Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Announced (TIGHT!!!)

DAMN!  These are tight as F***!!!   I've never been a huge fan of the LeBron kicks for the most part but these are just RIDICULOUS!  I always thought they were a little too clunky or just plain ugly but the Nike Air Max LeBron VII's have completely opened my eyes to the LeBron line of kicks.
These look like they would be perfect for both on and off the court.  They are rugged enough to wear  while hoopin' every day but you could still wear them with a pair of jeans and keep yourself looking clean.  It seems like LeBron's design team finally has a winner on their hands and they should definitely get a lot of Jordan heads to convert and give these a go.  I know I will.
At first glance, they definitely look like they get some design cues from the Nike Hyperdunk and the Air Jordan XI.
Nike also decided to switch over from Zoom cushioning to Air Max which adds to the slick look of the shoe.  Head on over to to get some more design details as well as a performance review.   The shoe definitely scores high in all aspects.  

The Air Max LeBron will be released on October 24th for $160.  I am going to label these as an absolute "MUST COP".  DOPE!!!

Here's a few other colorways I found that may or may not be real.  Hopefully some of these end up being legit because they are all hot:

UPDATE:  Artist Jeff Zimmerman Chicago Series Custom Editions of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII's.  CRAZY!!!

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