Saturday, August 1, 2009

Super Jacko Bros. - The MJ Video Game (AWESOME!)

This game needs to be made available to play ASAP!  This is freakin' awesome!  Super Mario Bros. remixed with Michael Jackson as the main character is one of the best ideas ever!  MJ even has a few extra super powers that Mario and Luigi could only dream about.  Be on the lookout for his ability to kick away walls of bricks in one sweep and also his ability to create bricks to Moonwalk on at any point it's needed.  I also loved his ability to fall down the hole and make his way back up doing the Moonwalk without dying.  Hysterical!  

I'm pretty sure MJ had his own video game at one point but I'm sure it sucked donkey balls...Yup!  He definitlely did and it definitely sucked ass!  Here is a clip from Moonwalker which was for the Sega Genesis.  WTF is this crap?  At least they had a synthesized version of "Smooth Criminal" as the soundtrack. 

Super Jacko Bros. is so much better!!!

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