Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eminem - "The Warning" - Mariah Carey Diss (INTERESTING)

I knew this blast by Eminem was coming sooner or later after seeing Mariah's "Obsessed" video where she dresses up like Em to mock him and piss him off.  "Obsessed" is supposedly about Eminem's infatuation with her from back in the day that supposedly hasn't ended.  I'm kind of confused why both of them are still talking shit about each other since this fling happened back in 2001 but I'm sure Em is happy about it because it gives him something to get pissed off about which is when he does his best work. 

This isn't necessarrilly Em's best diss track but this is the most fire I've heard out of him in a long time.  He's actually rapping instead of doing that wack ass accent bullshit that he does on almost every song on the Relapse album which pissed me off beyond belief.  Maybe he should start a new beef with Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera too so he can continue to rap like he actually still cares... 


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