pretty damn good. 

In case you couldn't put a finger on it, the sample is from Jay-Z's hit "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)" which is one of my all time club bangers:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pharrell - "The Game Has Changed" (NEW ISH)

It's been awhile since we've heard something new from Pharrell but this new joint "The Game Has Changed" is pretty solid. The beat is very subtle and never really gets going but it's still pretty dope in its own unique way. It's almost like a soundtrack more than an actual beat. He definitely wanted the focus to be on the lyrics and for good reason.  He tore it up!

Twin Babies Having A Conversation - Jamaican Baby Voice Over Edition (FUNNY)

No explanation needed. This is just funny shit.

New Era Commercial - "The Rivalry Begins"; Sox Vs. Yanks (STARRING ALEC BALDWIN & JOHN KRASINKI)

The first Red Sox/Yankees series of the 2011 season starts today at 2:05 PM. I wouldn't normally be excited about this so early in the season but since the Sox are currently 0-6, it suddenly became a big deal. Not only do the Sox need a win badly but they have to beat the Yankees in order to do so. This will not be fun if the Sox get swept. Yankees fans will never let us hear the end of it.

That is why I thought this New Era commercial starring Alec Baldwin and John Krazinski from The Office was so relevant. Alec basically plays Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock while Krazinksi appears to be out of character as himself, although he seems to be over acting that too. Not sure how that's possible but whatever. It was somewhat enjoyable so take a look...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks: Slick Rick - "Children's Story"

Aww shit! Another one of my all time classic Hip Hop tracks. Slick Rick's "Children's Story" never gets old or sounds dated for some reason. It's kind of incredible, actually. Even though you know it's an old school song, there is just something about it that keeps you from ever getting sick of it. It's also been remixed and sampled dozens of times so it's like it has a life of it's own. It just keeps mutating and shit. I've also never heard this version for some reason with all of the extra sound effects, cuts and scratches. I kind of like it because it gives the song a new life, as if it needed one. FRESH!!!

Here is the best usage of the "Children's Story" beat that I've ever heard.  I used to mix this in with the original all the time and the place would go nuts. It's a remix of Capelton's "Tour". So sick!

Wiz Khalifa Talks About Jordans & Curren$y's Jordan Collection (PLUS AIR JORDAN TRUE BLUE III's)

Here's a quick video of Wiz Khalifa talking about his newfound love for the sneaker game and how Curren$y put him on to Jordans. This ended up being a perfect transition for the Air Jordan III "True Blues" that he mentioned since I've been meaning to do a post on them for the past few weeks.

If you didn't know already, the True Blues will be retro'd stateside on June 4, 2011 for $150.  This is awesome news for any sneakerhead that was severely disappointed when these dropped as a UK only release last year.  These are definitely one of the hottest and most sought after Air Jordan 3's so be prepared to either wait in line or order a pair ahead of time or you might be shit out of luck.  I don't even care if I have to pay a premium, I am getting these joints.  Definitely one of my favorites although almost all of the III's are hot as shit.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Kings' Tyreke Evans Posterizes Spurs' Gary Neal (WITH AUTHORITY)

Cot damn! That was just disgusting! Even the Spurs bench was in shock. I knew Tyreke Evans could throw it down once in awhile but I think this is by far the best dunk of his young NBA career. Diesel.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swizz Beatz Feat. Eve - "Everyday" (NEW ISH)

I'm a little iffy on the song itself but this beat is on fire! Swizz Beatz came through with another monster. I just wish he would stay off of the track with his lazy rhymes and monotonous bullshit. It's like he didn't even try for the first 30 seconds: "I'm coolin'. I'm coolin', coolin'. I'm coolin', coolin'". Jesus dude. Step your f'n rap game up or just don't do it at all. A 5 year old could be more creative.

At least Eve came with a little heat even though it was ridiculously short. She's one of the few female rappers I can stand for more than one song. She's been MIA for awhile now though. Hopefully this a sign she's on her way back to the rap game. She can show Nicki Minaj what's up.

Nike 'Better World' Commercial (SICK)

Cool concept. This new 'NikeBetterWorld' commerical is made from 100% recycled ads. I remember most of the originals, especially the older commercials. There are some serious classics in there. This is probably the first memorable sneaker ad I've seen in a few years and it isn't even really new if you think about it. Come on sneaker companies. Step your game up.

'33 by Asics' Commercial - "Gravity, Meet Your Archenemy" (COOL)

I didn't even know Asics still existed as a company but it's nice to see them coming up with something new to compete in the ultra competitive shoe game.  This new commercial was really effective because it certainly caught my attention.  "Gravity, Meet Your Archenemy" is a great tagline and the concept of the floating ping pong balls to convey what it would feel like wearing the shoe is genius.

I used to rock Asics Gels back in the day and they were a super comfortable shoe with decent styling. They kind of disappeared for awhile and I think they just focused on running shoes for the past 10-15 years so that is why I didn't pay much attention to them.  It's not like I wouldn't consider them as a functional shoe, I just hate running and working out so I just pick up a pair of Nike Airs at the local shoe store and I'm done with it.  

It looks like they are starting to get back into the shoe game with the new 33 model and I have to say, they look pretty legit. They are still focused on running and function but the style of the shoe could certainly work for casual attire as well. I like those grey and orange joints a lot. If these end up being in the affordable range, I would certainly consider picking up a pair to wear around or even work out in.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Is SportsCenter: Brian Wilson - "Fear the Beard" Commercial (DECENT)

This Brian Wilson dude from the San Francisco Giants kind of annoys me and I think I am officially sick of his over the top antics trying to be the Dennis Rodman of baseball but I will admit that this new ESPN commercial was pretty funny. I've never seen it before but I'm sure it will be all over the place in the next couple of weeks. I've always been a big fan of these ESPN office commercials so it was nice to see something new.

