Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lyric - 'Let the Beat Ride' (TABLE STOMPIN' RHYMES...LITERALLY)

DAMN!  This kid Lyric is SICK!  Not only is he nasty with his crazy table stomping, pen tapping beat but his lyrics and flow are on point too.  Dude basically just made a full song with two pens and a table.  Unreal. 

Was that the teacher that walked in right at the very end of the song?  Talk about perfect timing.  I think I heard the class bell too.  Classic!

Bonus points for his super serious intro.  I feel like no one prepares you for their rhymes like this anymore:
"This is Lyric aka Lyrical God.  You know what I mean.  Ghetto prophecy speakin' on pain."

I hope Lyric makes some more videos in the near future.  The kid has some serious talent.

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