Friday, August 28, 2009

Michael Vick's Eagles Debut (DECENT)

I was hoping to catch the Eagles/Jaguars game last night so I could check out Michael Vick's debut but it wasn't on TV.  I thought maybe the NFL network would run it since there was a decent demand for a meaningless pre-season game but I guess they didn't see the value or couldn't get the rights.
Based on the highlights above and from watching SportsCenter this morning, it looks like Vick still has it.  He is obviously rusty and still trying to get back into football shape but he's still got that gun for an arm.  Even the animal rights activists were at a minimum and he even got a standing ovation.  I was definitely not expecting that.  I guarantee the first road game will prove to be much different.
If the Eagles can figure out a way to use him effectively such as playing WR or RB along with coming in as QB, I think they could really be deadly.  I'm definitely looking forward to watching the Eagles this season which is something I would never normally say.

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