Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Freestyle Cypher - Big Pun, DMX, Canibus, Mos Def, Mic Geronimo & John Forte (Throwback Video)

Check out this classic freestyle cypher from the early/mid 90's featuring Big Pun, DMX, Canibus, Mos Def, Mic Geronimo & John Forte.  I don't know where this originally came from but I want to thank whoever posted this up on YouTube.  This video is unbelievable!  I love how they were all just hanging out a restuarant or bar drinking brews and kickin' it with each other.  No one was really even affiliated with each other's crew either. It was just a bunch of rappers who had mad respect for each other trying to one up the last dude with their best freestyle.  

I recognized a lot of those verses in there so I don't know if they were legit freestyles or just rehashed verses but it's dope to see them all spit them off the top of their heads acapella.  if any of those were legit freestyles (like Mic Geronimo's) that they ended up using in actual song, then that is cool as shit.

I wish Big Pun was still around.  Dude was RIDICULOUS!!!  He absolutely murdered his freestyle.  He's definitely one of the best that ever did it.  R.I.P.

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