Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reporter Asks Jamie-Lynn Sigler If She Would Date a Fat Dude Like Turtle (AWKWARD)

WOW!  That was extremely awkward.  I definitely caught a case of the Douche Chills after watching this video.

That's what you would call a classic case of not doing your research.  ABC News reporter Dan Harris flat out asks Jamie-Lynn Sigler if she would really date a "fat dude" like Turtle in real life like her character does (which is weird to say because she is just playing herself) on Entourage. 
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He said all jokingly expecting Jamie-Lynn to give a funny response but that is when the interview took a turn for the worst.  What he didn't know was that she is actually dating Jerry Ferrara aka "Turtle" in rea life too. YIKES!
You have to admit that whole situation is a little messed up though.  I can understand how he would think there is no way in hell those two would actually be dating so why would he even look into it further? 

I feel bad for this dude though.  We've all been there.  Something stupid just spills out of your mouth like some verbal diarrhea and extreme awkwardness ensues.  Harris didn't even know he said something wrong so it didn't get awkward until Jamie-Lynn pointed it out later in the interview.  At least he was a good sport about it and made fun of himself after the fact.  That's some classic unintential comedy right there.

And while we're here, how about some gratuitous half naked pics of Jame-Lynn Sigler?  It can't hurt, right?

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