Monday, August 31, 2009

Jordan Tears It Up at the Kenny Rogers' Classic Celebrity Game 1988 (OLD SCHOOL)

Now this is what you call diggin' in the crates!  This is a classic video clip from Kenny Rogers' Classic Weekend that took place in 1988.  Somehow he was able to get Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Dominque Wilkins (all in their primes!) to play in this celebrity game.  Not only did they show up but it seems like they were all playing at full speed and trying their hardest to win each game.  So good!

MJ was an absolute beastin this game pulling off some legendary reverse layups and blocking the shit out of anyone that came near the hoop, including the celebrities.  You gotta love how MJ always had that killer instinct and just couldn't shut it off.  He had to win at all times, no matter what he was doing.

Kenny Rogers showed some very surprising and impressive skills by draining a few jumpers and making a real nice pass.  I never expected him to have any athletic ability whatsoever but he was decent.  The fat belly hanging over the shorts was disgusting but very amusing.  He even made a nice drive to the hoop but got swatted hard by MJ who's head looked like it was above the box.  RIDICULOUS! 

I wish celebrity games like this and the MTV Rock N Jock Bball/Softball Jam were still popular or even possible.  Now it seems like pros make too much money and most of their contracts prohibit them from even doing something like this because of the injury risk.

I used to love watching these trainwrecks of an atheletic event.  One of the NBA superstarts would always pull off some sick move or dunk and it was always fun to see what celebrities actually had some game.  If I remember correctly, Steve Urkel (aka Jaleel White) was actually pretty sick and had a nice handle and Justin Timberlake had some decent moves too.  Bring it back MTV!!!

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