Thursday, August 13, 2009


If you have about 90 minutes to kill, check out this very cool documentary RIP! A Remix Manifesto which digs into the somewhat controversial remix culture that has been exploding for the past decade.  Girl Talk is currently one of the biggest artists in the remix/mashup genre.  He acts as the main character of sorts in the beginning of the film as we follow him in the clubs for his live performances and even his own bedroom to see what it takes to create his unique and entertaining tracks and performances.  The director then explores all of the copyright laws and sampling issues that come about from this type of music and how it affects freedom and innovation in our culture.

If the video above stops working or gets taken down from Hulu, check out YouTube for the full movie in 10 minute increments.  This documentary is very well done and definitely worth checking out if you are into Remix/Mash Up music or are a DJ/Producer/Remixer yourself.  Good ish.
  1. Meet Girl Talk
  2. Copyright vs Copyleft
  3. Culture always builds on the past
  4. Asking permission
  5. The past tries to control the future
  6. Masturbation and Copyright
  7. Open source cinema
  8. Cory Doctorow, copyright activist
  9. Meet Negativland
  10. Free Culture?
  11. Radio Head and Paris Hilton
  12. Open Source art in Brazil
  13. Mouse Liberation Front

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