Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Youkilis Charges Mound and Gives Tigers a Beatdown (AWESOME)


Of all the players on the Red Sox roster, why would you CHOOSE to antagonize Youkilis?  The guy is CRAZY!!!  It's like poking a bear at the Zoo.  You are just asking for trouble.  He has no problem taking on the entire opposing team by himself because he is INSANE.

That was just a stupid move by the Tigers rookie pitcher Rick Porcello.  Youkilis has been getting thrown at a lot lately so I can't blame him for charging the mound.  It turns out that this dude Porcello has hit two batters this year and both were Youkilis!!!  I'd be F'n pissed too.

Youkilis gets extra points for the solid helmet toss to distract Porcello and allow him to go in for the solid tackle.  Porcello was being a P***y by running backwards but Youkilis was possessed and was going to get that dude no matter how far he had to go.  We needed a good Red Sox fight.  It's been too long.  GOOD TIMES!!!

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