Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teddy Roosevelt Mascot Gets Crushed by Pittsburgh Pierogie (PWNED)

The Pittsburgh Steelers should sign this dude that's the Oliver Onion mascot because his hits are PUNISHING!!!  That was one of the best shoulder lunge tackles I have seen in a long time.  Teddy Roosevelt got absolutely smoked!  HA HA!  What an unbelievable hit.

I've seen this race before but I had no idea there was a rivalry between the Washington Running Presidents and the Pittsburgh Pierogies.  Check out this madness.  I guess this is what you look forward to when your baseball team sucks every year: 

"The Nationals racing presidents and the racing pierogies of Pittsburgh have a 2-year tradition of traveling to each others ball parks when the teams play each other but after Mays debacle in which the racing pierogies tricked the presidents and won a race at Nationals Park, fans were left wondering whether the embarrassed presidents would make an appearance for this weekends Nationals/Pirates series at Pittsburghs PNC Park.

On Friday night, the question was answered when the presidents appeared for a 4-team mascot relay race. Abe Lincoln was paired with Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington was paired with Thomas Jefferson, with Teddy and Tom poised to run anchor.

Abe Lincoln finished the opening leg in last place, but on the anchor leg, Teddy put on a burst of speed. Thats when front-running pierogie Oliver Onion turned and ran straight into Teddy, leveling him to the ground."



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