I think the best one is the commercial with the Celtics' Big 3 that aired just before the 2007-2008 Championship season. Good stuff:

4 Year Old Golfer Hits Driving Range Cart 4 Times in a Row (MONEY)

Damn! This kid is nasty! Nice looking swing too. It's hard enough to hit the ball at age 4 (or as an adult for that matter) but to change directions and hit a moving target 4 times in a row is just unbelievable! The little dude even hit it in the basket once.  Wow.  

And is it just me or was he driving the ball about 150 yards? Good lord. That's better than half of my drives these days. I've kind of given up on getting better at golf so I am going to focus on getting my little guy on the course as soon as he can walk and swing a club like this kid. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Birdman feat. Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Mack Maine - "I Get Money" (NEW ISH)

Here's some new shit from Birdman with a fresh verse from Lil Wayne.  As I've mentioned many times previously, I'm getting a little bored with Weezy's flow and lyrics but he seemed to step his game up a little bit with this one.  It wasn't exactly the best shit he has ever put out by any means but it sounded fresh more than anything which is cool to hear.  I think getting off the syrup and weed in jail helped clear his mind a little bit. 

The song itself is decent but it sounds like generic Cash Money that we've been hearing over the past few years.  There's nothing groundbreaking about it but it's some decent new shit to listen to for a few weeks before it gets old and stale...

'Everything Must Go' Trailer - New Will Ferrell Movie Starring CJ Wallace (BIGGIE'S SON)

I'm not completely sure how I feel about this new movie Everything Must Go based on the trailer above but it seems kind of boring and unfunny. Maybe it will be better than it looks but how often does that ever happen? Usually the best clips of the movie are in the trailer and the rest is just shit filler.

Anyway, I thought it was worth posting out the trailer since Will Ferrel's co-star will be the Notorious B.I.G.'s son, CJ Wallace. CJ first made his acting debut playing a younger version of his father in the 2009 bio pic, Notorious. He gets a leading role this time around and it looks like he's doing his thing in this one. Hopefully he continues to grow as an actor and is offered more roles in the future. We can't have the original Biggie back but it would be nice to see one of his own doing it big in the entertainment world to carry on his legacy...

Random Sports Ish - D. Rose's Block and CC Sabathia's Air Jordan XI Concord Cleats (SICK)

I'm just catching up on a few highlights from the weekend. This block on Toronto's James Johnson was DISGUSTING. Dude got his head at the rim for that one. So sick.

This isn't really a great highlight but it was kind of funny and one of the crazier things I've seen recently. Not only was the entire Timberwolves team asleep on the live free throw but even Bosh just stood there like a dummy and was going to give the ball back to the ref just as LeBron stole it from him and went up for the dunk. That was actually a really smart play by LeBron which I don't find myself saying very often.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Finally, here is a pic of the Air Jordan XI baseball cleat that C.C. Sabathia sported on opening day. If they released this to the general public, I guarantee sneakerheads would be copping these left and right even though they couldn't even wear them anywhere but the baseball field. I wish these were available back in the day when I played baseball. Not only would I have copped multiple pairs to rotate but I probably would have cleaned them after every game and practice to keep them fresh. These are too sick. I can't believe this fat ass gets such heat to rock on the field...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Illinois College's 5'10" Jacob Tucker Wins the NCAA Dunk Contest (WHITE BOY HOPS)

That's what's up right there! White boys represent!  I posted this video of Illinois College's 5'10" Jacob Tucker a couple of weeks ago which was a highlight reel that he used to get himself in the NCAA Dunk Contest. Here is the video below in case you missed it:

Not only did he make it in but he also pulled off the win! So sick. I haven't seen the whole thing yet but these are his best dunks from the night. Dude looked nasty and did not disappoint. You don't even realize how small he is until you see him at the end of the video standing next to all of the other dunkers who make him look like a midget. Ridiculous! It's too bad he won't make it in the NBA because it would be great to see a tiny white dude representing in the dunk contest. We had Brent Barry back in the day but it would be nice to get the little guys some shine too.

UPDATE:  Here is another video I found with all of his misses.  Even those looked nice!  Had he pulled off the cartwheel dunk or the 360 between the legs, the roof may have collapsed in that place. It's too bad but he still killed it:

Also, John Williams was the dude who Tucker was up against in the Finals.  He had some nice dunks himself:

The Hangover Part II Full Trailer (AWESOME)

Nice! It's about time we got a full trailer.  I can't wait until The Hangover Part 2 comes out. When I first heard about the sequel, I thought the potential for wackness was kind of high since it would be tough to top the original but based on this trailer, it looks to be just as good.  It definitely follows the same formula but once you have a winner, you might as well stick with what works.  They even have a monkey replacing the baby as the sidekick.  Gotta love it!  One YouTube commenter said it best:

wow its honestly the same movie...
baby -> monkey
jerk off baby -> blow job monkey
Tiger in bathroom -> monkey in bathroom
missing tooth -> tatoo
Missing pants -> missing hair
They even kept the asian guy, they had allen make another speech, a guy is still missing... they even had the brother in law to be AGAIN.

creativity would be nice...but this movie will still be FUCKING SICK!!


The Hangover Part II is scheduled to release on May 26th, 2011 which is also Memorial Day Weekend. It should be a good one.

Little Kids Freestyle Dance To Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" (RIDICULOUS)

These kids are freakin' nasty! That's how you get down. Hopefully Chris Brown sees this video and hits them up to dance in one of his next videos or brings them out at a local concert or something. Nasty!

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