Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael Vick's 60 Minutes Interview (INTERESTING)

This is the full Michael Vick interview that aired on 60 Minutes last night. I thought James Brown did a decent job asking the tough questions and didn't throw too many softballs at him. There were a few where he lead Vick to the right answer by giving him the good and bad option but for the most part, he was still tough and he got Vick to answer everything people wanted to hear about.

Vick definitely seems like he is STARTING to acknowledge the bad things that he did which is the one of the most important parts of his rehabilitation. He says that he know what he did was wrong and seems somewhat believable but he still has a long way to go before people will truly believe and/or forgive him, if ever.

The one thing that stood out to me the most didn't even involve dog fighting. It was when James Brown pointed out how people used to call him an immature, lazy, spoiled athlete that was wasting his talent and not reaching his full potential. Vick actually agreed and said that he was always the last one in to practice and the first one out and never wanted to work hard to improve his game.  

That is a definite sign of increasing maturity and someone who has experienced first hand how everything you had can be taken away in a second due to stupid decisions. Hopefully being in jail motivates him to work as hard as possible both on and off the field so he improves himself as a player and a person. This will definitely be one of the most interesting sub plots of the 2009-2010 NFL season.

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