Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Michael Jordan OWNS Slamball Player in 1 on 1 (STILL SICK AT 46!)

DAMN!  MJ still has it!  The G.O.A.T. has been getting a little hefty in retirement from living the good life but it looks like he's still got some of that magic left in him.  He does not look very slow at all (at least in the post) and he is still draining fade away jumpers like no one else. 

MJ still has enough lift in his legs to do a standing reverse dunk too!  Even though it's more of a lay in over the rim, I'll still give him credit because the dude is 46!!!  That is just ridiculous that he can still get up like that. 

The guy that he PWNS in this one on one matchup is Slamball star Chris "The Ghetto Bird" Young who clocks in at 6'4" so you know MJ still had to work to get his shot off.  It's not like this dude is out of shape or anything either.  Just check out some of his highlights from SlamBall.  Dude is a beast!

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