Friday, August 14, 2009

Air Jordan 60+ Colorways (HOT)

 Jordan Brand is dropping another dope hybrid with the Air Jordan 60+ starting this Saturday, August 15th.  This hot looking shoe combines features from the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 2, Air Jordan 5, and the Air Jordan 7 which are all of the shoes MJ wore in games he scored 60+ points. 

The top two shoes represent the Bulls and Laney High School colorways.  The bottom four represent the teams that he tore up in those games which include Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks. 

The Bulls colorway will hit stores on August 15th (THIS SATURDAY!!!) and the Laney joints on September 19th.  The other 4 colors will release some time during Winter 2009.  There's no word on retail price yet but I bet they will be in the $150-$175 range.

I'd have to say that the Hawks colorway is the best because it's nice and clean with the all black and yellow and red highlights. 
I'm also a fan of the Celtics colorway for obvious reasons, although I wish they added a little more green to the mix, possibly replacing the black on the midsole.  It would be bright but it would work I think.
The Laney colorway isn't too far behind since it's an orginal color combo that you don't see to often with Air Jordans. 
The Cavs colors are decent because it uses their old uniform colors which I always liked.  That new wine and gold color scheme is garbage, in my opinion.
The Detroit Pistons colorway is alright, I guess.  I think these could have benefited more with white leather instead of the black.
The Bulls colorway is probably the most disappointing because it had so much potential.  Everything is hot except for the white midsole.  I would have preferred they made that black so that it was more of a subtle colorway with hints of white and red.  That just looks like it will get too dirty and worn out and ruin the look of the rest of the shoe.  Oh well.  They all can't be winers.  I'll definitely be picking up at least one pair of the Air Jordan 60+ Hybrids. 

Which colorway do you like best?

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