Tuesday, August 11, 2009

T.I. ft. John Legend - "Slide Show" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

It's gotta be tough to make a new music video while you're in jail but luckily this new track from T.I. was conveniently called "Slide Show".  I wonder if he thought about this ahead of time knowing that he would be in jail when his first single dropped.  If so, it was a genius idea.   

"Slide Show" is another hot commercial track from T.I.which seems to be his go to move these days.  He has definitely made a shift to more positive songs which is cool.  Artists mature over time and you can only talk about drugs and gun play so much, especially when you are in jail on gun charges. 

"Live Your Life" ft. Rihanna was that positive radio single last year.  This time he enlisted John Legend to sing the hook to get that crossover appeal and it doesn't disappoint.  This should get a lot of radio and video play over the next couple of months.  HOT!


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