Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Sports Ish - Brett Favre the Goat, Fights and More...

Brett Favre the Goat (LITERALLY).  WTF is wrong with people???

Fastest Knockout Ever?  It doesn't even look like the dude hit him that hard...

"The Chiefs" (The Office Spoof) - The Kansas City Chiefs front office must have been really bored.

Soccer Cleat to the Grille - Break Yo Self, Fool!!!

Mexico vs. Uruguay Basketball Fight - If this would have happened in the NBA, David Stern would have thrown out approximately 4 million game suspensions and banned 75% of the players from the league.   This is 20 times worse than the Malice at the Palace in Detroit.

Also, wasn't that the ugly ass dude from UCLA, Lorenzo Mata that threw down the dunk right before the fight?  He still looks like a goofy bastard with that awful headband over the ears look.  Someone please help this dude.  YIKES:

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