Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Purdue's Carson Wiggs Kicks a 67 yard Field Goal During Spring Football (BOMB)

Good lord! That was a freakin' bomb! I've never heard of Purdue's Carson Wiggs but I guess he is a great field goal kicker with insane range. I officially know who he is now. He has kicked multiple 50+ field goals in his career and even had a 59 yarder last year. That is unreal for college and would still be nasty for the pros.

I know kickers don't usually go very high in the draft but if he has a good season this next year with a few bombs to put him on the national radar, he might have a chance of going pretty high. If you were a team in need of a kicker, why wouldn't you take him earlier than normal? It's probably less of a risk than most other positions...

Here's another angle that does this kick a little more justice:

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